Keeping Christmas in Perspective

Once I read “Jesus the One and Only” by Beth Moore between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It totally changed my thought pattern at Christmas.  Seemed that reading through the death and resurrection of my Jesus shined a new light on the infant birth.  Christmas is not just about the birth of Jesus but it is about the reason HE came at all.  It’s not because we needed a cute little baby story, or that we needed a time to just over spend and buy everyone we know gifts.  It is so much more! This is how I keep perspective through this very commercial season….

Jesus, leaving HIS perfect home in Heaven came confined in a human body-fully God, fully man.  Not just any human form, but a baby.  Helpless and needing to be taken care of by HIS momma, feeling things like hunger for the first time, and being cold or hot.  Remember we live in a cursed world. No perfection here.  Although just those thoughts would be enough for me to love HIM.  God did not decide this to happen for something to do that day…HIS plan was flawless, and anything but ordinary and impossible to be duplicated.  As if living on this earth in a human body wasn’t wasn’t.  HE had to perform miracles and walk and talk to many, knowing they would reject HIM. HE knew that being nailed to a cross was HIS destination, and HE walked it anyway.  Perfect and blameless, HE sacrificed HIMself to take on the sins of the world.  Jesus had to feel seperation from the Father for the first time when HE took on our sin, so that we have a chance to never be seperated from the Father. Ultimately our choice.  Jesus rose from the dead as human conquering death to bring us the victory.  HE went back to heaven where HE sits at God’s right hand, and does intercession for us.  Yeah I love that Jesus prays for me, when I take that to heart, I can push on and overcome.

The passion of our King…HE didn’t have to come, and HE didn’t have to overcome death for us, HE didn’t need to feel the confinement of humaness, and HE didn’t need to write a book so that we could know HIM.  HE did it all because HE loves us so much, and I believe HE couldn’t stand the thought of eternity without us.  It was all worth it to HIM.  What will we give HIM for HIS earthly birthday?  What do you give to a King?  HE really just wants us to choose HIM, and allow HIM to reign in our hearts.  HE wants us to love HIM with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength.  HE wants us…there is no greater love than this. 

Happy Birthday my King!  Lord, my heart is full of why you came here to be with us, and even more that you would pay my debt, and suffer my death on a cross-with no other intention than to save us, and give us the chance to choose you.  I don’t know how the world became so full of itself, or why anyone would want you to not be part of your own Birthday.  But You do know.  So many are decieved in believing that you are not loving, and that you are selfish.  AS King and GOD, you could be that way, and what could we really say or do about it.  I see your heart in this…a bridegroom desperate to save HIS bride, taking it all to whatever extemes it would take, and giving her time to get ready for the one day when you are coming again to take her to the wedding, and then home with You, to live forever without the curse of this world. Thank you for loving us so much, help us to love you more, and know you more.  Without you there is no life.  Your Princess who is humbled by Your love for her.

This is what Christmas is about to me…what is it about to you? 



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23 responses to “Keeping Christmas in Perspective

  1. Amen and Amen. I really can’t add anymore of what Christmas is to me…you captured it completely. We are excited this year to add a daughter in law and one to be….they are amazing women. I appreciate you Darla, your heart and taking time to write….this was a wonderful way to start my day! Love you…

  2. tam

    Agree! What more can one say really? No one can take away my celebration of His birth. They can remove and replace as many “words” as they want. But they’re still just words…not the LIVING WORD that is alive and active! Forever!!!

    So I celebrate with you!

  3. Laurie Lloyd

    Hi Darla,
    I have to tell you that you took the words right out of my heart on this one. I can only add a few new blessings to this one, and that is adding another daughter-in-law to be whom I love so much. The other one is holding my new baby granddaughter this morning at the hospital after she was just 3 hours old!!! Her name is Hannah and I have to tell you, my heart was so full, and at the same time realizing that this is how small and innocent Jesus was when he came to change our lives forever. I am really starting to get the vibes of “Princess” all over me right now. God is so good and so faithful to me and my family. This is the best holiday season ever and I want for nothing but more of Him!!

    Love you girl, Laurie in Ca.

  4. Well written! One cant to that He came as a baby, lived in human flesh, lived a perfect life for the atonement of our sins. That is the ultimate gift for us! Eternal life with our Lord & Savior!! I too celebrate with you!

    Blessings in Christ–

  5. I don’t believe I can add one thing! You’ve made me want to pull out my Jesus the One and Only study and go through it the next few days!

    Love you girl!

  6. Would any accuse Jesus of having no Soul?
    Would any of us today believe we are without one?

    Do both not come from the same source?

    Does ‘I am The Way’ have meaning to anyone today?

    How many choose willingly to follow His Example?

    Do as He did? Be as He was, while imprisoned in His earthly body?

    How many of us know what he did in his earthly life BEFORE he Ministered and gathered His Disciples?

    He was God’s only begotten Son.

    We are God’s children by way of our Soul and the breath of Life He breathed into us at our beginning.

    Do the needs of our Soul or of our bodies take precedence in our lives and whose choice is that Now?

    Jesus gave all humanity Hope. He gave us an example all may follow, if we so choose, and can earn the Grace bestowed upon Him by the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus promised that we may do as he did and work even greater miracles than He. Why would he say this if it were not truth?

    Who has taken up His Challenge and done as He asked?


    In 2 thousand years?

    It’s about time we started doing it His Way if you ask me.

    I do not seek to put anyone above Him – but we are doing a damn poor job of following His example, it seems to me.

    Most seem to love this earth and our human families and all the many pleasures it offers our egos, before honouring Him by following the life he lead and gave for us all.

    We give lip service to Him and perhaps even some of our time and money, but actually follow Him? Who amongst us has the courage, the heart, the humility or have overcome our love of our own egos’ to do that?

    Hands up?

    Who do you REALLY Love? Or what?

    Oh! and Please – Have a Very Merry Joyful and Loving Christmas this year all 🙂


  7. Darla,

    Great post!!! It is impossible for me to think of Christmas without thinking of Easter. Without Easter, Christmas would have simply been just another day. I always think of what one author said and I paraphrase. The moment Eve bit into the fruit in the garden, the shadow of the cross fell across the universe!!! Wow! That is one for Hollywood to try to bring to life. It slays me to think that Jesus’ came to earth simply to die!! What a job description, but He did it for you and for me!! To the praise of His glorious grace!!!

    Love ya,


  8. Love-just to quickly address some of the things you wrote-
    Grace is never earned, it is a gift from God to all who will choose HIM and HIS son.
    We are adopted into HIS family and it gives HIM great pleasure to do it.
    A picture of Jesus- I hope that I am looking more like HIM every day, as I pick up my cross, and die to my selfishness, and become more focused on the the service to my King.
    Who do I love above everyone even my family? I do love Jesus more than anyone, nothing stays together without HIM.
    Jesus gives me the love I need to love others. HE really is totally awesome, and the things HE wrote, and did are life changing and always work if we choose it.
    Merry Christmas Love!

  9. Laurie Lloyd

    I love your follow up Darla and so very true. If I had to earn the freely-given gift of His Grace, I would have disentegrated off the face of the earth long, long ago. May we never take Grace for granted. I love you girl and pray your week is a blessed one. I will talk to you soon.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  10. Clearly some choose to place a different interpretation of a single human word than the one intended – so be it.

    It is what WE do that determines if we achieve the right to receive and OWN the ‘Gift’. Many on earth will never own this gift or have the facility to do justice to it’s bestowing upon them.

    Few are they who deserve it, as a result of the choices they make in their lives – or are our choices no longer ours to make now? Do we no longer have ‘free will’? Are we not to be held ‘accountable’ for what we place first and foremost in our mind, heart and life?

    We EARN the right to have Grace bestowed upon us – or we don’t – through the way we choose to live our lives and how well, according each to their ability, we Follow and honour God, the Father. Agree or not?

    Those who do nothing- who do no works – knowing the Truth, to receive their Father’s ‘Gift’ do not truly value it – and shall surely lose it.

    Darla, I am not accusing you or anyone here of such but my comments made on your blogsite were for the entire world who can read what is written here freely – they are not addressed only to you, i hope you understood that?

    In my perception very few of us, my self included, do even the remotest justice to Christ’s Example. he did not come here just to die, (did his life and teachings then mean nothing?) he came here to show us The Way (to His Father’s Kingdom). He was The Example for all Christians and for all who believe in Him and the One who sent Him.

    What are examples For? Do you think?



  11. Jason

    “It is what WE do that determines if we achieve the right to receive and OWN the ‘Gift’”

    Then it’s not really a gift, though.

    “We EARN the right to have Grace bestowed upon us ”

    O boy. earned grace? really?

  12. Ephesians 2:1-10
    2Corinthians 6:1
    I believe this to be the very word of God, and Grace can not be earned it is a gift, the only choice we really have is to recieve it. Grace is extremely difficult to grasp as this world mostly has something for nothing with a cost..not God, the debt has already been paid. That is the reason for the celebration to me…of my own doing I am not anywhere close to being able to earn anything from God. Without HIM and HIS gift of Grace I would be eternally condemned.

    I am not offended by you, Hope you have a great day..or night sleep in Australia…love ya Love

  13. Good Morning Sweet!
    Just wanted to say good morning and I’m praying for you today. Total agreement here about Grace. Very well said.

    Love you!

  14. I WANT SNOW!!!! Pout, pout…LOL

    I would love to have a white Christmas…from the news it looks like you guys are getting quite a hit…

    Is it June yet????

  15. NOt June yet..but soon very sooon!! LOL
    THanks for being so encouraging to me…GG you totally rock, and I do see Jesus in YOU! Love you, pray for me as i drive the big yellow bus in the snow! 🙂

  16. Bethanne

    Great post! I couldnt agree with you more.

  17. Great post! Love this quote, “What will we give HIM for HIS earthly birthday? What do you give to a King? HE really just wants us to choose HIM, and allow HIM to reign in our hearts. HE wants us to love HIM with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength. HE wants us…there is no greater love than this. ”

    That is good. It gives me no excuses! Thanks for always inspiring me, princess!
    Much love,

  18. OK – i have a question for you all. What do you give your Father for His Birthday? How many of you still have one for that matter? How many of you as adults give him slippers or a nice jumper or a rememberance of his grandchildren? what does He Want or ask for?

    Now – what would make him happier? the gifts you give him – the love you give him ( or not as the case might be for some – no judgements here)?

    Or would you becoming a person who takes all he did for you and incorporate it inside yourself and turn into a truly wonderful human being, just as He Hoped and do more than he ever could for the world and for your own kids – would that make him happy – would you think? would that be a gidft he’d take with him happily to his grave??

    What if your Dad was a King ( that would likely make you a prince or princess)? What could you do to offer him for his birthday? Buy Him a BMW? A Hummer? A cruise? A cruise Ship? Or would you take all he had doen for you and make the best Kingdom the world had ever seen? I wonder what a king would appreciate more?

    What if God was your Father? What would you want to do for Him? Show him how well you had learned the lessons he taight you perhaps?

    Live them daily?

    Use them wisely for the good of all? of many? of one? of any?

    What limits would you put upon yourself if He was your True Father?

    Just how good can one human being ever become?

    I know one who became perfect. – He was born in a manger of good ‘stock’. He set an example. He made us a Promise.

    Maybe it’s time we actually began living up to it with all out heart, mind and Soul?

    Crazy talk?

    Most believe so. – it seems.

    I’m ready to Learn – about the Power of LOVE.


  19. Love-I didn’t have a biological Father who loved or cared at all…even in his death he was mean and self centered. It has been very hard for me to grasp the Heavenly Father in the light that I write about. What am I giving HIM? I am giving HIM me, and everything that I am to mold me and change me into HIS likeness. I honestly do make decisions trying to keep HIM first in my thinking. Because of the love I have for HIM, I want to please HIM, and only my faith and believing HIM will do that. So I continue to press on and learn from HIM, and pray to be a softer clay for the Potter to work with. Good questions!

  20. tam

    Hey Love!

    OH, hey June too 😉

    Well, above all…God IS my true Father. I had an earthly “sperm donor” that i didn’t meet til I was 13. I met my Father when i was 19. And like Darla, I gave Him me. BUT I wouldn’t have been able to do that without His “gift of grace”. The free, to me and all if “received”, git of grace and salvation. Hallelujah!

  21. and Two mighty fine ‘gifts’ back He is getting too – if anyone asks me that is 🙂

    Not that any of us are yet ‘perfect’ or fully worthy of His Promise – and by that i mean that we yet can show what He Promised for those who follow him body and Soul.

    “Greater miracles than these” – “Move” Mountain…. or was he speaking in parable there too i wonder….?


    P.S. widows, orphans and the fatherless on earth sadden me greatly – for what they have ‘missed’ and had to ‘endure’.

    A child deserves BOTH a mother and a father who treat them with love and kindness. This earth is truly cursed that so many have to go without – without knowing this Peace.

    Some ‘work’ through (‘earn’ in one sense) and find His Love eventually – a blessing. Not enough ever have for my liking!

    But then – it is not me who is in charge huh?


  22. Jason

    Hi Darla,

    Though getting this message across is difficult in our culture, I keep pushing the Chris Rice song, “Welcome to Our World” on friends of mine, it is by far my favorite Christmas song.

    Most of you probably know it but here it is.

    Tears are falling, hearts are breaking
    How we need to hear from God
    You’ve been promised, we’ve been waiting

    Welcome Holy Child
    Welcome Holy Child

    Hope that you don’t mind our manger
    How I wish we would have known
    But long-awaited Holy Stranger
    Make Yourself at home
    Please make Yourself at home
    Bring Your peace into our violence
    Bid our hungry souls be filled
    Word now breaking Heaven’s silence

    Welcome to our world
    Welcome to our world

    Fragile finger sent to heal us
    Tender brow prepared for thorn
    Tiny heart whose blood will save us
    Unto us is born
    Unto us is born
    So wrap our injured flesh around You
    Breathe our air and walk our sod
    Rob our sin and make us holy

    Perfect Son of God
    Perfect Son of God
    Welcome to our world

  23. Jason, I love that song! Thanks for stopping by!

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