excellentawardblog.jpg     Tanya (on the blogroll) has awarded me this award! I am humbled that anyone would think that, as I am far from arriving! LOL But thankyou Tanya!

I am giving this award to Jenny Hope, Heidi, Fran, Leah, Twinkle, Shonda, Kathy at Sumballo, Angela, Steph, Ang-LSOF, GG and Tam  these woman totally encourage me to strive for excellence or at least stay focused on the Excellence in Christ, if your name is not on my list don’t be discouraged…memory loss is the first sign of Menopause, it stinks don’t want it, you will be disappointed..  🙂  Please do award yourself!



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9 responses to “Excellent!

  1. I’ve already shared this with a few bloggers! Thanks for my rating! You sure are sweet…

  2. Aw. You are too sweet. Thanks.
    Congrats to you too. You deserve it. You equally encourage me girl!
    Much love,

  3. Thanks, girl. You are such an awesome bloggin’ friend. Have a wonderful Lord’s day!!


  4. Heidi

    You are making me BLUSH…

    This blog is EXCELLENT!!! I love coming here.. I get so much refreshment here. Love you

  5. Well, I humbly say “thank you!” And, Im so glad that we are bloggy friends now!! You are added to my blogroll!!

    Be His my friend in all you do~

  6. tam

    Humbled! Beyond words. For YOU to give ME this award…huh?

    I love you!!!

    oh, and so glad we know when Seans b-day is now!

  7. Kathy

    Darla, this is a wonderful award and means so much to me! Thank you for your encouragement and support. God is blessing a ton of people through you. Thanks!!!

  8. Darla, Thank you. I dont know what to say but thank you. I often question myself about the blog. When I think I’m going to quit, someone like you says something to encourage me. Thank you.

    Blessings in Christ–

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