Bus saga-“I need tylenol”


This looks alot like my bus! except the side needs to say “First Student” as we are now owned by a company in England and they are the “First company” and owners of lots of different transportation companys.  They bought the largest bus company in the US- Laid law.  I don’t have any feelings about it one way or the other.

I thought it was over due to give a bus update, and you all can thank Laurie for reminding me! (just kidding girl-you keep praying)  My kiddos are a joy for the most of the time.  I have seen them all grow up a little in a few short months.  One girl in particular I had written about before, is now smiling and she is absolutely beautiful.  Now on to a new story!!!!

A kindergarten boy, with the highest whine I have ever heard, sits right behind me and talks..remember he whines constantly and sounds like a little old lady!  This is the norm for him in the afternoon…”Miss Darla, you are not going to believe what happened to me today! I hurt my leg, and it is a terrible day, I need to get home and get some tylenol”  He is very serious about tylenol.  So I have started telling him that he needs to tell me something good that happened before he tells me anything else..surely something good happened today…even if your lunch was good, and that is all you have, I will take it. 🙂  so today we went through the whole thing again and I try not to laugh at him…but he said “today my good thing is that it didn’t rain, oh no…it did rain this morning for a while! never mind Miss Darla I really need tylenol.” 

I always remind him and some of the others that if they can tell me one thing that was good today, that is thier very special gift from God, HE is the maker and giver of all good gifts!



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19 responses to “Bus saga-“I need tylenol”

  1. tam

    Those kiddos will remember you for the rest of their lives! Do you know that? Do you really have any idea what kind of an impact you are having on them?

  2. 🙂 Thanks for the story. I am so glad God put you in those kids’ lives; they are blessed!!

  3. Laurie Lloyd

    Oh Darla,

    You just made my day, how precious. “oh no..it did rain this morning for a while! never mind Miss Darla I really need tylenol.” I love this to the center of my heart and I love that whiney little boy. You are so good for these kids Darla, even on the days it may drive you crazy, these kids need your compassion and connection to the Lord. This is a huge ministry you are doing right here. This is why I pray for you and the bus daily. I love you for this and for so much more. And I am so thankful to hear of the beautiful smile you see on that sweet girls face. Innocence is so fragile and needs protection. I so agree with Tam that the impact you are having on them is HUGE. I thank you from this grandma’s heart. And thank you for posting this JUST FOR ME!!:) I just love that bus and who is in it daily. It doesn’t get more authentic than this, does it?

    Love and Hugs to my sweet sister,

  4. Heidi

    Eventhough, he was whiney. You were his direct contact of a listening ear. This would be a perfect Tylenol commercial you Know?!!! It’s awesome, although all he thought about was the pain relief, you thought about changing his thoughts, even thinking that school lunch are half bad.. 🙂 awesome post!!!

  5. Laurie Lloyd

    Just me again Darla. Heidi really has something up there with a commercial for Tylenol!! That’s one I would watch over and over and over and the only side effects I would experience would be from my sides splitting in laughter. I don’t see how you can keep a straight face!!!

    Love you, Laurie

  6. I think I know this kid’s dad. (The whining, pain killers, the negativity…sound familiar).

    Kids are halarious.

  7. little kids are the “parent tapes”, now when I see his dad and mom, I am going to be listening for the whining, and who looks like a tylenol addict. LOL

  8. What a ministry the Lord has you in. You are so amazing Miss Darla. I wish you were my driver when I was little…..we had a, I think woman, who constantly shrieked and bellowed as loudly as you have described. I’m sure these kiddos will have much happier memories! Love you

  9. I often think Ian would be a perfect tylenol commercial..and sometimes I do laugh out loud, and tell him “you are a funny little man!” He is adorable!

  10. Oh my, Tylenol. I hope he doesn’t get hooked.
    Bless his heart. Those kids are so blessed to have you!
    Much love,

  11. girl i bet you do need you some tylenol! LOL on whining like a little lady. you crack me up!!!!! =)
    I love that you are showing them the Lord.

  12. My brother works for a rival bus company. Does this mean that we need to start a feud? 🙂

    I like your advice. Tell me something good before you tell me something bad. Good advice for any age.

    Acetaminophen (we call it paracetamol) is the active ingredient in Tylenol. I read a study that showed that drinking a litre of water provided the same pain relieving effect as acetaminophen. This is largely due to the re-hydrating effect of the drug as an anti inflammatory.

  13. tam

    Hov, I learned that too years ago. “They” said that most people took aspirin with a glass of water but studies found is was the glass of water that reduced pain and not the aspirin (which sometimes was a placebo) Interesting…

  14. left you a little something on my blog

  15. That is cracking me up!

    I bet one day he tells you the one good thing is the dose of Tylenol he just took!

    What a cute story.


  16. There is a little surprise for you over at my blog!

    It’s quite fitting after this post!!!

  17. oneDirection

    Darla, that is a great reminder for all of us! That was funny though…is that the wrong thing to say! Little worried that he was wanting to take tylenol though! Kids!

  18. I think he just imitates an adult at his home..he sounds very old when he says it..LOL

  19. Gin

    Hi Darla,

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I read some of the posts on your blog today and have thoroughly enjoyed them. This one..was one of my favorites. What a wonderful impact you are having on these children’s lives…you’re planting seeds for the Lord…and they will remember! Thanks for sharing.


    You are right the Appalachians stretch pretty far…the part of the Appalachians I live in is KY…and I do love it here.

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