Encouragement Award (can you believe this, I am the ranting queen)

Daily dose of Encouragement

I was awarded this today by Jenny Hope, and Steph(ocean mommy), for being encouraging to them.  First I want  you to know that I was not the in the orginal five I was an after thought! LOL Actually my plan is to be last as the last will be first someday! 😯

Just kidding, they both rock, and encourage me.  If Jesus had a blog I would give this award to HIM!  I always need a daily dose of HIM, and love how HE encourages me even when I am a total block head!  I am supposed to give this award to five or more people, so I am going to try to pick some that have not been picked yet, and if I miss anyone…consider yourself picked!!

God’s gal, One Direction, Heidi, cbgrace, Laurie Lloyd, Rochelle, Elaine(redheaded rev),Faith, Tam…I seriously can’t count to five today…oh well…its my blog and I can count to five like this-1,2 skip a few, 5. 🙂

Continue to encourage one another, even more as the day approaches-the return of our King!



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14 responses to “Encouragement Award (can you believe this, I am the ranting queen)

  1. Heidi

    Oh my gosh!!! I’m blushing!!!

    “I just need a Tylenol!!

    Woww… what a honor to do LIFE with you…

    God is AWESOME isn’t HE?

  2. oneDirection

    I don’t think I am much of an encourager, but thanks! As long as you think so! Love ya!

  3. Heidi- you rock!, and you do encourage me in being real!
    one direction-you are a beautiful picture of what God can do in a life, and you remind me that pushing on is what it is all about…we aren’t home yet!

  4. tam

    Girl, YOU should get this award every day! In fact, consider it done…I am awarding you this special honor each day from this day forth! There! Beat that 😉

    Thank you sister! I’m with Heidi…I love doing life with you! I love doing life with all of you – meeting you all has added sooo incredibly much to my days!

    Love you June!

  5. Tam- no pressure huh? everyday! I am like a rollercoaster…some days rants just fly right out of me, and I think I could use a more gentle spirit, but hey God knows what HE is doing, and i will get one of those one of these days! 🙂 love you!

  6. Thank you sweet sister…and back at ya! I look forward to a good many years of blogdom….You are so dear to me. 🙂

  7. Well, how nice. Thank you. I am so glad you have already received. You earned it!

  8. I’ve been reading some of your blog posts and I find them very funny and uplifting :). I really enjoyed the one just below about the little boy and Tylenol. I’m so glad God placed you there to be an example to all of these kids.

    When I was in high school (I’m a college kid now) I have to say I didn’t have a lot of respect for my Bus Drivers. I regret that now.

    You’re doing a wonderful thing Darla!

  9. Laurie Lloyd

    Okay Darla,

    Now you’ve gone and done it and left me speechless.
    (almost) 🙂 Thank you so much as I feel so rewarded just walking this walk with you. Please don’t tell Ian,
    but I am needing an Aleve, (Tylenol doesn’t do it for me). :):) You always encourage and inspire me to look deeper inside, sometimes beyond my comfort zone. I know we’re not supposed to get too comfy, but sometimes I just need a little “rest stop”. I love you and will always be your “prayer monitor” for that bus. Kids are my heart. They need love and encouragement to keep them from all things nasty in this world.
    OOPS! I see I am not speechless after all, sorry. You just bring out the gabby girl Ian in me.

    Love you and have the most wonderful weekend ever with your honey. I think I need to set up a blog afterall so my award has somewhere to live and not be abandoned.:) Thank you so much sweet friend, you have blessed me once again!!!


  10. Adam-thank you for commenting and visiting! hope to hear more from you! I work with some of those “scary” bus drivers, and honestly they spur me on to be different. God has honestly given me a great love for the kids that ride my bus, and I pray for them…they are created by God just like me, and I hope that a little kindness goes a long way with them. I willvisit your blog now!

    Laurie-email if you need help with your blog! YAY!!! I am not an expert, but i could help you get it started.

  11. Hi girl,

    You get my vote for being an encourager and I was going to send The Daily Dose to you from my blog. I just will do that anyway. Hope you are well. Love ya,


  12. tam

    Your comment on my blog…”forever and a day – just in case”

    Haha! “Just in case” – that’s funny 😀

    Love you too! You have NO idea!

  13. Thank you so much! I have enjoyed writing; exercising the gifts. Now that I do not have a job (for the moment) I’ll get to write even more. (I write more articles than I post, some of them never get “published”).

  14. Aww, thanks, Darla. You are too sweet! 🙂

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