Who do you say that Jesus is?

I certainly did not say who Jesus was?  I believe that HE is! Today we stayed home as we are fighting colds that seem to be hanging on forever!!!  Welcome to PA.  If you tend to get a cold in the winter you will keep part of it through out the winter til Spring.  But some sort of viral thing has been going around as well, so to be on the safe side and not to spread it to any of the older people at church, we stayed in today.  It gave me lots of time to just be in the Word and to draw close to Jesus.  It is my favorite thing to do.  So with my favorite blanky, favorite old tattered Bible, and my computer (with lots of Bibles in it) I settled in.

What a blessing it has been to have a cold! Who would have thought?  Jesus is everything to me, and God’s word is better than sitting on the shore line watching dolphins jump(and I love that).  Just knowing who HE is and how much HE cares about me is overwhelming in the best way.  Over the last few weeks I have been reading many various blogs and some I don’t generally visit.  Alot of views on who Jesus is, and even more on who HE was.  I really want to hear from all of you on who do you say Jesus is?? Come on, don’t be shy, come out of lurking and lay it on me…my next post is going to be about who I say Jesus is!



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20 responses to “Who do you say that Jesus is?

  1. tam

    Jesus is alive. Jesus is constantly pleading on my behalf. Jesus IS the son of God, the creator of all things. Jesus is saving Grace.

    These are just a few of the first things that popped into my head as i sit sick to my stomach from eating a Whopper Sandwich. Why did I do that?!?!

  2. BK makes my stomach hurt every time I eat it! Feel for you Tam!

  3. Mary P

    Who is Jesus? Son of the Most High God. Both man and God in one being. Born for the express purpose of taking my sins (and yours) to the Cross as the Perfect Sacrifice.

  4. I like to say that Jesus is God in a body. He is beyond definition. I don’t think we can comprehend in our human mind exactly who He is. I like that. I think John had a tough time trying to put into words what he saw when he was on the isle of patmos and the Spirit came on him. Those eyes…those burning eyes! Can you imagine?

  5. I have two best friends Jesus and mama. Jesus is my best friend ever. You see, He died for me. He walks with me. Sometimes when I insist He lets me lead – thats usually when I get in trouble! :o( I hope others see Him walking with me. I do need to do a better job of introducing him to others. Thats what friends do – right?

  6. Jason

    great post. The other side of this question Matt 16:13 also needs to be asked, the two questions are grammatically linked, that is, Matthew indicates that Christ asked them as if they were one continuous thought with two question marks.

    Jesus is the eternal, perfect, holy, holy, beautiful God. He hates anything that is not holy. That is us. But he loved us so much that he chose to express himself temporally so that he could satisfy his need for justice for the sins of his people on behalf of the eternal plan of the Father to restore and redeem his creation. He exists bodily, interceeding on our behalf, and yet loving the Father and the Spirit so much in their oneness that they are eternally dancing, flowing, moving, laughing, and loving. Enjoying each other as the perfect marriage, as the perfect relationship, one thinking nothing of the self. Jesus is that God, and he, by his mercy and gracious personal intercession on behalf of my thankless, violent, selfish, godless soul, chose me, saved me, is saving me, and will fully redeem me, for no other reason than the fact that he wanted to.

  7. Tam- you know I love that picture of Jesus, and I believe God the Father gives his precious perfect son what ever he asks for now that he completed the task set before him. Ya what ever he is asking on our behalf he is getting!

    Papa- you always touch my heart!
    Mary- girl you sound like a theologian! I was almost scared! just kidding. thanks for coming out of lurking!

    Twinkle- love love love your thoughts!

    Jason- thanks for stopping, and your comment is very thought provoking, however I need a dictionary to totally understand what you are saying..love you man! It is not a bad thing that I need a dictionary..growing ya know! 🙂

  8. Jesus is my everything. Without Him – is nothing. He was, He is, He is to come. I just started a study by Beth Moore called Jesus, 90 Days With the One and Only. And that He is – the One and the Only. Great post.

  9. Rochele- Jesus the One and Only is my favorite hardback book! loved the workbook, and for Christmas I got the 90 days one! No matter what the world throws at me, Jesus the One and Only is the best thing for me along with a blanky, always a great focus!

  10. There aren’t enough books or blogs in the world for me to give that a shot. I am playing. I love Him so much. He has been my Father, Husband, Redeemer, Lover of my soul, my friend, my comforter…so many things. I hate the times I have sought what I needed from Him alone…in worthless idols.

    I hope you feel better Prin Darla!! Love you!

  11. Darla,
    I hope you’re feeling better today. I’m feeling achy. I think San Antonio had lots of allergens in the air that I’m not used to breathing.

    I want Jesus to truly be my one and only. I want Him to be numero uno in my life. Would You say He is if I’m still battling–battling anxiety, food addiction, shame, guilt? I want HIM to be my whole life. I’m a work in progress and i’m laying the “stuff” at the foot of the cross. I’m going through the process

    He’s my Savior, Deliverer, Healer, Redeemer, — I need HIM today! (and everyday) He’s the reason i can breathe each day.

    I won’t stop blogging–you’ve encouraged me and I thank you.

    Love & blessings in Christ–

  12. I’ll be praying that you are back on those feet soon!

    Jesus is…….my everything.

  13. Even an Atheist like me can respect Jesus. A revolutionary who sacrificed his left for others. His message of love is one the world needs.

  14. Shonda- yes I can say HE is your everything even while you are struggling with things..aren’t we all struggling with something? Too many are wearing masks, and I love that you are not! As Princess Tam would say..we are inprogress! Glad you are still blogging, love you so much!

    Jenny-LOL girl I expect you to write a book and you did good! I love your view of Jesus, how about it, everything we need at all times, wish we could keep that straight in our minds as well!

    Ed- you are amazing! You inspire me and encourage me more than you know! I am so blessed to have you as my blogging friend!

    Steph- Thanks Prin! reading your blog not as good as commenting , but it is hard to leave comments sometimes on blogger from WP. I get frustrated..know I have been there!

  15. Heidi

    Jesus: is simply Jesus.

    He is the air we breathe, the whisper of the trees, to the crashing of the waves, to the muffled cry of a child.
    He’s EVERYTHING…. He’s EVERYTHING I want to be…

    Feel better princess. YOU ROCK>> Love you muchas

  16. Jesus is the only savior who changed my life. He pursued me and he did not quit until he got me. He has been my mother and my father and he loves me. He is my judge and he is my hope. He is alive, he is the word. He lives.

    Darla, I wanted to tell you that Jeff and I used to live in PA. We lived in Waynesboro for about 10 month while Jeff was serving in the Army. Love ya from Tanya

  17. Jason

    Hiya Ed,

    “Even an Atheist like me can respect Jesus. A revolutionary who sacrificed his left for others. His message of love is one the world needs.”

    If I may ask a question, for what do you think his death was a sacrifice?

  18. For right this moment….Jesus is complete life to me. Without Him in my day, I’m dead. He is a must have! 🙂

  19. My guess is that he sacrificed himself because he would not recant his teachings. He died as an example to his followers.

    If I remember my history correctly so did many of his followers when they were crucified by Nero, when Nero tried to blame them for the fire that destroyed much of Rome.

    All these Christians died for what they believed and in the end their belief out lived the Roman empire.

  20. The most amazing thing about that is that everytime Christians are killed for their beliefs, the amount of believers increases. That is world wide..check out http://www.voiceofthemartyrs.com (or maybe .org)

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