Picture my Jesus

Lately I have been leary of calling myself Christian.  That is sad but true, and I have reasons for usually labeling myself Christ follower.  There are alot of people calling themselves Christian, and what I see and hear is not Christ. Breaks my heart at the damage that is being done to the unbelievers around us.

When I look at a prostitute, drug addict, cross dresser, homo/bi-sexual, homeless persons I first remind myself that they were created in the image of my God! People who have been lied to, led wrong, hurt, and sadly abandoned by the same ones who seem to hold the answers, but are very intent to be right and have forgotten to thank God that they have been delivered.  Sadly justifying one sin and condemning another.

Would you give a new baby a New  York strip steak for dinner?  How can we expect someone who is just looking at our faith for the first time, and expect them to digest the deeper things of God?  I really don’t think showing them a picture of my Jesus begins with me telling them what is wrong with their lifestyle.  Help me out here, I am really struggling with this one.  There is so much freedom in Christ, and the convicting and changing of a heart is HIS job, we can not do that!  We are truly suppose to love them, and show them that God loves them and sent HIS son to rescue them.  I believe with all my heart that love is the one thing that should be shown no matter what.  Even while we were still unbelievers, Christ died for us.  All of us, no exceptions, no name calling, no labels…all of us.  God so loved the world..not just some but all of us. I can’t think of one of those types of labels that was not caused in a heart because of a need not being met.  First and foremost – Love.

Lord God, you are my King, and you know how my heart aches for these people who are lost and seeking the truth about you.  I pray that the ones that come across my path would see a picture of Jesus in me, and that I would love them first, and remember that in some cases that was me before you, and in the other cases to remember to be thankful that I did not have to take that road to find you.  Jesus, please help us to recieve the love you so freely fill us with and that it would just overflow onto someone who truly needs to know you love them.



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9 responses to “Picture my Jesus

  1. Laurie Lloyd

    Hi Darla,

    I have been thinking on the last post about evangelizing and after reading this one, I can comment. I too am embarrassed with what people have done to the name Christian. I know where I came from and but for Gods grace, I could still be there. It is my heart that He changed, not my intellect and dress. I choose to love and be kind and be myself and let the Lord lead when He is ready. We don’t save people, He does. I despise Bible Belting people down. The Lord hung with ordinary people and loved them to Himself. We should love people to Him, following His example. He defended the down and out ones, never acting better or higher than them. The extreme of “Christianity” is either “holier than thou” or using the term to cover whatever people want to get away with when they know it is wrong.
    I choose to be approachable and open, ready to share with anyone who asks, the mess my life was before He rescued me. It’s called a testimony and this is what we have to work with in truth. Oh girl, you got me started!! I dislike phoney “Christianeese talk” with no love and compassion to back it up. We are special to the Lord because He loved us first when we were lost, just like everyone else. And you know, it has been my experience that the Lord brings people in my path that need to hear my story. I feel the familiar shame and desperation in what they don’t say and my heart opens up when the Lord says Now. I don’t study for it, some may really think this is being naieve, but for me, I let the Lord do the door opening. It is Him that opens hearts, not me.
    If I had to go through all the crap in my life and have Him walk beside me, I want it to count for others to know He loves them right where they are at too. Hope is what everyone needs, and it is us that can help them find it. I have never been nor will ever be a “Laura Ashley designer Christian”. It’s just not me. Sorry Darla, my skin crawls when I see how the Lord is dangled in the face of the hurting, out of reach and never offered in the way Jesus offered Himself. I pray the Lord always keeps me simple and open. The gospel is simple and open, it’s people who try to dress it up to make it more appealing. This must hurt Him and maybe even anger Him. I don’t want to find out either way for me.
    Love you girl and pray for you on that annointed bus.

    Love, Laurie

  2. As an atheist I’ve learnt that telling someone that their beliefs and opinions (their lifestyle) are wrong is fruitless. I think that the only way that you can get people to change is by showing them a better way. Not telling them about it but actually showing them. One way to do this is to live your life as if you’re being followed around by a camera crew who have a live feed to a very critical audience.

  3. Laurie-grateful for your prayers! and yeah I had a rant last night…but I am a believer in “real”, and to remember that I am no better than anyone else. I get tired of hearing some talk and not show me anything. Love you too!

    Hover, we agree again..hey this is starting to become a habit! but I like it! Not holding my breath (b/c I know better), i want to live what I believe, and stand firm in it. I believe that I can show something that I can not verbally express.

  4. Amen and Amen. Love is something that the world can never have too much of.
    Hey someone should write a song about that!
    Love ya princess,

  5. Mary P

    you know, it seems most Christians can’t accept the concept that but for the Grace and Mercy of Christ, they could and probably would be just like those souls they won’t accept. i know for a fact that except for GOD’s GREAT GRACE, i would have been anything but His child right now. you rant real fine, princess. keep on reminding us to be real in our walk. love ya.

  6. Princess Darla–Amen Sister!

    I was discussing this topic with a friend on my front step the other day. We said that we cant change people, Jesus does! The Holy Spirit draws them and convicts them. What may be a personal conviction for me may not be for someone else (at all or at that time). We’re all in different phases in our walk with the Lord. (i.e. I may have the conviction not to wear short skirts and low cut blouses. But that does not give me the right to criticize some one for wearing that type of clothing.)

    The Love Walk!! Love no matter what. Amen. Jesus took me just as I am! Loved me just as I was. He saved me, healed me and changed me. All by His grace over periods of time.

    Again, this is a great post and it has stirred me.

    Blessings in Christ–

  7. tam

    This is so amazingly wonderfully said!

    You are spot on Darla!

    I’m sitting here reading going, “yup, uh-huh – that’s right – OH nailed it – you GO!”

    There’s nothing left to say – you’re right…

    Love you and thank God for you and your passion and compassion!

  8. Reminds of a line from a song;
    “Don’t tell them Jesus loves them unless you can love them, too…”
    and that great line from the Newsboys’ book;
    “The only difference between *us* and *them* is grace.”

  9. Oh!! I’m standing up saying “that’s so right!”

    Jesus met people where they were, so why do we think we should do any different?

    I love your passion and heart for this.


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