Further Opposition-just say NO

After much thought the last couple of days about my focus being so weak, I became frustrated with it, and put out more effort to remained focus.  It seemed that my distractions also intensified.  More frustration.  So I asked some dear friends to pray for me and my focus. 

I woke up this morning still carrying my first cup of coffee, stumbling around in the dark looking for the lamp.  I said “Jesus I know I need you, and I have nothing ready to meet with you, so maybe we will both sit here and stare into my coffee.  My Bible fell open to Nehemiah 6. I am not a close your eyes and pick something out girl. But I saw the header -Further opposition to the rebuilding.  As if opposition isn’t enough, there will be further opposition. So I read, and was totally amazed at how the distractions just continued to poor out on Nehemiah, and he continued to do exactly what God sent him to do, he remained focused.  In modern language, the “Applied Darla Version”, Nehemiah just looked at his opposition (briefly), and just said “NO, not today, got work to do.”  Nehemiah knew he was building a wall for his people to come back to Judah, but there is no way that Nehemiah knew the large scale in which God was going to use that wall.  The number of captives that were exiled was great, and they came back to a safe place to worship and live.  They came home.

I don’t know what kind of ministry  you are involved in, even if you are a stay at home mom, you have a ministry right there.  We can’t see the end result of our work, but I believe today, that if focus is tough, and if the opposition is against you at every turn…PUSH HARDER!  We have no idea how many captives will be set free, and we have shown the way to walk out of that prison.  Maybe with not even being aware of it.  Just keep following the path the Lord has set before you, HE will bring us out to a safe place, and a place surrounded by HIM, and the opposition is trying to stop us or at best delay us.  Just say NO not today.

Father God you are so very awesome and good to me.  You know that everytime I feel unfocused, I tend to beat myself up for not reading more, or talking more, or for having not enough control over my own mind.  Thank you for showing me that sometimes it is not me, its where you are taking me, and I have the power in Jesus to look at the distraction and say NO not today.  Please encourage my sistas and siestas, and my brothers (even my lurkers).  Thank you for not taking your eyes off us for a minute.  Strengthen us in the endurance we need to finish this race well, we want to hear you say, “good and faithful servant”.  Your princess who loves you and knows you are all I need in any day!



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8 responses to “Further Opposition-just say NO

  1. Great post Darla! I needed to hear that today. Thanks for your wisdom siesta!
    Much love,

  2. Laurie Lloyd

    Hi Darla,

    I am so thankful that He knows where our heart is at in running this race and even if a distraction catches our eye for a moment, He will nudge us back in to focus. I myself am learning to not beat myself up for not “doing” more than I am capable of doing. I am trying to learn to focus on His perfection, something I am not expected ,by Him, to possess in myself. I love you and I am praying for you sweet friend.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  3. Kathy

    Darla, I like this reminder. Distractions are everywhere and lure us away from what’s important. Thanks for sharing! Kathy

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by! I promise I’m not always that political, just usually. 😉 You’re right, the primaries are rather frightening, so they’re frequently on my mind these days. It’s such a crapshoot right now; anything can happen, and that makes it simultaneously exciting and terrifying!

  5. Mary P

    well said princess, well said. the Lord has given you such a ministry here and i pray daily for your strength and endurance.
    love you, girl

  6. mmm. That is good stuff there.

  7. Heidi

    This is an amazing read!! Nehemiah 6 – WOW. I also like in Phil 3 it says that if we keep pressing in we will see the ultimate goal of knowing Jesus. Don’t be fainthearted, God knows your heart. He’s waiting for ya!!! He wants your heart not your time. I learned that in 2007. He wants your heart.

    Love you girl!!

  8. Good post and a much needed reminder. It’s too easy to get distracted and get caught up in the things that in the end don’t really matter.

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