Mercy-not taken for granted (part 2)

Since I wrote “Mercy” I have been so very intent on that same song, and while talking with the Lord…I needed to look a little further into what HE was speaking to my heart.  The song writer “when the one you love is in love with someone else”…has extreme parallels to the words of my God throughout the Old Testament.  Yet the song writer mentions “I am going to wake up missing you”, and it hit me -God doesn’t sleep…HE keeps HIS eyes on us, even while we love something else more than HIM. How painful that must be, to even watch me as I sleep knowing that I am going to wake up and not meet with HIM out of my own love for Him.  I know I am not the only one who is guilty of this…it seems to go back to the garden…and the reason Jesus had to come to build the bridge to the Father for me, for you, for us.

Princess we wander off, and most times it is not intentional, just very subtly something draws us away, something glimers, something pulls on our heartstrings…or our disobedience is slight but still disobedient. The last few years God has put something on my heart, and in my human mind I struggle with “why”, why me, what if I fail, what if I fail YOU.  All my own disbelief that HE doesn’t fail me, and HE will not call me to it unless HE has already planned to see me through it.  I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me.  So can you.  We need not take HIS mercy for granted, yes HE grants us mercy/compassion, but to the heart that is pure and repentant.  Sometimes we miss that part.  So although I have been taking three steps forward I continue to take one step back…there is no such thing as partial obedience…subtly my mind has condoned it as I am still making progress just not as quickly.  My love for my Father in Heaven has pulled my heart full circle, and made me see that this new year will and must be different.  Will I stumble and fall-yes, but I will be aware and trust more even when it is a choice I don’t understand.  And most of all I never want to take HIS mercy for granted.  HE means everything to me!

I will have a “Mercy (part 3) before I end this thought….when arriving at church today my Pastor spoke on yet another phase of Mercy, and I want to add that before I end it. 

***Update!!! HUBS has moved out of the blog..seems I am quite the blog-hog…so please go and say hi to hubs here  make him feel welcomed here in blogsville***



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4 responses to “Mercy-not taken for granted (part 2)

  1. Blessings follow obedience sweet one!

    Looking forward to reading part 3. 🙂

    love you

  2. Steph- do you have the obedience thing down? just wondered…b/c it seems sometimes I don’t, and I just think I do..does that make sense? I am a believer in obedience is rewarded with great blessing…thanks for stopping and commenting! love you

  3. tam

    This is good Darla…real good! Got me right where I’m at. As I was getting ready this morning NOT to go to church, I used my head cold as an excuse, I kept hearing God ask me to spend some time with Him – just one on one. I delayed, but finally did. Within minutes my son called for me. As I made my way back to my room I actually contemplated closing my bible to finish getting ready. And for what? I wasn’t going anywhere. Right away, conviction! Not guilt! Just an overwhelming feeling like you described…How that must break His heart! I have so much to learn..but I DO love Him so! I got caught up with me this morning. And now I have a big zit to prove it…HAHAHA!

    Waiting for part 3

  4. OH NO!! I sure hope that didn’t come across like I have it all figured out cause I don’t!!! 🙂 There have been times when I know that God has blessed me (with seen and unseen things) after I have done something He told me to. But just when I think I’m “getting” it, BAM! He shows me who is God, and pardon my bad grammer, it ain’t me!

    I love you princess!!


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