Looked at the News lately? solution? I think so!


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8 responses to “Looked at the News lately? solution? I think so!

  1. Why Darla is the solution so simple and yet so rejected ??? Prayer is a key!

  2. Inspirational.

    But not enough for me!

    I believe in His Promise to us. (Matt 17:20)

    Are we to leave it all up to Him – while we sing in the chorus in the background? Or do we take that grain of faith and grow it within us – live it until we can do as he foretold above?

    Mountains move easier when there are more doing the moving! 🙂 When we all have faith as one and act with ‘one’ mind, ‘one’ heart.

    ( had to drop by since you are seemingly everywhere i go at the moment 😉 )

    love ❤

  3. Love- hahahahaha I was leaving you a message on Brents..

    AHHHHHHHH Unity! I love that thinking, and I am hungry to see more unity, the way it is supposed to be…although more could move more…wouldn’t that also be true that more of Jesus in my life would also stand true? the basis for all the movement is still that my God is Mighty, and can do all things…even bring us to unity!

  4. tam

    I love Anthem Songs! We debuted this last year at Easter. The church loves it!

    I believe that once Christ Followers can get on the same page, unified…then we will be able to see a change…

    Gal 5:24-26

    24 Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there. 25 Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. 26 Let us not become conceited, or provoke one another, or be jealous of one another.

  5. I love the Galations passage….v.25 not sure what translation I learned it in, but it goes like this…”now that we live by the spirit let us now keep step with the spirit” Keeping step with the spirit will keep me stepping!

  6. You’re doing it again Tam… finding passages that speak of what i was trying to help us become more aware of! 😉

    ‘..nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there.’

    take a good look , honestly, at ourselves.

    have we? nailed them? or do they still live amongst our daily actions and habits?

    do we let the Spirit lead us in EVERY part of our lives? we may not be conceited; or be jealous; or provoke one another ( in our community’s); do we so do ‘outside’ them?

    assuming we don’t for a second… do we still let our passions and desires lead us? or have we learned of all our ego’s pitfalls and how to eliminate them from us ( in Jesus’ name)?

    I fear all of us have a very long way to go yet.

    with awareness ( of our real ( past) nature) we gain humility; with encouragement we grow strong in Faith and in Him ( in our future).

    working to overcome our own failings within us leaves more room for Him to live within.

    we know our own failings very well and are best qualified to discover them fully and work on eliminating them from us.

    He can lead us to increase our Faith that we may choose to do right by Him and bring all that is go(o)d into our selves and our lives we have still to live here on Earth.

    It is our desires and passions that seperate us from Unity.

    We can all share a similar passion to be as Jesus but unless we eliminate from ourselves the inner desires that keep us all different ( in thought/feeling/belief/understanding) we remain condemned to stay apart – from ourselves and from Him.

    At least – that’s the way i see it currently.

    Love your work D – and T too of course 🙂


    love ❤

  7. I love that song! We’ve been singing it a lot at our church lately.

  8. Thanks for the great worship service I just had laying in bed singing along in praise! LOVE that song!! Jake just walking in on me and said “Okay that/you are REALLY loud!” heehee AMEN!

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