Black Ice, 45 mph winds, Torrential Rain, Flooding

That is exactly what I faced the last three days.  Overwhelming weather conditions.  All Powerful God!  I love how our Father shows off!  This week I watched as cars bounced off bridge embankments like a pinball game, ambulances and firetrucks seemed to be all around me.  Sounds terrifying..and it could have been.  But I have an intense awareness of how God went before me, surrounded me, and protected me  through each moment.  I barely even felt the tires slide or had one bit of a hard time driving the bus.  I  know that several times I became aware of my unrepentant heart, and my stubborn pride, which again I lay down at HIS feet.  Very humbling when you realize none of what is happening to me is me, and none of this do I deserve in any way. 

I stand in awe of my Creator, my Almighty King, my Daddy, Lover of my soul, my peace and my joy.  My great I AM.  HE hems me in, HE goes before me, HE restores my soul, HE makes me secure, HE sings over me, HE is the music and the dance (without HIM I have neither), HE knows my love language and pours it on me without a selfish thought, HE is enthralled by my beauty ( and I have no earthly beauty), HE sees the finished me-refined and worthy to be called HIS bride.  HE gives me do-overs and never tires of my redundancy. HE takes my head in HIS hands and lifts my face and does not allow the past to have a hold on my future.  Did I say I stand I awe?  its more like bowing everything there is in me to HIM, and just knowing that I will never be able to praise HIM enough, and HE still wants me, HE still knows what I will stumble over another day, and it is all good with HIM.  I hope and pray you know HIM like this.  If you don’t, it is real easy..just tell HIM you want to know HIM like this! Told you it was easy!

I have some new blogs on my roll, and would love for you all to check them out. God is awesome to place so many of HIS children here in blogsville, and so many are so encouraging.  Do you wonder what HE is doing?? I do, but for today I am just thrilled that HE is always doing something on the behalf of those who love HIM.  Check out Tanya, Heidi,  Indian Lake Papa, Adam, Ed.  You will be glad you did!



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19 responses to “Black Ice, 45 mph winds, Torrential Rain, Flooding

  1. Darla, thanks for the shout out. I do like watching a storm, from the safety of the deck of my condo of course. 🙂

    When I was in Arizona I remember the spectacular lighting over the desert.

    The wind blowing through my hair. Wait a second. The wind blowing over where my hair use to be 20 years ago. 🙂

  2. ED- you crack me up! I will never be old as long as I can buy R65 Feria..good bye gray, hello a few more younger years..LOL

  3. Hi Sweet, truly almost got wiped of the face of the earth today and into God’s arms….There had to have been an angel steering my jeep. I don’t get shakin to easily, but today I was almost in a head on with a log truck. I can’t remember how the jeep got back on track….I give the glory to God, crazy black ice…headlights, embankment…anyway, love you…can’t tell people that enough…I’m going to bed now, and probably walking to work Monday! LOL

  4. Well ED I am also retired, ,but the wind can still blow through my hair – all three of them.

    We spend the winters now in Florida to avoid that ice and snow. Many a time I have thanked God for His protective hand when I had to drive in that stuff.

  5. GG- I am thanking God for HIS hand so miraculous in sparing you. More confirmation girl that you are on the right track, and God in HIS mercy told the enemy NO! How I praise HIM! Been in a similar situtation several years ago, and I know God lifted my car out of danger, and totally blew my mind in the process…life changing and confirming to HIS power, and that HE holds us in HIS hand. Love love love YOU!

  6. Laurie Lloyd

    Oh, am I ever glad to live here in So. California where the worst weather condition I face is gridlock on the freeway!!!!! And when I face this, I take the next off ramp and drive the side roads. These stories hit me like fingernails on a chalkboard! Scares me to death. This is why I pray for you on that bus Darla, these “E-TICKET RIDES” are not for the faint of heart. And GG, I am so thankful you and the logging truck did not meet face to face. Thank God for driving your jeep. He rides shotgun with me everywhere I go. And you guys and your hair jokes crack me up too.
    Love you Darla and Google Earth me up:))!!

    Laurie in Ca. (where the only thing to fear where the rubber meets the road is gridlock!)

  7. Laurie, praise God you live there too….LOL Hey your pretty close we should all get together when Miss Darla comes out in June!!!! Where in California are you? We’re down there alot, and we’re in Southern Oregon if you ever make it up here! I’m praising Him today for being here…

    Darla HE definately confirmed His power…it was pretty amazing. Love you sweets!

  8. GG-trying to figure out how to see Laurie when I come to see you, but the distance is farther than I thought. The best flight tickets I have found will take me direct from Philadelphia to Portland and we will rent a car to get to you…looking at other options…looks like the 25th-2/or 5th hahaha help me figure out a way to hook up with Laurie too! have our own siesta fiesta! 🙂

  9. Praise the Lord for His protection! What a great God we serve! Thanks for thinking of me and checking on me. It means a lot to me.

    Blessings in Christ–

  10. Can’t you just FEEL Him and His Peace! So glad you are ok and the other’s who have commented, too! I fell last weekend trying to get in our spa (in the dark). What’s so funny about it is just before going out to soak I had spent a few minutes listening to youtube videos for the song “Facedown” 😉 by Matt Redman. Do you see the irony of that song and then “slip” I really was facedown! But I’m ok just a couple of long scratches down my arm. Sorry this is so long!

  11. Laurie Lloyd

    Oh this is just great! I have to live in the longest state in the US and be 100 miles from the Mexico border. Does this mean I am out of luck to see you guys? Maybe we can come up with some kind of plan before June gets here.
    GG- I am in the southern end between Los Angeles and San Diego. Perfect for us because we hate big towns. We are 3 blocks from the ocean though, it has to count for something. Out where Darla lives, they can hit 3 or 4 states in a 24 hour drive!!!
    Okay Darla, I am leaving now, talk to you soon.

    Love you, Laurie

  12. the other night our winds were 40 mph and I was driving home and said LORD if the rocks are crying out right now I better give you some praise!!! So i did! I thought for sure some traffic lights were going to fall down on me. =)

  13. tam

    And we just had church here!!! Preach it sister!

    I love how very aware you are of His presence and goodness – always!! In everything!

    It truly is this easy…

  14. Heidi

    I love the storms.

    I live in CA like Laurie in the San Diego metro and we seen a few this year. But the worst have been the “gridlocks” on our fwys. Yeah, if you ever down south you have another person to visit.

    You made this story so REAL of how God is so REAL.. thanks

    Love you

  15. It’s been pretty calm (for the most part) around here, at least complared to the rest of the country. I actually sleep very well in storms and I sort of miss it! (I don’t miss driving in it though!)

  16. Mary P

    your survival of three days of black ice and wind and rain are just more evidence of the great God we serve answering prayer for your safety as you drive your bus. Praise His Name.

  17. Twinkle: I have to add you to my blog…just because I love the name! 🙂 I’m headed over to your blog to check you out! SMiles…

    Laurie….anything is possible with God, we know that! I’ll let you know if we travel down that way….hey, you mentioned the ocean…that’s all the motivation I need! I was just thinking actually…wouldn’t it be funny if we actually did meet in our everyday life and never even knew who we were?????

  18. I’m tagging you!!!! Come see whats up!

  19. Girl God is so good! Love your post. It makes me want to stand more in awe too! Isn’t it a great thing to be blessed by God? He is so good.
    Much love,

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