Wonderful Gift of Grace

When I think of where my life started and all the winding roads I have taken, I am amazed that I stand here today!  GRACE  I give all the credit to Grace, the Grace of God.  My life today does not reflect anything of where I have been, its like looking back on someone elses story.  Many years I struggled with the concept of Grace.  This world really has nothing to compare it to, or nothing that can stand up to it.  Grace, God’s riches at Christs expense.  HIS dying and rising from the dead literally opened the flood gates of Grace.  If we could grasp this free gift, wonder how differently we would live out our lives.  I am always blown away when I sit and ponder the riches of God, of which I am a family member.  Nothing too hard for HIM, HE never will lead me to anything that HE will not empower me to accomplish, HE does not fail me!  HE never lies, and never has alterior motives that are hidden from me. I may not always understand, but I know that HE is good. 

GRACE-God’s free gift to me and you..I think we quickly accept that the verse says “by grace we are saved through faith…” but not as quickly recieve it.  I mean by that take it to heart, and believe the thing!  God’s perfect beautiful grace given to us to live here on earth empowered by HIS grace to overcome lifes bumps in the road, to rise above the circumstances, to curl up in HIS shadow and sleep.  God’s perfect beautiful grace to give us understanding of HIS word, and live it out.  Grace totally out of my league, and more than I could ask for…given to me and you, totally undeserved, and no way to earn it…just a gift, a precious empowering gift, totally free.  I have had to picture the hands of God holding it out to me, and then reaching to take it.  I believe HE is holding out to each and every one…but it must be recieved as a gift.

Can you take it in that the Creator of all things, has such an awesome Gift to give you?  My mind is not that big, so sometimes HE needs to remind me.  Not in my strength but by HIS (more Grace).

I love the verse “My Grace is sufficient for you” 2Corinthians 12:9 It is everything we need for every situation…and Ephesians 2:1-10…totally life speaking!  No one can earn it (whew!, what a relief), and the incomparable riches of God…Romans 3:24 justified freely by HIS grace, Romans 5:17 God’s abundant provision of Grace.  Look up these and let it just rest on you! God is good all the time.  God’s word speaks louder than anything I could write…

My King, your Grace is sufficient for me, forgive me for when I just neglect to take the grace, and believe that you always have everything undercontrol. Thank you for this wonderful gift of Grace, we are blessed beyond words.  Give us hearts that are filled with the attitude of Gratitude, let us not fall to the deception of the evil one, we are swimming in Grace, and all things are possible with YOU.  Your princess who needs constant reminders that this is free gift, and nothing I can do that will earn it…it is already mine! 



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16 responses to “Wonderful Gift of Grace

  1. What a gift!

    You make me want to love my Jesus more and more!


  2. Nice one!

    That earn word means diferent things to different people it seems.

    If i work for a man and he pays me what we agreed then i have ‘earned’ what he gave me – it is not a ‘gift’ in the accepted and common sense of the word ‘gift’.

    Wages are something earned through some personal ‘effort’

    I was NOT suggesting Grace was ANYTHING like that – i hope you and a certain educated pedant can understand the distinction.

    I could give you a gift – and you could leave it lying around unwrapped because you have absolutely no IDEA of just what that gift could do for you – many do with the gift you refer to that is available and already offered to anyone, anytime.

    An unused, unopened ( ‘un-earned’ ) gift is worthless! it must be USED to be of value to us and to others around us. Leaving it wrapped up in it’s box on a shelf somewhere devalues it – this is my understanding/belief.

    It was what i MEANT! – however poorly expressed previously.

    We have to do some work on our ‘self’ before we can truly appreciate what the gift IS and what it can mean to us personally. Many of us are just not ‘ready’ for such a Gift as His Grace because we have let too much of who we are be lost to Him.

    Some will live their entire life and not ‘receive/open’ it.

    Some will not even be aware that they even have the gift – all they have to do is receive it – and be worthy of it.

    I have posted a Christmas ‘Message’ on my blog – there will be a Challenge to follow shortly.

    Stay safe and stay warm Princess.

    Keep up the good works 🙂


  3. Love-love ya! ah-ha-slight language barrier …

    the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life…I look at Grace as a pardon..from eternal death (what I truly deserve in my sin), like being in a prison, and being pardon…they open the door to set me free, and I choose to sit there and not walk through the door..that would be stupid, I look at Grace like that. IF we only understood what it is that HE is offering us, how could we willfully disregard it?
    Love- I do love the thought provoking comments, and I do think you get it. Open the present!!!! YAY!! Live it out, and wear it all the time!! God is totally awesome!!! Heading over to your blog…

  4. Laurie Lloyd

    Hi Darla,

    Beautiful post here and touches my heart in knowing it is my free gift to simply accept. Unmerited favor is how I have understood it to be, free and unearned.
    I do not feel I deserve it and yet it is free for the accepting. I am humbled by it after the Life I lead before I understood it was free. He gives it to me out of His love for me, just as I am. I am so blessed by this and it makes me want to seek Him out more in my heart. I love how He loves me, it melts my heart to puddles and I can’t take credit for one thing without it first passing through Him.
    Bless you today my Sister, I love you and I love your heart and I am praying for you always.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  5. language certainly can be a ‘barrier’ at times – especialy when we canot BE in the presence (present-s) of another as He was when He spoke to anyone.

    blogs and cyberspace have their uses – and most certainly their limitations too 🙂

    You said you were excited again about His Return… well, i beleive He returns just that little bit ‘sooner’ IF we do what it takes to ‘meet him’ ‘half – way’.

    If we work on our selves so as to ‘shorten’ the ‘distance’ between Him and who we are now!

    The Gift? we ‘magnify’ it when we work for/through it!

    If we sit by and idly do nothing but ‘wait’ twiddling our thumbs for Him to do it ‘all’ not a lot is going to change anytime ‘soon’. Grace, Faith, Works – all are needed to enter the Kingdom. He provides the basics – we have our ‘share’ to offer back.

    You follow me (Him) on those points/words? Are we getting any ‘closer’ yet 🙂

    Again i do not say YOU do as i describe – but i fear many have that kind of ‘wait and see’ attitude today while some are so keen to ‘work’ they miss the point altogether. It is not an ‘easy’ balance to find – it never was – it does ‘take time’.

    Mostly, we know it when we find it – things generallly ‘move’ much faster and smoother at such times. We have MUCH to learn – and to do!


  6. tam

    “its like looking back on someone elses story. ”

    Me too Darla! When i am writing my story – it feels like an out of body experience! And Praise God for that! I am so grateful though for ALL that has come out of it!

    I think you explained the gift of grace quite beautifully. I certainly couldn’t have said it any better!

    You inspire me!

    Love you!!!

  7. I so know what you mean it is His grace alone that any of us can stand! Also, sorry for not responding yet to your email but I am so thankful you wrote me. I told the Lord last week that His grace was not sufficient for me as Morgan had worn me down and that I needed more grace. you are so precious!

  8. Such a precious post, bless you.

  9. It’s so GREAT to hear from you girl!! and what a POST you just shared!

    “His grace is sufficient…” Isn’t that really all we need to know and cling to…good times and bad??
    what a message at the perfect time!!

    thank you for the SWEET comments that you left for me!!
    you are the blessing!!

  10. Great post of reminding us of God’s grace. I do realize I have to remember that when I’m going through something, His grace is there. When I see brother or sister in a trial I sometimes wonder how I would deal with that. But then I have to remember that God gives them the grace to face those situations. He is sufficient.

    Blessings in Christ–

  11. we talked about Grace this morning in our small group Bible study. This is what our teacher had on the board. I couldn’t wait to get home to share this with you.

    G od’s
    R iches
    A t
    C hrist’s
    E xpense

    How cool is that?

    Love you and will let you know when that package arrives. 🙂


  12. Beautiful. I am so thankful for God’s wonderful grace. Yes, I am still praying about what we discussed girl. I am just waiting on Him. Thanks for not forgetting and keep praying.
    Love you!

  13. Angela, Girl I will not forget what we talked about..and I am spinning my wheels trying to do this, and my heart and mind keeps coming back to the same thing…YOU are so very gifted! Praying for you…princess to princess

  14. just droped by to say Hi and se how he was moving you today…

    And to send a litle bit of Perth weather your way 🙂
    Sun Shining Briliantly in a clear and cloudless sky again today.

    You have His Love to keep you ‘warm’ – feel free to carry a picture of His warmth smiling down on Earth as it is doing where i live for the current time until He gets around to warming your half of the world again 🙂


  15. mbt technology Wonderful Gift of Grace | ponderings of a princess…

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