Toby and Dr. Tiny Smalls

Ever have one of those conversations where you are just pouring your heart out and the other person is just not hearing you.  Love me some Toby Mac!  Even if you don’t like him I want to know if you could watch this and not at least crack a smile!? 



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9 responses to “Toby and Dr. Tiny Smalls

  1. LOL because I sure did! That is hysterical! I wonder if that is supposed to be the chris farley take from SNL? old school.

  2. Guilty! Guilty as charged! I even go one step further – I catch myself looking off in another direction, not even listening! Sorry, trying to do better.

  3. I have had my moments. I believe it depends on the person I am talking to at the time. I need to work on that and give them the listening skills they need. I liked the video, it was really funny, but unfortunatly it is true with some people. Thank you for sharing this. Tanya

  4. Thank you Darla for coming over to my blog and sending up your prayers….you’ll never know how much that means to me. keep praying…God is doing His beautiful thing and its complete joy to be a part of! This is hard stuff….but He is shining through! We praise Him even in the storms.


  5. Jenny- it probably is because there is another one where they look like a Geico commercial where the regular person talks and then is interpretted by a professional. LOL it never gets old to me!

    Thanks all for stopping and humoring me with my cracked sense of humor! If you have never been to visit Fran you should check her out…she is helping a family with some things that has lost everything in the recent tornado disaster in TN.

  6. Hey Jenny- I think Rueben reminds me of John Candy..just a look and he had me laughing! Laughter is a gift from God and I like laughing better than crying! HOpe your daughter is keeping you out of trouble instead of getting you in it!

  7. LOL!! LOL!! Needed this! Too funny!

  8. That is pretty funny. Sometimes it is easier to see it that way. I think all people could be better listeners-me on the top of that list!
    Much love,

  9. THANKS for comment #10 Darla! I did make a new post! :o) Hey, pay attention! Don’t turn away! ha!

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