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Let there be Light

There are so many places in the Bible that state “Jesus is the light of the world”,  the truth of God being referenced as light to our feet, and my favorite..God looked into the darkness and said “let there be light, and it was, and HE said it was good”. Oh how very awesome that is to me.  I lived in the dark for all of my childhood, with just glimers of the light, and feeling hopeless that the light was not something for me.  Now as I stand here redeemed, forgiven, loved and blessed, adopted by my Father the King of Kings, I look around me and see a broken world, and people trying everything under the sun to try to fix what is cursed, and hopelessness in there eyes- that truly resembles darkness. 

At times I wonder why? why does it have to go this way, and I know HIS ways are not mine.  I just ponder why? what is it we are supposed to be doing in and for this world around us, as Holy children, followers of Christ, and the Bride.  Lately, while reaching out to whoever will listen, the Lord has put on my heart to “look into the darkness and speak-let there be light”.  The enemy can not stop the voice of God and he will cower at HIS voice.  So I am believing that when we speak HIS word to our world, the darkness has to lift because the enemy is the ruler of the dark kingdom, and our KING lives in us.  I know that only God can decide who and when and where, but we are assigned to this world to make a difference or to influence it…and it has been assigned to us to influence us.  ( I heard this in the Daniel study, and it so touched my heart)  I want to influence my world!  Every tear stained little face I see, every woman who crosses my path with bitterness on her, every man who hangs his head when passing me…our God is great, and nothing is too hard for him.  HE did not give us a spirit of fear..but of power that comes from the love HE has given to us.  As the body, we should not be cowering and intimidated by the darkness around us, we should be looking into it and saying “Let there be light”, the true light of Jesus in a world that is so desperate to know HIM.  I honestly have not met one broken person who was not interested in what I have to say when offering hope.  Our world is hopeless…and Jesus is the only hope there is.  I believe it with all my heart, and I extend it to others, my prayer is to extend it more often, and to be a true picture of Jesus, everywhere I go.

I do love the prayer of Jabez, but maybe we should be praying to bring the light into our own neighborhoods first, and then God can open our borders.  Just a thought.

Jesus, let there be light.  Let there be light this holiday season in every little girl who is hiding from someone who is supposed to be loving her, every women who wonders when the life will soon end, and every man who has forgotten his place in this world to look over his wife, and children…our world is celebrating something that they don’t even know about, and my Christmas prayer for them is your Light, Please Lord let there be light, and let it come from your children.

(this post was inspired by a conversation with Tam, go check out her post…you are going to love her! I know I do!)


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