Diversity – a City on a Hill

The most precious thing to me about the body of Christ is that we are all so different on the surface, and so the same in our heart where our love for Christ riegns.  As I was surfing the blogs, it was so apparent to me, that while God speaks a word in different ways through different types of people we tend to forget about the ones that are not exactly like us.  (Myself included) We are not being diverse when we do this.  I have a few blogs that I want to call attention to, if you have time would you go and visit these people and leave them a comment.  They are outstanding in the areas that God has placed them.  I truly love these people and they are more like me than one would think.

Kathy at Sumballo – her story telling is always awesome in how it sparks my mind to think a little deeper, Totally love her!

Ric – a poet- man his heart shows through and I am always amazed at the love of God when I walk away.

Indian Lake Papa – I always can stand to hear a few words of wisdom with some humor, if I could pick an earthly father it would be him.

Praise365- He is my hubs, and 100% music man, he always posts videos that speak his heart, and always inspiring to me.  He rocks! (okay baby, give me what you promised!  lol just kidding)

Heidi- I am crazy about Heidi! She is so much in tune with God and really strives to be more like HIM.

Tanya- my new blogging buddy, a home school mom, and really has a neat heart.

Brandy – sometimes I feel like she is my daughter, and she makes me laugh so very hard! 

Shonda – I love watching her grow in the Lord right in front of my eyes, she has a word for me!

These people are on my blogroll and I love all my blog roll and hope  you all check them out, and stir up a little diversity in your soul.  God rocks, lets be Diverse City (asToby Mac would say) right here in blogsville!



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28 responses to “Diversity – a City on a Hill

  1. Your too kind “daughter”! Probably too late to spank you now when you need it!
    Love you Darla


  2. Papa- I am sure if I need it you would find a way to give me a verbal spanking..and I would have to recieve it! I thank God for you and the testimony that you are.

  3. I have prayed for you today Darla.

    Know that you are loved,

  4. I love you so much Darla!! Or should I say “Mom?” haha! 😉

    Love this blog today (and not b/c I got a shout out 😆 ) b/c it reminds me that God has placed all of these people in my life (blogging is awesome!) for a reason and I have something to learn from each and every one of them. There is not a single blog on my roll that I don’t LOVE to read. God has given me a heart for all of them and they have all blessed me so much.

    Thankya!! 😉
    (p.s. I took a cue from you and put a cool vid on my blog. I think that is what I’ll be doing with my wednesdays from now on. 😉 )

  5. hey, is Papa is your “dad” and I am your “daughter” does that make him my “grandpa?” I’ll take that!!! 😀 😆

  6. Just think I now have 3 boys that are my great grand children! My how life changes! And – if I hear right I may be getting a new grandson – in – law!

  7. Kathy

    Thank you for your wonderfully kind words. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you. I appreciate your heart for the Lord and for his people. Thank you for your gift of encouragement. You’re a treasure!

  8. tam

    What I love about all these people is that like you said, although we appear to be on different plains – we’re united in our faith. And all of them are beautiful, respectful and respectable believers!

  9. Tam-I know you and I move around and check out others, and I love that God made us like we are..although I should have plugged FIF !! You are such a blessing to me! love you bunches!!!!

  10. Darla, I have made so many friends in the blogging community. People who I might just pass by on the street. The circle of my friends is much more diverse than it use to be.

    I have learn so much from this community and my life is much richer from meeting friends like you.

  11. Thanks Ed! I love coming to your blog too..You always make me smile! I enjoy your blog-company! Who knows we may even share some Maryland crabs at the bay some day..oh my gosh…we may have already done that and did not know!! Have you ever been to the Naughty Goose?

  12. Darla, we eat at the Blue Sea Grill. A tad expensive but great food.

    The Naughty Goose sounds like my kind of place.

    Is it a local favorite?

  13. I think I have heard of that place or maybe even went there when I had a boat docked down at the bay…The Naughty Goose is a tad expensive too, it is a local favorite in North East maryland…. sits on the bay, very sweet location, and at night the lights onthe water is awesome!! next time you come this way I will have to drive down there and hook up with you…Cheasapeake bay, good wine, and seafood caught right there same day!!! wooohooooo now i got myself ready to go! hahaha

  14. tam

    Ed. you make me laugh! i knew right when Darla said “Naughty Goose” that would raise your eyebrow!!


  15. that really is the name…I still have trouble telling my mom that is where I ate..like Mom I am going to hang out at the Naughty goose! 😯

  16. I did have a female friend who called me that, but this isn’t the time or place to go into that. 🙂

  17. hahahahahaha you naughty goose!

  18. Brent is Vinny. 😉
    Ed is Naughty Goose. 😯
    Us girls all need some nicknames! 😉 😆 haha!

    Ed cracks me up!!

  19. tam

    Well…Darla is Princess
    you, Bran, will always be Bran Muffin to me
    Me, I have no idea….go at it!!

    be nice

  20. Tam you are….Queen of Hearts…you honestly have one of the most beautiful hearts that I know, and your heart is striving to be more like your King. I see your heart even in your randomness, and all I can say is “Yup, she nailed it, and my my what a heart!”

  21. Heidi

    Your making me blush. Your AWESOME> I want to just Hug on you and SHARE a non-decaf (tam :)) with you and Express my life with you. You’ll see we are alot alike. We are women of influence and God is using us in BIG WAYS..

    Love you princess!!!

  22. tam

    heidi, you make me smile 😀

  23. Darla,

    If I remember correctly your blog got a slight face lift? Unfortunately since I’m in college I don’t have a lot of time to spare or to browse other blogs. I do find some spare moments to look at your blog if I don’t leave a comment, forgive me. Your an inspiration to me – thank you so much for your walk and everything you do. Your comments are highly appreciated.

    A push to keep me blogging would be LOVED :P.

    Loved a Brother In Christ,


  24. Bran Muffin….hahaha! 😆 oh great! haha!

    Tammy is Tamtastic. 😉 😛 But that’s not really a name now is it?? Ummmmmm, ED what’s your idea??

    Or dare I ask? 😯 haha!

  25. Adam- BLOG!! I am dying to hear all that is going on with you, and it helps us to pray for you better!! I am so glad to see you here!! Thanks for coming by!

    Heidi!!- thought you were MIA, and wondering where you were driving so fast too? hahaha a little slow on my part, but we are very much alike, and I am very diverse..just want everyone to get it! what a wild ride! love you girl!

    Kathy – You encourage me! I hope that more look a little deeper in your blogging. love you!

    TAM!!! — I was just thinking..mmmm a little dangerous at times…the Queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland..is not YOU! That was not my intention at all..soooo just so no one else thinks that..I am thinking you are not that…I will come up with another for you! But honestly you are a Princess too and so is everyone that stops here…we just might have to be Princess sisters, and add it to the front of our names. 🙂

    Greg – thanks for stopping by, and for the prayers and encouragement! You my brother are equally loved and prayed for today!

    Bran- do you know I love you!!!

  26. Hi Darla,

    I linked to your site through my girlfriend, Tanya @ Wilderness-Shiloh.

    I love hearing your heart for God. I, too, am amazed that the one thing that ties us all together….too often unravels us….our love for Christ.

    I am happy to call you sister! I look forward to visiting again soon!

    Love and Blessings to you and your family this Easter.

  27. Oh Precious Princess Darla! How you spur me on in the faith of Christ Jesus! You bless me. Thank you!

    Love & blessings in Christ-

  28. Hi Darla,

    Just now catching up on lost time last week. Thanks for your kind words here. I am blessed by you and others in this blogging community!

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