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Use it or lose it!

Matthew 25:1-30 “The Parable of the Talents”

Luke 8:16-18 “The Lamp on a Stand”

Luke 19:11-27 “The Parable of the ten Minas”

At least three accounts in the Bible shows that we are to use what God has given us, and not be selfish, or horde it like it were just ours, or HE will take it.  What would we really have if God did not give it to us?  We can look at it as money, and we can look at it as our testimony, but as you look at the verses remember that Jesus was never talking just to talk.  Often HE said “If you have ears let you hear”.   After looking through many commentaries, it comes up almost the same each time.  God gives us gifts, HE provides for our needs, and increases our faith as we are open to HIM and obedient.  The verses that apply to the ones who do not use what was given to them, is horrifying to me.  I don’t ever want to be that one that hid his “talent”, and had no growth.  I don’t ever want to be the one who had a light and hid it so that only himself would have light.

While walking this out with God today, HE reminded me that it is not salvation lost, it is more of a bottom line as to who do you love? Who will you be obedient to?  If we truly love HIM it will be the only thing we will have to do–give it to someone else.  Whether that be sharing whatever you have, or shining for the King when you are not sure how that will be recieved.  Nothing is ever lost when using it for HIM, HE replenishes everything.  As we show our faith, HE increases it.  As we give to the needy, HE replaces it, As we shine in our corner of the world, our light gets brighter.   The alternative is to lose what we already have even if we think we have nothing already, it can surely get worse. 

Today this was on my heart.  Thursday night I am going with Hubs band to the Homeless Shelter (they are there every third thursday).  I have been there a bunch of times but not so much lately.  I always get there and these homeless people bless my heart.  They sing praises that are incredible, and they have nothing, yet they are richer than most in thier view of God.  You would think that would be the place where they would curse God, but not so.  A member of the band has been working out the details, and this week they will give the believing Homeless people communion.  I just know that God is going to be lifting the roof, and I am going to be there letting my light shine.  I don’t want to lose what God has given me so I have to give it to someone else! 

Matthew 16:25 “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for me will find it.”



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