Making Wise the Simple

Psalm 19:7  The Law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul.  The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

OK you know how I feel about this is God’s word and is nothing but truth to me!  I have a passion for the deeper things of God, and also a nagging reminder that I am not knowlegable in the greek/hebrew/latin.  I am the simple  🙂  but that is exactly what I think HE is saying in this verse.  I don’t have to know words that the common/everyday person requires their dictionary, although learning is a good thing.  So I press on to learn, but keeping in my sight that learning HIS ways are the most important.   The law of the Lord is perfect, the statutes of the Lord are trustworthy…if I take that in exactly as I read it (without commentary/not that there is anything wrong with commentaries), the instruction is clear….Follow the law of the Lord, HE can be trusted…where do we find such things…only in HIS Word.  The benefit of being obedient and staying close to HIS word is a soul reviving, and wisdom that comes from HIM.

What if…the Bible is just exactly as it is written…and the deeper things of God are the rewards for journeying closer to HIS heart??  What if you will truly be given a stone with your new name on from the Lover of your soul, and only HE and you will know that name??, what if the tree of life is not an emblem of Heaven, and is truly a tree that you must eat from upon entrance??  Okay you are thinking..”she is totally gone now”!  I am taking in the theology in these things, and considering them, but the only 100% truth that I can stake my life on is the Word of God.  God can not be tamed into something we approve of, HE is a total wild man, and as CS Lewis said of Aslan…”HE is not safe but HE is good”.  Adventure at your fingertips, boredom does not compute in this life.

Think about this..God created us to have minds that love fantasy…we love the whole beauty and beast thing…all men want to rescue thier love and slay a dragon, and all women want to be considered beautiful by their love…

Making wise the simple…mmmmm pondering on this, what does it make you think…or how do you explain it??



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31 responses to “Making Wise the Simple

  1. tam

    I get what you’re saying here completely. I think there is wisdom, obviously, in understanding why certain words are used in the text and learning what they mean to “interpret”, or define, scripture appropriately and get the full meaning out of it. It is something I need to do more of. Where I hesitate is taking too many outside sources for their word over His Word. When I look at person A, B and C – join all their takes on a scripture together and conclude, for me, that they have made it clear by their own definition – is that really beneficial to me? Is that staying true to His written word? The only place to go for me to answer those questions…is right back to Him and HIS word. He is my safe place….it’s where I will always end up…over anything else! One thing I love about our Pastor is his constant challenge to and urging of us to test everything he says with scripture. If we have questions or concerns, bring those and the scripture we’ve found back to him and sit and discuss together with His word as a guide. I LOVE that!

    OK,,,,so sorry I missed you on IM. I was on the phone with a friend. I’ll check a little later…

    Love you Princess!

  2. Chad and I have stayed at a beautiful inn called WhiteStone Inn. It’s owned by Christians and when you drive onto the property (which is heavenly! sits around a lake surrounded by woods with walking trails encouraging you to be still and listen for our Father) you feel so peaceful. It’s as if our Father just covers you in peace. We always leave refreshed and ready to serve our Father. When you check out, they give you a white stone to remind you of the promise our God makes to give us that new name.

    I think one of the the beautiful things about our God, is that He makes things so simple! I believe that there are things we will not be able to understand until we see Him and then, we aren’t going to care because we will with Him!!!

    Sorry for the novel here! Stop over and pick up a little surprise!!!


  3. Thanks for stopping by today. It blessed me!

    I dont think you’re gone…I studied the tree of life today and I was thinking it is a real tree that we’ll eat from. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I also tend to be simple and take HIM at HIS word. Oh I pray for HIS enlightenment and for His Wisdom. I understand HE gives us symbols and pictures, but that is to help our understanding. I’m a visual person; as I need to see the picture. HIS word is full of pictures! I love HIS word! It’s for us simple minded folks!

    Just love it & you too!!

    Love & blessings in Christ–

  4. Shonda- love you girl, if everyone would take off their mask, you would see that we all are the same, struggling, walking closely and then walking on our own, and then running back..I love your transparency!
    Steph-what a sweet princess you are and giving me an award is always very intense to my heart, I guess I see me as “regular”..maybe even ordinary…but you always help me remember that I am so special to HIM! White stones all around!!!
    Tam- love you, its a heart thing to sit down and discuss scripture with you, and to sit at HIS feet and allow HIM to explain what we as individuals need to learn from HIM. (Had to get off last night, HUBS wasnt feeling well, dog wouldn’t come back in, and needed to make sure Derek was settled in for the night! again…dang that time difference!!

  5. tam

    God is good! All the time!!!

    Just had to say that!

    Hope you had a fabulous Sunday at church!

    What was the sermon on this morning?

  6. Tam- our pastor has the flu and we had a sub pastor…i thought it was sad..but Derek got something out of Praise God he is good all the time!! looking for you you soooooo much!!!

  7. I totally understand what you are saying. I love the Hebrew and Greek, they are beautiful to me. When I look things up in the original text, it gives Gods Word a whole new meaning on what He is trying to reveal to me. I think there is wisdom in going back to the original language that He decided to use to begin with. The way I see the second part of that scripture, is that when the ignorant and unlearned begin to really believe what God says, they begin to become wise to salvation. It is the foundation of lasting and eternal hope. The danger I see happening with not continuing to seek and dig is complacency. The attitude of wanting and stating that I want to know the deep things of the Lord, then sitting back and stay in my “simple” state of mind, and then wonder why things don’t change and I’m in the same place I was three years ago. The scripture says, “making wise the simple”…does that mean that keeping it simple stifles wisdom? Don’t know, just throwing things out there….I can see from your writings you are far from being statisfied with the things you learned a year ago…you are constantly seeking and striving. God speaks through you things that are not simple….didn’t know if you realized that! 😉 What He gives you is very profound, it blesses me constantly. Love you and hope the “bug” is done with your house and ours!!!

  8. I think we should always dig and always want for more from the word, I just don’t think that someone without the worldly knowlege should feel lesser than someone who does, God’s wisdom is given to those who fear HIM and allow HIM his rightful place of being King. I guess that I am saying …. I don’t want to be so smart that I am no earthly good. I love to dig, but I love HIM to show me and teach me even more, I don’t think that is complacency…thoughts?

  9. I’m not sure what you mean by wordly knowledge….but if you mean looking up original language, to me His word makes more sense when I do. I think we have a responsibility to seek and Him daily, and I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think that because people do dig more than just surface reading it shouldn’t be discounted either. I’m not smart by any means, when He reveals something to me, I believe it and go with it. When He shows you things, don’t you just share what He shows you? That’s what I see in your writing anyway.

  10. tam

    No it isn’t complacency…I think what Deb was saying is that if we as Christians profess to want to know God more but do nothing to dig deeper into HIS word then that is complacency, or as i would say stagnancy. I’ve been atrophied in the Word before – and have been what Deb described. I think we all have at some point. I don’t believe none of us here desire that OR are in that place any longer! Praise God!

  11. Ya, what she said… 😉

  12. I don’t think I meant to keep it simple…I meant the way people look at one another at times…with the whole lofty attitude that because they interpret the hebrew they are the authority on what God is saying to one individual, and that is wrong…God takes the simple and he produces the wise from in my simple state of mind, it is a very good place to be, and He makes me wise….not that I am there, but that I should not feel bad or feel shame because I can not interpret and make that my goal above listening to HIS voice…man I think I am making no sense! Sorry you know I love you!

  13. Deb, not knocking you or anyone who can interpret the original..I think that is great. That is so not what I was heading for when writing this post. 🙂

  14. No, you shouldn’t feel bad at all because you are exactly where you are suppose to be. I’ve seen the same lofty attitude plenty of times in people who don’t seek the Hebrew or Greek as well tho, so I think it really is a heart condition. I know that for me, when God tells me something sometimes people don’t want to or can’t recieve it…because it was just for me, not to share. That’s something I’m learning. He has to be the revealer, so wheter or not someone has a different opinion shouldn’t effect what God has shown me any, nor should it effect you. I see nothing BUT wisdom in your writing. If someone has pride issues, that should gently in love be pointed out. But we should also make sure before it’s pointed out to them, that it’s not our own insecurity that is causing us to see something as pride.

  15. aaaaaahhhhh did I say something about it being a pride to go back and read it again…

  16. Sorry, when I hear “lofty attitude” I hear pride….LOL…my bad

  17. OKay I still don’t know where this is coming from, and I don’t disagree with you. There are many who struggle to understand what God has for them in HIS word, and some are ready for commentaries, and I love some good commentaries myself, but we need to be careful that we are taking and applying what God has laid out for us, and not just thoughts from men who yes are knowlegable but are still men and still can fall and still can be wrong…thats just my thoughts, and I am sticking to it…hahahaha 😆

  18. aaaaahhhhh get it!!! told you I was slow! for myself I honestly don’t always recognise the pride issue in someone else, I guess I have so much of my own issues that God is working out in me, that I see it as condemnation, and it is stifling to the beginner. But now I see that, and I know better how to pray.

  19. Every man can fall and be wrong…agreed. All I’m saying is that we are all in different places, and can all glean from eachother regardless of where we’re at….none of it should be discounted…simple, complex, or in between….that’s just me… However God chooses to reveal Himself is His call, i don’t ever want to only limit myself to one view, I might miss something…this is fresh for me because our Pastor talked about this last night. How if we get one mindset, or routine, we can easily miss what God is trying say in something else.

  20. we’re cross-blogging!!! LOL Love you!

  21. I agree 100%! we need all types of views to draw a conclusion..I am just writing in this post the beauty of God taking something simple and applying HIS wisdom to it, due to following HIS laws and statutes, end result being restoring the soul, and showing wisdom to someone that may otherwise get overlooked in mans eyes.

    cross blogging is that legal?? 😆 love you!

  22. Where did Tam run off too??

  23. She just blessed my blog!!! YAY!!!

  24. Jason

    “I just don’t think that someone without the worldly knowledge should feel lesser than someone who does”

    A couple of things. First, for any person who loves Jesus, your statement above must be the case; I totally agree. Paul’s metaphor of the interdependency of the different members of the body in 1 Corinthians indicates that each is needed by the other. What ever gifts one has been given are dependent on the gifts given to another in order to be useful for the Kingdom. One has wisdom in one area and one has it in another, and we all need that which we don’t have which is interspersed throughout the Body. The only difference is the one called to teach has higher expectations, not higher value in God’s eyes.

    Second, much of the work performed in the matters of egghead stuff and such are only a response to those who are perpetually speaking the name of Christ, but deny him in one biblical way or another. Almost all of it is just a perpetual striving toward a ready, contemporary defense.

    Second, part 2, I am currently reading a book which is deliberately going through almost invisible OT allusions in Paul, and I was mentioning one of the insights which I found particularly helpful with my wife, to which she responded, “Duh!” I realized that the truth was self evident within some of the better English translations, but the book is a response to some insidious, subtle denial of Scripture and dealt with it in a way that was so complicated and thorough that I had totally forgotten that the one with a heart for God can see the very thing clear as day in the English, if they believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, that is.

    Lastly, the very Psalm you quote is an excellent example of the clarity of it on the most self-evident level, but it also speaks to the value of a person of faith in Jesus Christ having more information. This Psalm is often cited as one which verifies the idea of God in everything or general revelation in place of special (biblical) revelation in matters of knowing God. This psalm is used as an argument against the Jesus Christ being the way, the truth and the life. But seeing “God” (semi-generic deity) being used in the first 6 verses, those which speak of God’s work being self-evident in Creation, then “Yahweh” being used in the rest of it, in matters of relationship, holiness, wisdom, real satisfaction, the contrast of the two names of God used and that which is revealed in each circumstances, comes much closer, I think, to making a Romans 1:20-21 distinction.

    Just for example.

  25. Jason- thanks, you said that all so well. I love looking through the OT and digging up to find the paralells of the NT. I am always blown away at the way God has a plan, and had one all the way back to the beginning to save us, and send HIS son. I never meant that the deeper things weren’t good, just to be careful what we decide is written in stone, only HE has that right, and we can learn from others. Loving Jesus has to be first, and second that it is not about us, its all about HIM. and only God can take someone like myself and apply any insight. so I give HIM the glory for anything that comes across as profound. Love you J hope that baby is giving you all some sleep!

  26. Jason

    “I never meant that the deeper things weren’t good”

    I never thought that you did, I’m sorry if I came across that way..

    “hope that baby is giving you all some sleep”

    slept 6 hours last night! Let’s hear it for common grace!

  27. Jason- glad that you didn’t take it that way..some did, but I think all is well now! 🙂 Grace YAY!! I loved six hours sleep when my babies were little…a little sleep goes a long way! Blessings to you and praying for you and your wife and that little baby (what an awesome gift from God!!)

  28. tam

    Hi Jason. Glad to see you around!

    Glad the baby is letting you all sleep.

  29. HI Tam! Derek just came back from the doctor, Pnuemonia! aaargh!!! so I am home today with him.

  30. tam

    NO! I’m sorry! Pneumonia is not good! Kota is home from school again today. He’s prone to pneumonia so we have to be careful. So Derek is in good company 😉

    Wish I could do something more for you all…

    Love you all…and yes..the Stars are brighter here 😉

  31. I can not wait to check out Oregon, God has really put some wonder in my heart about it, i have been checking out some pics on line…and I can’t believe we are going to be there for the fourth of July!! my brain is too small for all this today! 😉 Derek is close by me, and now he is on the he is home for this week, I stayed home this afternoon, but tomorrow I have to go back to work, only three hours at a time..pray for that to go well!

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