Who is the Holy Spirit?

I studied the Holy Spirit some years ago, mainly because even growing up in church I had not really heard much about him except in the Apostles Creed which we said faithully in church ever Sunday.  If I am to know God than I definitely need to know God the Spirit, and not just God the Father and God the Son.  I remember being blown away what the scripture had to say about God the Spirit.  If you really want to take a fresh look at it, I recommend looking up every verse that mentions him, and make a list of what he does, who he is, and why he is here.  Amazing!  God with us.  Jesus says in John 14 that if we love him and are obedient to him, HE will come and live with us and HIS Father as well.  Then when Jesus is returning to Heaven, HE reminds the disciples that HE must leave in order for HIS Father to send the Holy Spirit.  HE also reminds them that HE does not leave them as orphans. ( I particularly like that)

The Holy Spirit is my teacher, my comforter, my counselor.  I love that HE teaches us the things of God that we would not know other wise.  I love that HE does my praying for me since we don’t know how or what we should pray.  Sounds like I don’t need to pray-but that is not correct.  HE prompts me to pray, HE causes me to be discerning, anything that is supernatural in me is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is God.  Take a deep breath and let that fill all your senses.  God is living in you as a believer.  I know we all know that, but does it really sit on your heart and mind.  If we really believe that we have the Spirit of God with us all the time, and Jesus riding in our cars, and watching TV beside and going to dinner with us…how about sitting at our breakast table and even when watching sports….oh my! How different would we live if we just grasped this totally awesome fact that the Trinity walks life with us.  Just in that thought alone we are blessed beyond words. 

Give me you thoughts on this, and how does it change attitudes, and choices?  Love you, have a great weekend!



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23 responses to “Who is the Holy Spirit?

  1. I know that God is watching over me but I often forget that He is living in me as well. What a sweet reminder and an inspiration to do better!

  2. The Holy Spirit…intimate question. He knows me better than anyone. And I mean ANYONE! He is Faithful…when I am not. He is Comforting…when things are hopeless. He is my Guard…under, over, rear and front. He is Patient and so Soft-Spoken when He directs me. Other times He is Bold and Direct. When I said that Jesus is God in a body, that’s how I see Him. The Holy Spirit is God in MY body, and I know Him intimately. He is my heart and soul and seal.

    Happy late Valentine’s, Princess. You are loved.

  3. The church I attend puts a lot of emphasis on living “a Spirit filled life.” He wants our lives to be as clean and as pure as they can. He wants every “room” in our heart. Especially those hidden closets back in the corner of our hearts that nobody knows about but us.

  4. Papa- that is a prayer of mine almost daily..for him to shine his light in every corner of my heart, and leave nothing unturned, and make me something that HE can totally fill, and use for HIS glory

  5. Absolutely NOT getting rid of you! 😉

    I think I accomplished what I set out to do so I’ve been lurking quietly and just HAD to post my funny kiddo stories today. 😉

    Don’t go, no matter what I say. haha! I am, and forever will be, a blogginglurkoholic! hahaha! 😀

  6. Brandy- Love you! You always make me smile..and laughout loud!

  7. Just got done with iChat (web cam) w/my daughter and her family in Michigan. I also use the iCHat w/family in Sweden. Wouldn’t it just be simpler if God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit would use iChat or IM?

  8. Papa- it would but then we would have the power to shut them off..and as it is now, I am on the short bungee cord…so I will take it as that is what is best for me! Boing boing…must have stepped too far 😯

  9. i agree, and – i don’t like bungee cords either! I guess God’s plan is the best, He gets tired of my “improvement suggestions” – I need to work on my listening.

  10. Papa-we all need to work on our listening …HIS small voice and all the loud noises in my head.. 😉

  11. I love His “still small voice” but He sometimes has to use the 2X4 to get my attention first! :o)

  12. Papa- LOL I can laugh b/c I have felt that 2X4, and just a quick whack to the back of the head..and a slighly louder voice..”you’d better recognize girl..what did i just tell you” . God has a sense a humor…

  13. I mean if we really grasped the beautiful power of the Holy Spirit….We would be unbelievable in the name of Jesus!!!
    So…that goes to show you how strong our flesh is and can be.

    Loved this Darla. Blessings my friend~

  14. Fran-praying to grasp it, to be bold and conquering in the name of Jesus, setting captives free, and learning to worship in spirit and truth.

  15. tam

    Galatians 3: 2

    “Let me ask you this one question: Did you receive the Holy Spirit by obeying the law of Moses? Of course not! You received the Spirit BECAUSE YOU BELIEVED THE MESSAGE YOU HEARD ABOUT CHRIST.”

    It’s THAT easy!

    And YES! I was yelling there!

    I feel better now 😀

  16. tam

    Papa, we need to get hooked up on ichat together. I use it too!

  17. Tam I sent you my iChat id that first email. I just sent it again this morning – would love to meet you & family. Does Vinny have a full face ???

    Good morning Darla!

  18. Sean

    The whole iChat family! Gotta love Mac’s! 🙂

  19. Hi Darla,

    Take a look at my post from today and read the thought about the Holy Spirit. Seems like this is something the Lord is speaking to a lot of people about right now!!


  20. Sean-you sound like a Mac salesman, i am going to agree that they look mighty fine…but I can’t afford one..so back to my sony with a happy heart!

    Leah-awesome post girl…God is doing some talking hope we all are listening…and doers of HIS word.

  21. I love this post Darla….the whole Holy Spirit topic is incredible to me. I was content for so long just knowing He was in me from the time I recieved God, but there is so much more to it!!! It’s so exciting….Love you girl…

  22. I love this too. I do think if we kept in the fore front of our mind that God is with us ALL the time it would make us double think what we listen to, watch, or where we go.
    Much love,

  23. Love your site and very helpful insightful post on the Holy Spirit… M.

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