The KING wants to cover you

In the Garden of Eden, God called to Adam and Eve and asked where they were, not because HE didn’t know, because HE knew they needed HIM, and that confession of thier sin was required.  But they answered HIM and said that they realized that they were naked and were shamed, so they hid.  God sacrificed the first animal to clothe Adam and Eve not because HE had a problem with their nakedness, but to cover their shame.

This was part of my study today, and was so very sweet to me.  We really are not far from that same situation.  We still fall to traps the enemy sets, and we still hide from God like we can!  HE still wants us to confess, not because HE doesn’t know but because we need set free from it.  HE still covers our shame, but sacrificed HIS son to make that possible.  I am so taken in by the Lord’s pursuit of us, and the love that covers us.  When I think of how I hung my head and moved to the back to stay out of sight, and then how the King of Kings has always been there trying to cover me…

Just like Adam and Eve we need to come into the light and allow him to cover us, to take away the shame, remove the sin as far as the east is from the west.  It requires us allowing HIM to shine the light through every bit of us, and leave no dirty little secret undisturbed.  You know, those little secrets the enemy uses against you.  Don’t let him have that kind of power over you.  Healing isn’t only for me and a choice few, its there for everyone.

(Thinking of Ross King-Clear the Stage…a totally awesome song but couldn’t find it on line…will post the words asap.)

I promise you in Jesus precious name, bring the secrets into God’s perfect light, and let HIM cover you, I know that HE will, HE loves you so much, and HE really has a wonderful life waiting for you and not just in heaven…but right here.  Bring it to the light, its too heavy anyway….Your King wants fellowship with you, and you will never  😯  HIM.



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10 responses to “The KING wants to cover you

  1. I think one of the most difficult things is total surrender to Jesus! We can ask for forgiveness, but He really wants are all!

  2. It’s funny that having a personality where I struggle asking for help from others, I also struggle asking for help from God. I don’t know why that is. With others, it’s not wanting to take up their time, with God it’s more of a control think I think. And embarrassment, even though God already knows my situation, and like you say, wants to cover me. I just need to let him.


    Good read Miss Darla! 😉 Thank you!

  3. tam

    One of the hardest obstacles for me in truly receiving Him, His forgiveness and love, was being able to forgive myself. I couldn’t look at me the way people told me God was. There was no way He could see anything but filth and disgust. It took a long time to get beyond that. I’m praising Him that I did!

  4. It’s such a daily thing for me to not let the enemy sneak in there and start whispering His lies. Like Tam, it’s taken me a long time to forgive myself and see me how He does. Honestly, there are areas that I am still working on that part. But in His timing, and His overwhelming love, I’m sure He will be faithful to complete His good work in all who call on Him. Hope your having a super day! Love you.

  5. Oh, I love this post! And I love that story–the amazing tenderness and compassionate sensitivity of our God, in clothing Adam and Eve, covering their nakedness and shame. He is so good to us!

  6. Wonderfully uplifting and helpful ( to those who are willing to accept) post – not your first and i hope by no means your last one D 🙂
    (that reminds me – as for your earlier q about emoticons in your random post not working. If you go to: dashboard – options – writing, there should be a ‘writing options’ box displayed under it first with the ‘formatting’ section containing two ( or more?) tickable checkboxes. Make sure the one commencing: ‘Convert emoticons..’ is still ticked? Failing that email Tam’s Hub, In Worship for help 😉 )

    Reading the post brought to mind an insight from my readings you may find as of some value in asking for ‘cover or encouraging others to…

    Satan was working on ways to take God’s Place in the heart and mind of Men, He knew the power God gave unto us to seek Him and find our way back to Him with His help and that distracting us from the search was always only a temporary victory of his. He got his minioins working on the best way to make the distractions he could provide to men more permanent so that He and his earthly distractions alone would be the object of Man’s desire.

    One minion came up with the perfect solution – create in man something previously unknown – Discouragement.

    Satan was overjoyed with this suggestion – if man could become discouraged he would eventually give up ever trying to find his way back and Satan could own him permanently.

    We need courage to walk The Path. Without it we most suredly ultimately ‘lose’.

    We need courage to overcome our many faults and the pitfalls and distractions we live with daily in our lives here.

    It takes courage to maintian faith in face of the negativity and self doubt we come into contact with in ourselves and in others we care about (or whose opinions about us matter to us)

    Discouragement (literaly: ‘removing the heart’) is a fatal flaw – one we need to recognise and do all in our power (and His) to remove from our selves – our hearts and minds.

    Encourage one another in Him and In His Son. Help maintain the desire to search for Him and to confess our faults ( openly to Him) with all their heart and help eliminate the scourge of ‘discouragement’.

    I think you already are doing so! Are more of us up to the challenges?

    Love your new icon pic. 🙂


  7. I love the title of this post. This was a beautiful post!

  8. Heidi

    I love the fact that HE COVERS ME.. EVERY inch of me. Even my shame, even the shame I don’t realize. He is already at work.

    Love this post.

    Love you princess, I’m working on your responses 🙂 loveya

  9. That is so true! I have been studying this too lately. Great thoughts!
    Much love,

  10. Love I am so glad to see you back!! I will head over to your blog alittle later…Love ya Love! 😆

    Hiedi, Rochelle. Angela, Tam, Faith-always love to hear from you and love your insights! My sistas!


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