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Lord, Your Grace is Sufficient for me

      Our days have been long and trying…way too many decisions, way too many tears, and way too many directions to be pulled in.  These last couple of days, HE has truly been my comforter, and my strength.  HE has reminded me so beautifully that HIS grace is sufficient for me.  And not only for me, but for those who have been on my heart.  See, I can’t fix anyone, and I can’t cause some one to want HIM, I can’t stop children from growing up, I can’t protect or keep anyone totally safe…and I am not in control of anything.  Surrender, I do…surrender.  Hands up first in frustration, and then in pleading to the only One who knows and can truly do anything.

        The King is so very sweet and quick to respond when we just surrender it to HIM, and just cry and let it all out to HIM.  My weakness…that is what it is, and that is when HIS power is made perfect in me.  This morning I went through a ton of verses looking for a “word” from HIM that I just felt I desperately needed..and HE gave me Truth that at first was just so familiar I over looked it, then HE spoke it to my heart…and then HE spoke it to my heart again….so I went to look at it.  II Corinthians 12:9  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (NIV) I remember how HE taught about HIS grace and the joy that overcame me when I grasped it, and realized we are swimming in it!  Oh how very awesome this is to me.  YES HIS grace is sufficient for me.  As for the others that I can’t fix or the children that are growing…HIS grace is sufficient for them too.  HE goes before them as well as me, and HE hems them in, and HE knew them before they knit in their mothers wombs..HE knows what is best, and someday I will see things as HE does and I will understand.  But for this moment-HIS grace is sufficient for me.

       My King, my secret keeper, my healer, my comforter…You alone are the Way the Truth and the Life, your grace is sufficient, and instead of fighting what is happening, I choose to surrender it to you, and go swimming in you grace.  You are capable of all that I am not, and You love us, You are good.  As the night moves in, I will just stay here in your very strong very loving arms.  There is none like you.  Thank you for pulling your children together in prayer, and for being the same yesterday today and tomorrow..forever.  Thank you for bringing me back to the faith of a child…I need my Abba and it is all part of the plan.  Your princess who just surrenders to whatever Your plan is…I love you.



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