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Keeping Christmas in Perspective

Once I read “Jesus the One and Only” by Beth Moore between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It totally changed my thought pattern at Christmas.  Seemed that reading through the death and resurrection of my Jesus shined a new light on the infant birth.  Christmas is not just about the birth of Jesus but it is about the reason HE came at all.  It’s not because we needed a cute little baby story, or that we needed a time to just over spend and buy everyone we know gifts.  It is so much more! This is how I keep perspective through this very commercial season….

Jesus, leaving HIS perfect home in Heaven came confined in a human body-fully God, fully man.  Not just any human form, but a baby.  Helpless and needing to be taken care of by HIS momma, feeling things like hunger for the first time, and being cold or hot.  Remember we live in a cursed world. No perfection here.  Although just those thoughts would be enough for me to love HIM.  God did not decide this to happen for something to do that day…HIS plan was flawless, and anything but ordinary and impossible to be duplicated.  As if living on this earth in a human body wasn’t enough..it wasn’t.  HE had to perform miracles and walk and talk to many, knowing they would reject HIM. HE knew that being nailed to a cross was HIS destination, and HE walked it anyway.  Perfect and blameless, HE sacrificed HIMself to take on the sins of the world.  Jesus had to feel seperation from the Father for the first time when HE took on our sin, so that we have a chance to never be seperated from the Father. Ultimately our choice.  Jesus rose from the dead as human conquering death to bring us the victory.  HE went back to heaven where HE sits at God’s right hand, and does intercession for us.  Yeah I love that Jesus prays for me, when I take that to heart, I can push on and overcome.

The passion of our King…HE didn’t have to come, and HE didn’t have to overcome death for us, HE didn’t need to feel the confinement of humaness, and HE didn’t need to write a book so that we could know HIM.  HE did it all because HE loves us so much, and I believe HE couldn’t stand the thought of eternity without us.  It was all worth it to HIM.  What will we give HIM for HIS earthly birthday?  What do you give to a King?  HE really just wants us to choose HIM, and allow HIM to reign in our hearts.  HE wants us to love HIM with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength.  HE wants us…there is no greater love than this. 

Happy Birthday my King!  Lord, my heart is full of why you came here to be with us, and even more that you would pay my debt, and suffer my death on a cross-with no other intention than to save us, and give us the chance to choose you.  I don’t know how the world became so full of itself, or why anyone would want you to not be part of your own Birthday.  But You do know.  So many are decieved in believing that you are not loving, and that you are selfish.  AS King and GOD, you could be that way, and what could we really say or do about it.  I see your heart in this…a bridegroom desperate to save HIS bride, taking it all to whatever extemes it would take, and giving her time to get ready for the one day when you are coming again to take her to the wedding, and then home with You, to live forever without the curse of this world. Thank you for loving us so much, help us to love you more, and know you more.  Without you there is no life.  Your Princess who is humbled by Your love for her.

This is what Christmas is about to me…what is it about to you? 


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