None like YOU, Lord!

Reflections.  My heart has been reflecting on the whole week of Easter.  Sometimes its been rather intense.  Wondering why we tend to forget this week all year until it comes.  This is really the basis for our Christian faith.  There is nothing more beautiful that Jesus taking the punishment for all my sin. And nothing more worthy of rejoicing than when HE overcame death and rose again for me. 

We attended the Good Friday service at church last night.  My thoughts continued to gravitate to the throne room, and wondering (not questioning) how could God the Father have a  love so deeply for me, and how hard it must have been to be seperated from God the Son for the first time ever.  Thinking of the beauty and majesty of Heaven and thinking of HE left it to be confined in a human body, and to die the worst death, just to live again so I could come with HIM.  Asking HIM, “why do you love us so much?, why do we forget so easily?” 

Father God, you are better than Good.  As our creator you have once again created a way out of the curse for us.  How I pray that our hearts will remain soft to you.  How I pray that we will rejoice in what you have done for us.  Give us hearts that understand this world is temporary, and being home with you is the journey.  You used your own son to build a bridge so that I could  come and dance with you.  You have pursued my heart til it surrendered.  You have poured more love on me than is imaginable.  You guide my steps, and you sing over me when I sleep.  You alone are worthy of all my attention and obedience.  Thank you for the cross, thank you for your son, thank you for providing the sacrfice that frees from the bondage of sin, that allows us to come directly to you.  We do not deserve you, thank you that you do not give us what we deserve.  “there is none like you, no one else can touch my heart like you do, I could search for all eternity long and find there is none like you”…..



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14 responses to “None like YOU, Lord!

  1. Amen to the prayer! there is none like HIM! I too find it hard to fathom HIS great love and sacrifice for us. And yet I’m so grateful for I dont get what I truly deserve. OHHH HIS Grace! HIS love! Let us encourage one another so we wont ever forget!

    Love & blessings in Christ–

  2. Amen to the prayer, but there really would not be anyone else. No one could do what Jesus did for us. The world would over come then and they would of ran and not looked back. Jesus is the only one who has so much love for us that he was able to die for us. He is so awesome, I am not sure I could do that for others. Thank you Lord for loving us so much to sacrifice your life for us. wow! Thank you for your thoughts, God bless you and have an awesome Easter, Love Tanya

  3. tam

    My son just came in the room to read me this verse…how it applies here so well!

    Romans 3:23-24

    “For everyone has sinned, and we all fall short of Gods glorious standard. Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous people.”

    If anyone is undeserving, I am! HE totally blows my mind!!!

  4. Amen!!

    Happy Easter to you! Love you!

  5. SHONDA, TANYA, TAM, BRANDY – You are all so precious to me!! I love falling in love with HIM over and over again…There is truly none like HIM. Wondering if the temporary loss of mind set is so that we can experience HIM over and over and over..just wondering…

  6. Gods Gal

    Happy Easter, and AMEN!

  7. Doesn’t it just baffle you how God could allow His Son, HIs only precious Son to die for people like us? I just am amazed every time I think about it. Happy Resurrection Day!!


  8. Tomorrow – Easter Sunday will be a special day! It will be a day of reflection and worship. I can not comprehend His love, but I accept it.

  9. Thank you for sharing, and the prayer…Amen!

  10. Laurie Lloyd

    Still amazed that He did this for me. The best gift in my life.!!
    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday Darla, I love you girl.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  11. Sweet Princess! Happy Easter. That was beautiful. I often ponder that great love.
    MUch love,

  12. kedarguru

    Thank you for your kind message, Darla!

    How did you come across my journal, by the way?

    I wish you a very happy Easter; I will try to read your blog when I have time, it is always good to make new friends 😀

  13. We will understand His vast love in heaven. I have many questions. I ponder the truth of our part in creation…in God’s Master Plan. I know that we have the gift of “free will.” We choose to follow Him or we reject Him. It is our choice. I have had one holy week this week. His sacrifice has left me bruised in my heart. He is so full of Beauty. And He had to die for me. I feel so unworthy of that kind of love. But I accept it with holy gratitude. And a heart that longs to please Him. May you fall more in love with Him this Easter, Princess Darla. He has RISEN INDEED!

  14. Kedarguru- honestly I clicked on an arrow on my blog header and landed on your journal. It touched my heart, and I just wonder if anyone ever told you how much Jesus loves you? HE does!! nice to meet you

    Twinkle- Love you so much! I know exactly what you are saying, and sometimes my heart needs to be rebruised in his direction, and it always causes me to fall in love all over again…we are not worthy = GRACE!

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