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HE makes me wanna Dance!

Sometimes I get tunnel vision, and if I were clever enough to add a pic to that affect I would!  And it seems that the longer I stay in the that tunnel the farther the things that mean the most to me start to fade.  Am I the only one that this happens too?  This morning I asked the Lord to demonstrate HIS love for me in view of my earthly eyes.  Not realizing how very far I have allowed my schedule to distract me from HIM.  As I thought about what I just asked HIM, I thought…hasn’t HE already done that…time and time and time again?  So due to my schedule I blew the whole thing off as thinking too much.  A song came on the radio that I haven’t heard for a long time, and I used to think it was OUR song. A few words from it..”you love me, you love, you love me just the way I am..and it makes me wanna dance”.  Needless to say it stirred much emotion in me, and I found my self asking HIM, do you really love us just like we are…and I really want to dance again with you, and sometimes life just hurts, and I get so lost in it all. Then something different happened..I got the day off, and decided to just sit and spend some time just chillin, and recovering from a very crazy week.  In the midst of that time…I recieved an email from someone who the Lord prompted to check on me, and she told me that she loved me and so did HE.  Well, it touched my heart like only HE could have known to do, and I did ask HIM to tell me today.  So I worked through some issues that my heart has been heavy with.  Worked on a new plan to stay more focused and not to be overwhelmed in the everyday chaos.  Then my phone rang..the same person who hurt me earlier this week, called and apologized and said the same thing..”I love you and I know HE does too”.  I walked away from that phone call, and I wanted to dance with HIM. 

Princess, and Princes. HE is real and HE does love us, and HE does motivate others to walk in our lives to re-enforce what HE has been saying all along.  HE really does want to fill us with HIS joy, and HIS peace, and my favorite- HE wants to dance!! So once again like so many other times..Ask HIM whatever is on your heart, be pleasantly surprised at HIS answers, and the love that HE will pour out just for YOU.  I am so glad that HE sees what HE is changing us into, and does not get hung up on the thing we are now.  Whew! What a relief! 🙂


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