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Isaiah 42:16-God promised

2007-08-14-17-22-40_0004.jpg   This is “Hubs” as I like to call him.  As we come out of Thanksgiving and more towards the Holydays ahead of us, I am reminded of how very thankful I am for him.  We have had many challenging years, but the grace of God has not only helped us to overcome, but has also helped us to forget the bad parts, and remember something good that came out of each one.  We have been together almost 15 years, and only the last seven did we allow God in and to make HIS necessary changes.  Whew! I had no idea how many changes there would be.  So of course, the new Christian in me was so overjoyed to be in Christ…that my tongue openly and loudly said…”Lord turn this home upside down, and shake out anything that would offend you, and bring our sin to the light of you”.  Not that it was a bad thing to say..just I didn’t think HE would do it all at once!  We were shaken thing after another, and I cried plenty!  But I stood on this verse…Isaiah 42:16 “I will guide you.  I will turn darkness to light before you and make the rough places smooth.  I will never forsake you.”  God is good to HIS word.  There were times  I just screamed..”You are the Way, guide me like you promised”…and HE did. Other times it was more like “YOU make rough places smooth…its rough..too rough for me…make it smooth”, and HE did.  Then there were times that I just begged HIM for mercy, “YOU said you would not forsake me”, and HE showed me that HIS eyes never leave the clay HE is forming into a likeness of HIS son.  Through these last few years, I have met HIM in the Word, and in the things that surround me, HE has shown me one characteristic after another of HIM self, and helped me to apply it to my life and my need for HIM.  The loudest lesson that has scarred my heart and grateful that it did…Submission.  Submission to the King of Kings to have HIS way, and to know what is best for me.  A tough city girl with lots of baggage, and no trust in her found that submission is not a bad word, and its the most freeing thing I have ever done.  It makes it possible to submit to my husband and be happy about it! 🙂 No lie, experiencing God has seared my heart with HIS ways are not mine, but they are better, and the outcome is always better than where I thought I would be.  As Hubs and I have been looking back over the last few years, it is a huge miracle of God that we are here today, and together.  Somehow, the mountians don’t look so big anymore.  All things are possible for my God, and I do not doubt that one little bit.

Today, I found a new recipe on the LPMBlog, and made it for Hubs! I am so sure he is going to love it…and raise up and call me blessed! 🙂  I love the life that God gives through Jesus, and although I can’t fix anything, I want to encourage you if you are going through hard times, fight for your family on your knees, and submit to God, and then curl up in a chair with your  Bible, and just watch as HE makes all things new! 


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Comic relief, laughter is good!!


Jared is a little 6 year old boy who rides my bus to school.  He has a assigned seat for his protection from the other kids..Jared talks non-stop for 40 minutes and drives the others crazy.  I have gotten very good at filtering, so he sits close to me.  This is a story that Jared told me last week.

I have noticed the young lamb on his farm that seems to play and stay close to the barn cats..Wish I could have gotten a picture of this lamb sitting up and batting at a kitten that is 10 times smaller.  I got the impression that this lamb is fussed over alot by the kids on the farm, mostly because I live in farm country and never seen a sheep actually socialable.  🙂

The story goes like this;

Jared is grounded through out his Thanksgving vacation due to the fact that his dad caught him putting the lamb back outside in the early hours of the morning.  LOL This little guy was taking the lamb in the house while the parents were sleeping, and had done it for quite a while.  Jared said, “it was easy I just went out on the porch in the dark and said here kitty kitty, and she comes to me..see I named her kitty secretly.  So my mom always thought I was getting a cat to sleep with”.  ROTFL  Jared was not happy about the punishment but seemed to smile anyway…I asked him “you okay with that punishment?”, he smiled real big and said “Yeah…my dad only thinks I did it one time..I been doing it since school started…hahahaha”. 

Hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving!  Thought we all could use a little comic relief!

 Oh one more short story that my Husband told me last night that I thought some of you might get a smile out of…..

There is an Atheist bear hunting, and starts to be chased by the bear…lost his gun…and is standing face to face with bear.  Bear is now standing upright, and growling…the man yells “Oh God”!  God answers and says ‘How is it that you don’t think I exist but will yell my name when in a life or death situation?, well…no matter I love all my creation what is it I can do for you?”  The Atheist replied…make the bear a believer in You (laughing to himself..out smarted God, Christians are so passive). God answered and said “OK”….the bear then bowed his head and said “Thank you Lord for this food I am about to partake of”

Sorry had to do it! 


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What are you thankful for??


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Don’t argue with a Pharisee

I have been sitting here looking through some dictionaries, and reference books, and searching for my self what is it that becomes unsettling in the very soul of me when non-believers mock my God. But it doesn’t stop there..something goes on deeper in my very being. I have felt the Lord move on my heart. “Do not argue with them”, seems that the disciples also wanted to prove their point and the end result their faith was shaken to the point of being ineffective in the very things that they knew to be truth. (Mark 9) This was huge to me today! What exactly were the Scribes and Pharisees if we had to compare them to people of today? These are some of the things I found while looking through a few dictionaries and commentaries.Pharisees- outside of being religious, they were the interpreters of the Law(not the same as a teacher of the Word) They were also makers of the laws, and forced their thinking on others. Due to the amount of education, and the lofty language they used people followed them and tried to please them.Just work with me here…can you see that some times we have the best intentions to reach out or show our Jesus to someone, and we end up losing our zeal for our King. Yea sometimes we call it debate, and sometimes it is argueing..the end result..time lost that could have been spent with the only One whose thoughts really matter. We really have to remember that we can not change someones thinking, and we can not save them…we are to hold out the Gospel to them, and ultimately they have a choice. God is the only one who can bring their heart to Him self. Argueing and debating my God and my love for Jesus only takes my focus off of my King, and causes my faith to that time I am not thinking of things that are pure or excellent or praiseworthy. If I am not focused in this area, I will fail to see the beauty around me, and the many many miracles that are happening…all the while “kicking that dead horse that is not going to get up” “O unbelieving generation, ….how long shall I put up with you” Mark 9: 19 

My King, these battles are yours. You have called me to spread the fragrance of knowing you. If I stay centered on ones who do not want you, and allow them to control my time and thinking, then I have not done what you called me to do. I ask your forgiveness for not spending as much time with you as I could have. You truly are all that matters, and your love can not flow from me if I am not allowing your love to fill me. No compromise with You. You are first and last, and everything is by your hand, crawling up with you tonight, and very happy to not fight with a Pharisee, or any other educated person who is so smart that they have missed You. (doesn’t sound very smart to me), But thank you for your mercy in bringing my heart to you. Your princess who knows that You are all I need.


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Lay it down!

My hubs dad had double bypass surgery one week ago, and we know it was the hand of God that brought him through it.  He is healing well, and still has some breathing problems, but it seems to be minor.  The best news is he is a believer, and wants to attend church with us and become part of our church family.  That is the mighty hand of God!

Our church family went out today and delivered 21 baskets of food to needy families, and extended the love of Jesus to them.  How great is our God?!!  Everything fell together so beautifully, and without much work….seems to me the meaning of “my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  So God was moving in our hearts today as well as the ones receiving the food. (not that HE is not always moving, but that we were very aware of it)

My toughest lesson of the week-my oldest daughter.  Some back ground for those who do not understand… her father died when I was 6 months pregnant with her.  And the short story is–she has become my “Isaac”.  She and I have been through so many things together, and she has truly been my sunshine in some of the darkest places of my life.  God was to be my sunshine in those dark places.  HE has taught and showed me much through the years, and constantly telling me to lay my Isaac down, and give her to HIM.  My mind wants to be obedient, and my heart picks her back up.  We have been through cervical cancer together, pleading for God to spare her, and HE did.  For sometime I have believed that God and I have come past this issue, which really is idolatry.  But as she plans her wedding, feelings of wanting to hold her just a little longer have been overwhelming.  My memories of her and I seem to flood me.  So this week, in my early hours with my Father we have been discussing just what is my problem!  I am so happy for her, and I love her hubs-to-be, and she is capable of standing on her own, I taught her the best I know how, and most of all God loves her even more than me, and holds her in HIS palm and orchestrated her days.

This is what it comes down to; I was not trusting God to know what is best for her, and not trusting HIM to take of her, and holding on to her was still part of my worshipping her.  There was still a part of that whole issue that was unresolved, and if you know my Jesus you know, that HE will bring it to the surface and we will look straight at it.  Love HIM, but HE is straight up!  So after much back and forth  between myself and the Lord, HE wins. (LOL you knew that huh?)

*There shall be no other god before me!   *My God is a jealous God!   *HE is capable and willing to keep that which I commit to HIM!   * HE is totally trustworthy!  *  HE has a plan that I don’t see but HE is good!   *The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, Blessed is the name of the Lord!

So once again I have laid my Isaac down, and praying this time my heart will not pick her back up.  Wondering if you have an Isaac?  If your heart has been introduced to the characteristic of God that has said “give that to me”? (all the while loving and compassionate, yet firm)  We are blessed to know this side of God, it is very demonstrative to the love HE has for each one of us.  It is also the way we become softer to HIM and therefore more usable for the task HE has planned for us.  God is good all the time!  I am so blockheaded sometimes, and I am thankful for HIS great patience with me.


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Meme: Random, strange, wierd??!!

 I was tagged by God’s Gal , and One direction and LOVEwillbringustogether.  Here are the rules:Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

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Ok, my facts are:

1.  I love to walk in the woods.

2.  My favorite place is a lookout in a wooded area overlooking the river. It always seems like the best place to focus on God and to let everything out without any inihibition, scream, sing, dance, cry-yup done it all there!.

3.  I get an adrenaline rush just thinking about bungee jumping! LOL

4.  I had a German Sheperd once that was an escape artist…dog pound picked him up and jailed him, and til i got there he escaped from them too..LOL no fine for me-what dog?

5.  I grew up in the city and when I go there I still travel through the alleys and not on the main streets.  Strange huh?

6.  I totally love animals or critters as I call them at home..the entire circle of life is in my house!

7.  I used to be really mean, and loved to fight…boy did God change me!  I am opposite of what I was…like looking back at someone I heard about or used to know.

Ok, here are my tags…..

Steph(OC mommy) 

Laurie Lloyd (no blog- no trouble-leave it in the comments) 

Leah (the point)



 Elaine (redheadedrev)

Teri (facedown)

If you are reading this and have not been tagged…you are officially tagged..have some fun!   


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