Pray for yourself?

Tomorrow will begin another study with a wonderful group of women at my church.  The day before always seems to be filled with mixed emotions, and a desperate need for more of Jesus.  I have no confidence in myself in this area, and I know that it goes well because HE has planned it even before I was born.  That is an overwhelming thought.  But I sure wouldn’t want to do it without HIM.

My family has been going through alot of ups and downs lately.  Illness, wedding plans/disagreements, bad weather, the world pulling my children, and just a total up hill climb with the Lord.  I know that is a perfect place to see HIM do awesome things.  But this morning, things seemed to become more than overwhelming to this girls heart/emotions.  I laid it all down AGAIN at the feet of my Savior.  Of course, falling into the pit of feeling sorry for myself! ( I hate when that happens)  HE reminded me today that I was right about part of my petition to HIM.  See, I was so into the “poor me thing”, that I even said…”I am giving you all I have, and I am tired, and I am not getting it..what do you want from me?”  This is what HE spoke to my heart….

It is good to follow hard after the Lord, and it is also good to have Holy Discontent (meaning that you just want more of HIM), it is good to want to know HIM more and love HIM more…(honestly I did not know where HE was going with this).  Prayer is a gift, and although I am quick to pray for a need for someone else, I do not do it much for myself.  I have not in the past prayed for HIM to work out the differences, and I haven’t asked HIM to help me with this climb that seems like forever to get to the top.  HE is very wonderful, HE did not condemn in any way, instead HE touched my heart and reminded me again of who I am in HIM, and how much HE wants to give me the desires of my heart.

You know I felt totally blown away in all of it!  I didn’t even notice that I was trying again to do things in my own strength, instead of HIS.  When I am worn out, the enemy seems to have a party on me.  My deliverer opened my eyes to HIM this morning, and made me smile when HE said “some may not think you are smarter than a fifth grader, but you are with me, and no one and nothing is as wise as I, and you need only to ask and tap in.  You will not need anything I don’t already have worked out for you.” 

Don’t forget to pray for yourself! Sounds like a no brainer, but how many of us really do that??  Thanks for your prayers, and  I know some of you have been lifting me.  Just know I am lifting you too! 

PS thanks W.E. – You rock Princess!



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8 responses to “Pray for yourself?

  1. Heidi

    How about I come along you sister and pray in agreement with you. God’s got ya!!!

    Love you!!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have a “Friend” – one who is always there!

  3. I don’t know what I would do with my very Best Friend. When nobody else is there, He is only the mention of His name away. I do think I forget to pray for myself at times. Sometimes I think I don’t pray enough for my friends. I am always looking for balance. 🙂

  4. tam

    We as Christians believe there is good and evil. There is a battle going on over us. A battle where evil tries to convince us that we are wrong for praying for ourselves “how selfish – you really should feel guilty about that” then there is Good – His perfect Spirit reminding us that He is our Father…we are His child, and a child runs to His Father for mending, for guidance, for support, for nothing more than a safe place to land. As we are nurtured back into Him we can better be of service to others and know how to lift others in prayer to Him. It all works together!

    I love you friend!

  5. Heidi-love love love for you to continue to come alongside me! God Rocks! love you
    Papa- I would still be lost without my BF Jesus! love you!
    Rochele-balance??is that something I should or shouldn’t eat?? Just kidding..balance is another lesson I am sure! love ya girl!
    Tam- you are such a blessing to me, it is incredible how God has given me blog sisters to walk with me, and also to help me through things that I just don’t get..ya know like that book “DUH” 😆 love you!

  6. What a beautiful thought. I too get so wrapped up, I think it’s a Mom thing too….in everyone else and making sure they’re ok, I forget me. I’m having some God time tonight and it feels wonderful! Thank you for this, love you!

  7. GG-nothing better than some God time..and it seems to create more time for the things I think are pressing…He did create time, and HE never runs out!! OMG!!!!! unlimited everything!! We can’t over indulge in HIM! love you!

  8. Laurie Lloyd

    This is a lesson I have been learning too Darla, to remember to pray for myself. And when I do, He is right there!!! I am praying for you and the things that are going on for you. He is the best friend because He is the only one who knows what I need before I even ask. No secrets between Him and Me.:)
    Have a blessed weekend my friend and sister. I love you and your heart.!!!

    Laurie in Ca.

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