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Comic relief, laughter is good!!


Jared is a little 6 year old boy who rides my bus to school.  He has a assigned seat for his protection from the other kids..Jared talks non-stop for 40 minutes and drives the others crazy.  I have gotten very good at filtering, so he sits close to me.  This is a story that Jared told me last week.

I have noticed the young lamb on his farm that seems to play and stay close to the barn cats..Wish I could have gotten a picture of this lamb sitting up and batting at a kitten that is 10 times smaller.  I got the impression that this lamb is fussed over alot by the kids on the farm, mostly because I live in farm country and never seen a sheep actually socialable.  🙂

The story goes like this;

Jared is grounded through out his Thanksgving vacation due to the fact that his dad caught him putting the lamb back outside in the early hours of the morning.  LOL This little guy was taking the lamb in the house while the parents were sleeping, and had done it for quite a while.  Jared said, “it was easy I just went out on the porch in the dark and said here kitty kitty, and she comes to me..see I named her kitty secretly.  So my mom always thought I was getting a cat to sleep with”.  ROTFL  Jared was not happy about the punishment but seemed to smile anyway…I asked him “you okay with that punishment?”, he smiled real big and said “Yeah…my dad only thinks I did it one time..I been doing it since school started…hahahaha”. 

Hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving!  Thought we all could use a little comic relief!

 Oh one more short story that my Husband told me last night that I thought some of you might get a smile out of…..

There is an Atheist bear hunting, and starts to be chased by the bear…lost his gun…and is standing face to face with bear.  Bear is now standing upright, and growling…the man yells “Oh God”!  God answers and says ‘How is it that you don’t think I exist but will yell my name when in a life or death situation?, well…no matter I love all my creation what is it I can do for you?”  The Atheist replied…make the bear a believer in You (laughing to himself..out smarted God, Christians are so passive). God answered and said “OK”….the bear then bowed his head and said “Thank you Lord for this food I am about to partake of”

Sorry had to do it! 



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