Fill in Friday At Tam’s – In progress!!!

I promise to blog my own post later today or tomorrow..but it only takes a second to play at Tam’s…I can’t wait to read the story we all write together! SO FUN!!! check it out! love you all! Remember HE IS RISEN!! HE IS ALIVE!! HE LOVES YOU!! yes I am being loud about it!! Be contagious in your love for Jesus today…give the thing away!!! Wooohoooooo!!



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11 responses to “Fill in Friday At Tam’s – In progress!!!

  1. Lori

    Tanya told us to come check out the blog…sisters in Christ, you and I – keep up the great work!

  2. Have a great Easter – again!

  3. Papa thanks for always being so faithful to check on me, and for playing FIF!! fun stuff! Happy Easter to you and mama!

    Lori – welcome and hope to see you here again!, oh yea come play FIF (Tam is on my blogroll!)

  4. Laurie Lloyd

    Darla Dearie:)

    May you and your family have the most wonderful Good Friday
    rejoicing in what Jesus has done for us, every single wound he took for our healing, bearing our shame. I am forever grateful and the best of all is Sunday where He has risen, promising to prepare a place for us with Him.
    I think I just threw a wrench in the direction of Tam’s story. I didn’t mean to but I was out watering my garden and saw them. Love you girl and have the most blessed weekend.

    Laurie in Ca.

  5. tam

    Ha! Laurie, you tried to throw in a twist but sweet Darla came in right behind you and re-twisted it again. It’s mass chaos i tell ya!


  6. Hi Darla,

    I answered your question in the comments section on my blog. I was hoping to find a picture I could post, but couldn’t locate it.

    Happy Easter!

  7. tam

    waiting for a post 😀

    FIF is out of control 😯

    I love it!!!!

  8. Sorry…we left a post at the same time which was in response to the phone ringing…..Love this new friday thing Tam has!

  9. Hey Darla! Thanks for stopping by my blog! FIF is gettin’ a little freaky this week. I don’t even know what’s going on at this point! Maybe McGruber needs to make a reappearance. : )

  10. Blessed1 – its all good, actually both at the same time made it crazier! LOL

    Kate- I am still laughing about McGruber and McGyver!! That was too good!!!

  11. The FIF is crazy! You post so fast, oh the fun. I hope to meet you when you come out west.

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