Do you think BUB is serious about the Packers???

go-packers.jpgAll geared up and ready to yell! I am hoping for the Packers tonight mostly because I want Bub to be happy! No that is not his real name, just a name I call him sometimes..but hey this is the internet, and my kids are not bloggers (yet!)



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8 responses to “Do you think BUB is serious about the Packers???

  1. Heidi

    Since my Chargers just lost.

    GO PACKERS!!!!!!

  2. praise365-you know you are first! 🙂 well after God, but first comment,and first in my heart…you certainly have my attention – oh yeah the packers have your attention…I can deal!

  3. Heidi I am with you…okay lets get this yelling on…Go Packers! and I am not going to talk about the chargers except for ‘wha wha wha what happened?’

  4. inworship=total let down! At least the rookie isn’t getting beat up by the giants for missing 3 kicks. Now we have to decide who we will get fired up over in the Superbowl…highly doubt it will be NY

  5. oneDirection

    Oh yes! Giants won! All these poor packer fans! Still love you guys though…

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