TT-step up to the microphone-Thank you God

microphone2.jpgI almost forgot about Testimony Tuesday!!  Anyone who knows me knows I am not a multi-task person, and although I like to thing that I am, the whole truth is that I am not.  Thinking along the lines of all that I am not in this world could be a total bummer, but instead, my focus is on all the things God can do (an tons of things I know nothing about).  Just to show you how simple minded I am, drinking my coffee this morning, Thank you God for the coffee bean, love this stuff!  Thank you God for the sun coming up and looking so very captivating, I am crazy about it!  Thank you for caring so much about us to give us color, and for the smiles on these childrens faces on the bus!  Thank you Lord for knowing me so well and loving me anyway!  Thank you for our Pastors who put so much work into the ministry for your glory and who pray for us!  Thank you for prayer and the privilege it is!  Thank you for answering, and not being silent!  Thank you for doing life with me side by side, and taking the lead as you know I am lost on my own!  Thank you for helping us to find our place in you, our security, and our peace!  Thank you for helping me find my car keys almost everyday!  Thank you for providing for my family, and showing us that your way is best!  Thank you for fellowship with other believers, its your design and all your works are wonderful! 

Of course this list has gone on all day, and I am sure it could be infinite if we really give God credit for everything, it really is HIS plan, and HE created all things, and when HE did — HE knew each of us would enjoy it…all knowing, without beginning or end, involved in each life (even while we sleep) ! Testify to the great works of God, there is no such thing as a small work, its all huge from our awesome God! and very very personal!


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