Don’t argue with a Pharisee

I have been sitting here looking through some dictionaries, and reference books, and searching for my self what is it that becomes unsettling in the very soul of me when non-believers mock my God. But it doesn’t stop there..something goes on deeper in my very being. I have felt the Lord move on my heart. “Do not argue with them”, seems that the disciples also wanted to prove their point and the end result their faith was shaken to the point of being ineffective in the very things that they knew to be truth. (Mark 9) This was huge to me today! What exactly were the Scribes and Pharisees if we had to compare them to people of today? These are some of the things I found while looking through a few dictionaries and commentaries.Pharisees- outside of being religious, they were the interpreters of the Law(not the same as a teacher of the Word) They were also makers of the laws, and forced their thinking on others. Due to the amount of education, and the lofty language they used people followed them and tried to please them.Just work with me here…can you see that some times we have the best intentions to reach out or show our Jesus to someone, and we end up losing our zeal for our King. Yea sometimes we call it debate, and sometimes it is argueing..the end result..time lost that could have been spent with the only One whose thoughts really matter. We really have to remember that we can not change someones thinking, and we can not save them…we are to hold out the Gospel to them, and ultimately they have a choice. God is the only one who can bring their heart to Him self. Argueing and debating my God and my love for Jesus only takes my focus off of my King, and causes my faith to that time I am not thinking of things that are pure or excellent or praiseworthy. If I am not focused in this area, I will fail to see the beauty around me, and the many many miracles that are happening…all the while “kicking that dead horse that is not going to get up” “O unbelieving generation, ….how long shall I put up with you” Mark 9: 19 

My King, these battles are yours. You have called me to spread the fragrance of knowing you. If I stay centered on ones who do not want you, and allow them to control my time and thinking, then I have not done what you called me to do. I ask your forgiveness for not spending as much time with you as I could have. You truly are all that matters, and your love can not flow from me if I am not allowing your love to fill me. No compromise with You. You are first and last, and everything is by your hand, crawling up with you tonight, and very happy to not fight with a Pharisee, or any other educated person who is so smart that they have missed You. (doesn’t sound very smart to me), But thank you for your mercy in bringing my heart to you. Your princess who knows that You are all I need.



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8 responses to “Don’t argue with a Pharisee

  1. I hear you! Sometimes we just need to walk away. Very challenging post, thanks for sharing this with us. I so appreciate you laying it all out here! Love you and thank God for your heart!


  2. Oh How I wish my brother, Jason, was here 🙂

    Darla, if pride was not a sin of my ego – i’d be proud of you today, Girl! 🙂

    Such a beautifully put expression of true Desire for Him and release from ‘worry’. The world needs MORE like you, Princess! 🙂

    I know J has a good heart and means ‘well’ and probably is not a devotee of Scribes, even if he sounds a LOT like one (may i turn into a pillar of salt if i am wrong in saying this) but there is MUCH he sees – and even more he doesn’t – yet.


    Oh and Keep up the fine works, my dear 🙂


  3. I couldn’t possibly agree with that sentiment. If you are passionate about something then you should defend your position. Walking away just shows the other side that you are unwilling or unable to defend your position.

  4. Hover – the things of God are foolishness to a non-believer, but with all I am and am not…I know that HE is real, and that HE knows the way for me. I can not explain, it is all part of my faith…and I do believe HIM with all my heart. Life is good and awesome doing things HIS way..makes no sense to you huh? Love ya all the same!

    If you were american I would say Happy thanksgiving to you…so I will just ask you what are you thankful for??

  5. You have a happy thanksgiving. I’m not sure why the day is so important to my colonial cousins. Not that it matters.

    You ask what I’m thankful for? This implies that I owe a debt of gratitude for the things I have. I don’t believe that I do. However in the spirit of the moment it pleases me immensely that I have such a wonderful life with such magnificent children and an intelligent woman who I really love.

  6. Gee what inspired this????LOL This was right on kiddo….I’m still recovering.

    Hover…we don’t have to defend our God, and they are impossible to explain to a non-believer…arguing and going to a place that it got to the other day was wrong and pointless. Especially when we have defended our position and some still want to argue. At that point, it is finished.

    Love you Darla, so much, I’m sending you a huge cyber hug today!!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing these words. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to try and when to walk away … I pray for discernment as well as the right words, so we can “always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us.”
    Thank you for being so passionate about our God.

  8. By no means thought of it that way.

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