Randomness for the moment

I am waking up slowly and absolutely love slow mornings! Thinking about wedding plans and vacation!    🙂    they seem to go together in my mind.  You know, do what you must and then you can go play!  We ordered swatches of material (4 weeks ago) and they are two weeks late, how am I supposed to buy shoes without matching the color of the dress?? The girls that work at AlfredAngelo are totally oblivious to why I need them, but they don’t know what happened to them.  (little voice inside-don’t forget to show them Jesus).   Katrina leaves tonight for Impact -youth conference that lights their fires…(more chores to get her ready to leave). Oh yeah, did I say I am going to Oregon for vacation, and I can totally not stand the wait!??!!!  Just everything about Oregon gets me going!    😆    Hubs was asked to play at Janessa Hopes funeral on Sunday afternoon (what is up with Sunday funerals??, until last week I had never heard of that).  OMG I have been studying for my Bible Study group, and God has been totally awesome in this study-A womans heart God’s dwelling place-updated version- just the thought of HIM working at being close to us through out the existence of time, is so off the hook, that I just stop everything again and smile!  I was upset with God some months ago when HE told me I could not go to Texas for the Siesta Fiesta…it did cost a lot of money and I would have to go alone and maybe stay alone in that crowd, but I pouted anyway.  Then HE opened the door for Oregon! YAY and I can take my family with me on vacation, and still see me a couple siestas!  Did you ever hear when God closes a door, HE opens another?? I am convinced! If you could walk through my home in the most chaotic time of the day, while we are trying to pull schedules together, and getting tired physically…you would see the power of the word Oregon!    🙂    that is all it takes and we all stop and laugh and smile..just takes one person to say “Oregon”, and joy that is contagious is full to overflowing!  God literally cracks me up! I love how HE wants to be with us, and then as if HE wasn’t enough (and you know HE is), HE throws a little surprise party of HIS own!!

I warned you in the title that this is randomness!  Well back to chores for me     😦    with thoughts of  Vacation/Oregon   🙂    (okay, why are my little faces not working!)



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10 responses to “Randomness for the moment

  1. Oh, how I envy you, not to much. Jeff and I were going to go to Seattle to see my parents, but we have to postpone. I understand the shutting the door and opening a window from God. He will provide another trip and I am not worried about it. You have a great day and keep in smiling. Love Tanya

  2. I sense these are some of your key words riight now: Hubs, Jesus, vacation, wedding and, oh yeah, Oregon!

  3. Smiles all round!!! God is so good and gives great peace and joy even in the midst of chores! 🙂

  4. Okay I am sad I won’t be here when you get here!!!! But how exciting for you and Tam and Deb! 😉

    I love random posts, I think they are my favorite. You really get a sense of who a person is and their personality. I love it! I love YOU! 😀 😆

  5. I can not wait to see some wedding pictures!! I LOVE a good love story. 🙂 And I think it is so neat how God is giving you Oregon to dream about.

    I’ll be thinking and praying for you all on Sunday.

    Love you!

  6. tam

    And you think YOU’RE excited! Girl, you have no idea!!!

    And this IS random! I dub you queen (ahem…Princess) of Randomness 😀

  7. How exciting! I’ll miss you not coming to Texas. If God opens that door up to come to Siesta Fiesta, let me know. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings in Christ-

  8. I totally agree with you, Darla! My beloved husband also falls into the category of divorced and remarried with amazing gifting and heart for ministry. I hate seeing people treat that as “the unforgivable sin” regardless of the circumstances. Ridiculous and unbiblical!

  9. Faith- I hear you! I think sometimes well meaning people are just wrong, and have lost the basics of Christianity. I am so glad that the blood of Jesus is still running fresh today and still covering sin, and giving a new start to all that ask. Love you Princess!

  10. Yup, I totally agree with you, Princess Darla. And I love you, too!
    Just read this actual post (before I just popped by to respond to your comment :)) and I am excited with you about wedding plans! My own wedding was just 19 months ago so those words still stir fresh memories! And I do love your randomness. And YAY for Oregon! I love Oregon! And I am also sad about missing the Siesta Fiesta. 😦 Hopefully there will be another–when we have more $$!

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