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Stop the Madness!!

Shopping! Work! Children! Pets! yes we have five pets in our house.  Let me introduce you to my critters…First of all there is Haley Sue 8 years old, she is a Siberian huskey, very beautiful, very dumb and definitely not the lead dog, but she is very happy in her little world of staring at her food dish.  Then there is Sheba almost 2 years old, red doberman, very precious and very sweet tempered, she just loves life in general, not much upsets her unless you are male where a hat and come into this house when Hubs is not home. Next we have Lucky, black and white cat my daughter Katrina rescued in NC at 3 weeks old.  She is 7 now, but it seems that we will have to put her to sleep after Christmas, I think she has cancer. She also thinks she is a dog and is more loyal than the dogs, always meets me at the door.  Then there is Bunny/Thumper, he is about 9 months old, he is an angora and very beautiful, and bigger than the cat!  Last but not least, my little man has Fang 2 years old, hamster, female, bit me the first five minutes in the house, so you can guess how she got her name.  We did have a nice fish tank, for a few years, but last year I decided I wanted a nemo and dori for my tank, and after I put them in, they all died! Lucky does miss fishing  🙂 .

Along with the critters, a daughter that is planning a wedding, and an almost 16 year old who wants to drive my car 😯 ,and a son who will be 12 in few weeks who just wants to go to blockbuster and rent a new game,  and wants a cell phone.  Did I mention Christmas shopping? nevermind I am not thinking about that tonight.

In the words of Rich Mullens…”YOU have been King of my glory, won’t you be my Prince of Peace”.  Jesus, there is none like you, and I am blessed beyond measure.  I long to just wrap up with you.  Carry me through this holiday season, please help me to keep my eyes on you, One think I know for sure, I can’t do this world without You, and I don’t want to.  Thank you for always being here and walking with me through my days, and giving me a smile, and love that is indescribeable.  I can’t explain you, and some how if I could do that, I would take something away from who you are to me.  Love you, Your princess who just wants to come up for air.


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