darla, who do you say that I AM?

h1020-lion-lamb.jpgAfter pondering this for a few days, and reading all the comments (which were full of good thoughts), here is my heart on Jesus.

Just speaking the name Jesus gives me a peace that I cannot express, over joys my soul, and reminds me that this life is temporal and not eternal.  Whew! that does my heart good!  Jesus is King, and submission to HIM is freeing not at all like the slavery I came from.  Depending on my view (earthly or eternal) HE is both Lion and Lamb.  I especially love that picture.  Enter the Lion of Judah with a mighty roar, and everything cowers and looks for a place to hide, but there is no hiding place, HIS beloved bride runs to his side, and evil is destroyed.  Sounds like fantasy but it is reality. 

Jesus is the very best friend ever! I adore HIS company and HIS instruction.  Jesus has a sense of humor, and I am sure sometimes HE laughs out loud with delight when I truly connect with HIM.  Jesus is God the son, all God and all man….no I cannot explain that and it doesn’t bother me that I can’t.  Jesus -savior for all mankind, they just have to believe and allow HIM to reign.  Jesus-lover of my soul, truly everything I need.  Jesus – self-less not selfish, loving not hateful, 100%pure, and never changing. Completely stable.  Jesus Jesus Jesus….the only good thing in me, and good thing for me that is the only good thing I need, and I have him.  Jesus always close, always waiting for me(sorry I get so human and make you wait…the nerve of me!).

If you don’t know Jesus, I suggest you seek HIM out. Seek and you will find, knock and it will open to you..  😉

Who do you say the Holy spirit is?? yes I am full of questions  Just love me!  😯



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15 responses to “darla, who do you say that I AM?

  1. Darla, I am so glad that you shared that. I love Him with all my heart and I know he loves me. You are so full of wisdom and heart. God bless you and keep bringing your ideas. love ya lots from Tanya

  2. The Holy Spirit? Well – if Jesus is my best friend, the Holy Spirit must be my mentor, the one who keeps me accountable.

  3. tam

    Holy Spirit? His gift to us! His Holy living spirit dwelling in and among us the believer!

  4. LOL…oh and the battle continues!!! I’m glad it belongs to Him. Awesome post sweetness…thanks to you and hubby for being there~ Love you!

  5. OMG, Tam and I posted at the exact same time~~ How great is that! Of course, she’s still on top!…LOL 😉

  6. Jason

    I know I always share this kind of stuff, but when darkness comes, this prayer is truth that slices it away.

    In pretty much every translation, Matthew 14:27, after the apostles saw him walking on the water, Christ says “Take courage, it is I, don’t be afraid.” or something like that. What it says in Greek is, “take courage, I AM (egw eimi), don’t be afraid”

    Think about what that means.

    That has so much more impact, so much more all encompassing depth, I just don’t understand why the committees don’t translate it as such.

  7. Laurie Lloyd

    Okay Darla,

    The Holy Spirit, I am speechless. But not really:) He is my teacher and my comforter. He is the still voice inside my heart that guides me through my day. He points me to the needs of others and it is His compassion that I feel tugging at my heart.
    This GIFT, that Jesus left for us, so that we would have this Spirit, His Spirit, living in us. The evidence of the Trinity, whole and complete, in our heart. For Free. How good is this? It leaves me speechless, but not really.:) Love you Darla, and praying for that bus!! And for you.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  8. Heidi

    100%pure, and never changing. Completely stable. Jesus Jesus Jesus….the only good thing in me, and good thing for me that is the only good thing I need, and I have him

    This statement is so powerful. WOW… mighty,unchanging, faultless, listener, and carrier of our lives our whole lives.

    love this!!! @ LOVE YOU

    (Hope this works…hahahaha darla)

  9. Heidi! ! ! Girl I was ready to cry after a very stressful day and came here, you so made me smile..and laugh out loud..that would happen to me! If you were here we would have to celebrate the laugh with a little “time warp dance” as I feel like I live in a time warp! 🙂

  10. Heidi-going to fix it for you! 😉

    that was my first time editing my comments … and i did good…and I am laughing! Thanks!!

  11. Tanya- I love visiting your blog, and as for wise…that must be Jesus, because when i look in the mirror I just see me, full of flaws, and knowing that it is by the grace of God that I even wake up and breathe. Love you too!
    Tam-girl you are a beautiful example of what God can do in a heart and a life, you remind me that I am accepted in the beloved, and we do have a place at HIS banquet table!

    GG-just adore you girl! you are also very inspiring to me, and glad for some company walking on this road to HIM.

    Jason- you are always welcome, and you can say the same thing as much as you want…you challenge me to be all that I can in Christ, and not to settle for anything less than everything!

    Papa- I love that you are here, you are an encourager, and I think we have the same sense of humor…you crack me up!

    Laurie= where would i be without your sweet prayer intercession on my behalf! another icy day, and just when I took my eyes off HIM and began to fear, you came to my mind, and I thanked God for you and that you were praying for me. very sweet!

  12. Hey, girl! What a great post! I posted recently on who Jesus is to me on Jan. 18th. I think it is sooo important to take time regularly to relfect on Who He is!!!!!!!! He is LIFE!

    And, the Holy Spirit! What an incredible gift He is to us. And, those “red flags” we talked about- those are leadings from Him!

    Bless you, Princess!

  13. tam



  14. Darla dear…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! I love you so much! Have a blessed day my dear sister…. 4 months and 10 days YAY!!!!

  15. Beautiful!
    Much love,

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