Randomness is contagious!

Okay thank Tam for helping my brain run totally out of control today! You have to love her,  I do!  My post on the Holy Spirit will have to wait for the weekend but hey it is only a day and a half away.  My oldest daughter was just here to pick up candy from her mommy for valentines day.  So cute and so my little girl on Valentines, and then she turned into the mom and I was the kid.  She scolded me for making friends with people on line that I don’t know, and buying tickets to meet them.  What in world am I thinking???  I tried to explain that God things are just different from worldly things, and I really believe  God has a plan and I am riding this thing!  I love my blog friends, and only a couple of you do I actually have concern about…LOL 

Tam got me started on the valentine scam..you know not enough cards in the box for the amount of kids in a class!! well after reading it on her blog (please go read it!) I realized just how much of a scam it is, her numbers are targeted just below the norm of students in a class…ours is lower and our packets are only 20.  Whats up with that?!?

Godsgal posted an awesome acrostic for valentines day, and me well my brain is scattered, I have eaten too much chocolate and twizzlers, my chinese is heavy and if anyone looks at me and says meow I might get sick! 

Thank you Jesus for loving me even when I can not keep up with my mind.  Thankyou for knowing that would happen, and it didn’t make any difference in how you roll with me.    Happy Valentines Day Blogsville!  Jesus loves you and so do I!



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14 responses to “Randomness is contagious!

  1. What bothers me, all this makes sense. Married to mama for 43 years must have helped. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. tam

    So funny! I realized while I was reading this that I was talking it through super fast in my mind. Like someone on a sugar high that can’t slow down! Ritalin anyone?!! Huh, anyone! Ritalin!

    Oh my word – I’m cracking up! She scolded you? That is hysterical Darla! You should have her check out our blogs. Maybe that will put her at ease?

    I love you too Sister! June is waaayyyy tooooo far away!

    J had his baby!!!! I know you know, I ‘m just so thrilled for them!!!

    what a great day!!!!

  3. Tam, you don’t have an axe do you?

  4. Tam and Papa-True friends understand my randomness! hahaha Today the sun shined for the first in about a week..and seriously it made me incredibly hyper, the coffee and chocolate didn’t help much either.. Love you too!

  5. I’m glad your daughter is so protective of you! But it did crack me up!

    happy valentines day to you!

  6. Laurie Lloyd

    Hey Darla,

    Sometimes it is just nice to get a NATURAL BUZZ on. I completely understood everything you said, made me feel right at home.:) Like Papa, it must be that honey and I have been married 40 years. If your daughter only knew us, she would be so relaxed she’d fall asleep!! Maybe we all could give her marriage advice:)?!~~~ Love you Darla, Happy Love Day, and tomorrow is Friday!!! Praying for you and the bus.

    Laurie in Ca.

  7. Jesus does love you! Happy Valentine’s!
    Much love,

  8. Love you sweet girl and hope your valentine’s was special. I’ll miss everyone too…but I need some beach time with the Lord…can’t wait til you can go with us! Tammers sweet friend I do have to laugh at this statement… “J had his baby!!!!” LOL

    Love you guys and see ya back ere’ soon! 🙂

  9. tam

    Praise365….Why? If I did should I hide it when you get here?

    Debs, I know! J had a baby – Oopsies! oooo, but would I EVER LOVE for a man to have one and hear his take on the whole thing 😉

  10. Tam-Praise 365 is going to get mileage out of Lace being our parent, and if you do have one, I think you could get him to chop some wood for you after that remark! 🙂 And I love that J had a baby, and I would want to watch a man do that…as I only know how adorable they are when they are totally useless in the birthing area…well, he was a great support, but he ate ever cookie ad cracker that the hospital had while I was in labor! 🙂 Man has baby..Darla to do the documentary..want to help??

  11. ummmm, more crackers please 🙂

  12. tam

    Hee-Hee! You guys are funny!

    I’ll never forget Vinnys face when I was getting my episiotomy … He turned as white as this background 😯 Great times!

    Maybe Lacey should just come along?!! Or maybe we should post a video of us and Debbers and Jer for her! Wait…that may not help 😆

  13. Hi Darla,

    Answered your question at my blog also 🙂 Here is the shortened version – http://www.nazarene.org/ministries/administration/visitorcenter/beliefs/display.aspx

    Hope that helps 🙂


  14. jacob

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