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TT – step up to the microphone! Give God some Glory

microphone1.jpgA young couple from my church experienced a hard year.  She was pregnant and the doctors asked her to terminate the pregnancy as this child will not be able to live outside the womb.  This did not feel right to them, and we began praying over her and the baby.  The baby’s brain was enlarged and her lungs were not developed.  As I watched this young mother go through all the natural things in this case, I also saw her reaching out to God for guidance, wisdom, comfort, and asking for her (Janessa Hope) to live just a couple hours after birth so that they could hold her, and take some pictures.  This was her only request, as she bowed everything she had to her sovereign God.  Janessa Hope went home to be with the Lord yesterday after living outside the womb for three weeks.  She was a miracle and testimony to the power of God to the doctors and nurses at the hospital and then again at Hospice.  God allowed the time her mother asked for, and added time for relatives to fly in from around the world to meet little Janessa Hope.  Please keep her mommy daddy and brother Evan in your prayers, as they will have to adjust to life without her, but give God some glory for allowing them their one request.  Whatever God’s reasons were, this I know…there are doctors scratching thier heads and looking on in wonder and amazement, there are nurses who saw with thier own eyes this child live, and saw how peacefully she left.  The testimony of this young couple will have marked the lives around them for a eternity.  And Janessa Hope dances with the angels, and her Father God is loving on HIS little princess!  Thank you Jesus! Your ways are not ours, but thank you that your love is greater than ours as well!  Can’t wait to get to heaven and see what awesome things you have done through a small baby in three weeks, that will last an eternity!



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