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Mercy-Received (part1)

Today I had a song stuck in my head..don’t you hate when the world just pushes its way into your thinking when you are working so hard to keep it out!  This is what was in my mind…

I don’t want you to come round here no more

beggin for mercy!

You don’t know how stong my weakness is

or how much you hurt me.

I am so glad that Jesus gave me a new song…that old song was so depressing and so very much condemning.  I love that there is no condemnation in Christ, and mercy that is new everymorning.  I do always need HIS mercy, and a do-over from time to time…just saying the word gives me so much confidence to try harder, and trust more.  When weighing out the words in the old song, against CeCe Winans “Mercy said No”…hands down I want Jesus! 

Thank you Jesus for putting a new song in my mouth, and dance in my heart.  Thank you for extending your mercy freely, and not a chance you will ever say the words of the old song.  We must break your heart when we walk away and become so distracted.  How do we do that? You are so much more beautiful than all the things we run to.  Forgive us for our waywardness, and strengthen us in your Word.  Thank you for being so Merciful to ones like me who don’t deserve a thing from you.  I love that you looked the enemy in the face and made him cower as you told him, “no, this one is mine”.  How I praise you, thank you and adore you!

New song–Cece Winans-Mercy said No  (it gets a little long, but i won’t know if you turn it off or don’t listen at all)

I wanted the youtube at the bottom of the post–LOL more mercy needed here folks!


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