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Diversity – a City on a Hill

The most precious thing to me about the body of Christ is that we are all so different on the surface, and so the same in our heart where our love for Christ riegns.  As I was surfing the blogs, it was so apparent to me, that while God speaks a word in different ways through different types of people we tend to forget about the ones that are not exactly like us.  (Myself included) We are not being diverse when we do this.  I have a few blogs that I want to call attention to, if you have time would you go and visit these people and leave them a comment.  They are outstanding in the areas that God has placed them.  I truly love these people and they are more like me than one would think.

Kathy at Sumballo – her story telling is always awesome in how it sparks my mind to think a little deeper, Totally love her!

Ric – a poet- man his heart shows through and I am always amazed at the love of God when I walk away.

Indian Lake Papa – I always can stand to hear a few words of wisdom with some humor, if I could pick an earthly father it would be him.

Praise365- He is my hubs, and 100% music man, he always posts videos that speak his heart, and always inspiring to me.  He rocks! (okay baby, give me what you promised!  lol just kidding)

Heidi- I am crazy about Heidi! She is so much in tune with God and really strives to be more like HIM.

Tanya- my new blogging buddy, a home school mom, and really has a neat heart.

Brandy – sometimes I feel like she is my daughter, and she makes me laugh so very hard! 

Shonda – I love watching her grow in the Lord right in front of my eyes, she has a word for me!

These people are on my blogroll and I love all my blog roll and hope  you all check them out, and stir up a little diversity in your soul.  God rocks, lets be Diverse City (asToby Mac would say) right here in blogsville!



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