Call on Jesus

Call on Jesus, HE is always there and always ready to jump in and lead us in the right direction.  This song/video does good to my soul, and turns me around to overcome the madness that is around me.  I saw Nicole C Mullen a couple times, but the last time I was close enough to see her heart, and the love she has for Jesus.  She totally believes and lives what she is sending out in song.  I love when it is visible that a belief system and theology come together. 

Have a great Monday and start the week calling on Jesus!  I don’t even want to start this week without HIM, so for me, I am calling on HIM even before I get dressed…

Yahweh! This day begins because its a gift from you.  Thank you.  Please help us to not grow weary in our walk with you.  Help us to remain focused and eyes on you throughout this day.  You are our everything, I pray that it shows on us today.  Nothing is too hard for you, and rescuing us is your desire and will.  How great is our God!



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13 responses to “Call on Jesus

  1. Loved this!! Thank you Darla. I’m calling to Him now. I need Him to truly fill me up before i do another thing.

    blessings friend~

  2. I did a new post and it kind fits into your theme of calling on Jesus. When I was young (years ago) Jesus became very real to me. I love Him. It is so nice to be able to call on him – even when it’s not an emergency! God created Adam not to have someone that would just ask for help – God wanted fellowship!

  3. I need to remember to call on him even before I wake up. That is hard to do sometimes when the thing that wakes me up is a crying baby. 😉

    Thank you!! 😀

  4. tam

    Beautiful! What a great way to start out the blogging week! It sure beats Seans news! 😦

    Love you Darla!

  5. Loved that! Thanks so much for that.
    You are precious princess!
    Much love,
    Happy Monday to you.

  6. You all are so precious to me! I am lifting you all in prayer today. You are my family in Christ, what a blessing to be in this family. I will surely miss Sean too…hope God opens a door for him to return. He has really shown my heart today the integrity that only comes from God, and truly is something that God can and will use.

  7. I Love this song. 🙂

    I was calling on all night as my man was tossing and turning. (He had a medical test this morning EARLY!) So we really didn’t sleep much last night. But you know what? God and I had some great Bible study time! 🙂 AND, He placed a sweet Christian lady in the waiting room. Her smile warmed my heart. I had my 90 days with David out, and she had her Daniel Bible Study book out. We didn’t say a word to each other but the Holy Spirit made us look up and make eye contact. We knew exactly why….. there was a kindred spirit. Our God is so cool!

  8. I know that right, I do not want to start my week with out Him either. He is my strength and I need Him desperately. God bless you, I like reading your thoughts. Amen

  9. Heidi

    This is just an uplifting song. It’s one that gets stuck in your head and you just start singing everywhere. Unfortunately I cannot carry a tune… Oh well my family and friends are going to haave to wear earplugs… I call on Jesus right at this moment.

  10. Sean

    Hi Darla, Thanks for the comment and the email! The prayers and thoughts will do loads for us. I will see you in the email world now versus the blog world! And here is that smiley face for you! 🙂

  11. This is just what I needed, when I needed it. Thank you. Great song. 🙂

  12. Heidi

    Talk about quiet!!! Maybe I should be praying for you princess. Hey gotta run, my HOT STEAMING COLUMBIAN ROAST NON DECAF (TAM!) coffee is ready!!!

    love YOU!!

  13. tam

    What have I become? The coffee police???

    You guys are funny!

    Drink up!!!



    Anyone home.

    you okay?

    LOVE YOU!!!!

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