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Isaiah 42:16-God promised

2007-08-14-17-22-40_0004.jpg   This is “Hubs” as I like to call him.  As we come out of Thanksgiving and more towards the Holydays ahead of us, I am reminded of how very thankful I am for him.  We have had many challenging years, but the grace of God has not only helped us to overcome, but has also helped us to forget the bad parts, and remember something good that came out of each one.  We have been together almost 15 years, and only the last seven did we allow God in and to make HIS necessary changes.  Whew! I had no idea how many changes there would be.  So of course, the new Christian in me was so overjoyed to be in Christ…that my tongue openly and loudly said…”Lord turn this home upside down, and shake out anything that would offend you, and bring our sin to the light of you”.  Not that it was a bad thing to say..just I didn’t think HE would do it all at once!  We were shaken out..one thing after another, and I cried plenty!  But I stood on this verse…Isaiah 42:16 “I will guide you.  I will turn darkness to light before you and make the rough places smooth.  I will never forsake you.”  God is good to HIS word.  There were times  I just screamed..”You are the Way, guide me like you promised”…and HE did. Other times it was more like “YOU make rough places smooth…its rough..too rough for me…make it smooth”, and HE did.  Then there were times that I just begged HIM for mercy, “YOU said you would not forsake me”, and HE showed me that HIS eyes never leave the clay HE is forming into a likeness of HIS son.  Through these last few years, I have met HIM in the Word, and in the things that surround me, HE has shown me one characteristic after another of HIM self, and helped me to apply it to my life and my need for HIM.  The loudest lesson that has scarred my heart and grateful that it did…Submission.  Submission to the King of Kings to have HIS way, and to know what is best for me.  A tough city girl with lots of baggage, and no trust in her found that submission is not a bad word, and its the most freeing thing I have ever done.  It makes it possible to submit to my husband and be happy about it! 🙂 No lie, experiencing God has seared my heart with HIS ways are not mine, but they are better, and the outcome is always better than where I thought I would be.  As Hubs and I have been looking back over the last few years, it is a huge miracle of God that we are here today, and together.  Somehow, the mountians don’t look so big anymore.  All things are possible for my God, and I do not doubt that one little bit.

Today, I found a new recipe on the LPMBlog, and made it for Hubs! I am so sure he is going to love it…and raise up and call me blessed! 🙂  I love the life that God gives through Jesus, and although I can’t fix anything, I want to encourage you if you are going through hard times, fight for your family on your knees, and submit to God, and then curl up in a chair with your  Bible, and just watch as HE makes all things new! 



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