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Still touching hearts after all these years!

Many of you know that God has given me a heart for outreach or reaching out.  Over Thanksgiving we gave away 22 baskets of food to needy families, and 11 of those families registered for a Christmas party at our church.  Families from the church adopted individual children (33 of them) and shopped for them for Christmas.  Yesterday was the party!  As I prayed for this outreach and prayed for guidance in how to pull things together, I was amazed by how God was one step ahead of me, and already had hearts prepared to join me.  I know that God is always steps ahead of me, but I don’t always see it.  Maybe because I am not looking or maybe because HE chooses for me to walk by faith and not by sight.  Honestly I will not ever turn down a chance to see HIM at work.

Our “Happy Birthday Jesus” party went so very smoothly, puppet show, gospel message, game time (even some single dads joined in), birthday cake, and gifts.  I have seen people win large sums of money and not have the smile that comes from Jesus touching them.  I stood in the back for a long time just directing and keeping things moving…and mostly watching in awe of how great is our God.  Very humbled that HE would save me from my past and then allow me to watch HIM at work in hearts.  Mothers smiling with tears in their eyes as they watched their babies smile and laugh, single dad’s have a bounce in their seat while watching a puppet team perform to and rock sounding version of Gloria.  Two Arabic children asked for food on their wishlist…which just totally broke my heart, and the women who took their names felt so compelled to shop like crazy for these children and provide food.  I tremble and tear just remembering and thinking how very much love HE has for us, and that HE is still in the business of changing hearts and being close to the brokenhearted-the oppressed. I just fall in love again and again with HIM.

I urge you to take a moment in prayer and ask HIM where you can join HIM in ministry.  We often tell HIM where we will help HIM, and then complain that the thing is too hard.  There is nothing more rewarding or that holds more peace than just moving in HIS shadow, being obedient and then watching like a little child with big eyes 😯 at the wonders that are going on in us and around us!  I love that HE is immutable/unchangeable…HE was and is and is to come…pouring HIS love in to us and showing us how to pour it out on someone else.  All in HIS strength, and HIS timing…but what a wild wonderful ride!  Don’t miss it, HE is the time of our life!!!


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