Jesus Loves YOU

That is it in a nutshell! Jesus loves YOU.  HE adores you, HE wants you to make decisions that will bring you closer to HIM.  HE knows the way.  Jesus always speaks truth.  HE wants to spend every minute of every day with YOU and wants to cover you while  you sleep, as HE stands watch over you.  Amazing!! You may not even buy into this, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is true.  You will never out sin HIS forgiveness, and You will never find a place to hide that HE is not already there with you.  The Lord is the only One who is totally conclusive! HE was and is and is to come! 

The enemy has been kicking and growling loudly lately, and I made a decision a long time ago…when the enemy beats me up, I will tell someone else that Jesus loves them! Yes I am a blockhead, and I don’t bully well, and I am that certain about my Jesus!  The clouds of confusion start to swirl, and doubt tries to creep in, its all about us not doing what we are called to do.  We don’t need to feel it, we need to do it.  It seems to me that the enemy wouldn’t be so ruthless and destructive if there were not something to gain. MMMMMMMMM what could it be?? The enemy stands to lose when we are in our places serving our King, and unable to be stopped in the power of Jesus.  But if I can be distracted, I can be detained.  So as I have been sensing his little tantrum all around me, I just want you to know that Jesus loves you, he really truly does.  HE will never give up on you, and HE is waiting for you.   God is good (no christianese about it), and HE had already won the battles we seem to face.  SO…why not let HIM be God, and just tell the enemy…My Savior lives, died and rose and sits at the Right Hand of my Father God, I am redeemed, forgiven, loved, accepted, adopted.  I bring HIM great delight when I believe HIM, and today is that day.  Oh yeah, BTW-there is a lake of fire with your name on it, and then we party!

If you are struggling today, the enemy has no power over you unless you allow him too.  Stay in the shadow of the Almighty, stay prayed up, and repent quickly of any sin (do not wait til you go to bed).  HE loves YOU!! and so do I!



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14 responses to “Jesus Loves YOU

  1. Needed to hear this! Thank you!

    “You may not even buy into this but it doesn’t change the fact that this is true” SO TRUE!! I love that. Reminds me of “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess.” I love that as well. We had that on a bumper sticker and I loved it. Whether you believe it now or not, ONE DAY you will confess it to be true, that Jesus Christ is Lord. I just hope and pray that my friends who don’t know it now, will know it soon.

    Nice one Darla! 😀

  2. What makes you so sure? You are making this a personal issue! Whats He done for you to demand such loyalty?
    you sound very opinionated on this!

  3. Papa- i am more than a little opinionated about my JESUS! want to read more of my past…there is some in form of testimony on
    feel free to read through the archives, get a look at my children. Love ya! Jesus is personal

  4. Brandy, I needed this today too! I love your avatar, that is an adorable pic of you! love you girl!


    I love that old hym!

  6. ahh thanks Darla, I try. 😉 hahaha! 😆

  7. Laurie Lloyd


    JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH TODAY AND ALWAYS!! Buy into it because it is gospel. We do nothing to deserve it in ourselves, this is why it is so hard to buy, we can’t.:) It is free and He paid for it so we wouldn’t have to. What an amazing savior we have in Him. I love you too and pray for that bus and it’s precious driver.:)

    Love, Laurie

  8. Thank you – so true but great to be reminded daily so easy to believe the enemy sometimes – alot of times. Your blog is always what I need to hear..thanks….

  9. tam

    Each Day I Am Blown Away That HE LOVES ME!!!

    Some things I struggle with wrapping my head around!

  10. Doesn’t our God just knock your socks off?! As I read this, I couldn’t help but thinking of an interview I saw Beth Moore give, in it she said “I want to make sure the enemy is sorry he messed with me.” I would venture to say, that sly little loser is sorry he’s messing with you!

    Love you girl,

  11. Heidi

    God’s sovereignity rocks!!! Nobody I mean nobody will get a choke hold on us again!!! I believe that!! Claim that!! and will Preach that!!! Love you so much and praying

  12. Wonderful Darla! I like your ideas!

  13. Amen, I am in total agreement with you. Christians need to remember that Satan is already defeated and he can not take away our love for Jesus. Keep up the work sister.

  14. “Stay in the shadow of the Almighty!”

    Love it!!!

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