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Wonderful Gift of Grace

When I think of where my life started and all the winding roads I have taken, I am amazed that I stand here today!  GRACE  I give all the credit to Grace, the Grace of God.  My life today does not reflect anything of where I have been, its like looking back on someone elses story.  Many years I struggled with the concept of Grace.  This world really has nothing to compare it to, or nothing that can stand up to it.  Grace, God’s riches at Christs expense.  HIS dying and rising from the dead literally opened the flood gates of Grace.  If we could grasp this free gift, wonder how differently we would live out our lives.  I am always blown away when I sit and ponder the riches of God, of which I am a family member.  Nothing too hard for HIM, HE never will lead me to anything that HE will not empower me to accomplish, HE does not fail me!  HE never lies, and never has alterior motives that are hidden from me. I may not always understand, but I know that HE is good. 

GRACE-God’s free gift to me and you..I think we quickly accept that the verse says “by grace we are saved through faith…” but not as quickly recieve it.  I mean by that take it to heart, and believe the thing!  God’s perfect beautiful grace given to us to live here on earth empowered by HIS grace to overcome lifes bumps in the road, to rise above the circumstances, to curl up in HIS shadow and sleep.  God’s perfect beautiful grace to give us understanding of HIS word, and live it out.  Grace totally out of my league, and more than I could ask for…given to me and you, totally undeserved, and no way to earn it…just a gift, a precious empowering gift, totally free.  I have had to picture the hands of God holding it out to me, and then reaching to take it.  I believe HE is holding out to each and every one…but it must be recieved as a gift.

Can you take it in that the Creator of all things, has such an awesome Gift to give you?  My mind is not that big, so sometimes HE needs to remind me.  Not in my strength but by HIS (more Grace).

I love the verse “My Grace is sufficient for you” 2Corinthians 12:9 It is everything we need for every situation…and Ephesians 2:1-10…totally life speaking!  No one can earn it (whew!, what a relief), and the incomparable riches of God…Romans 3:24 justified freely by HIS grace, Romans 5:17 God’s abundant provision of Grace.  Look up these and let it just rest on you! God is good all the time.  God’s word speaks louder than anything I could write…

My King, your Grace is sufficient for me, forgive me for when I just neglect to take the grace, and believe that you always have everything undercontrol. Thank you for this wonderful gift of Grace, we are blessed beyond words.  Give us hearts that are filled with the attitude of Gratitude, let us not fall to the deception of the evil one, we are swimming in Grace, and all things are possible with YOU.  Your princess who needs constant reminders that this is free gift, and nothing I can do that will earn it…it is already mine! 


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