Random thoughts for today

Today my heart is pulled in two directions…Our military who is not getting the support from home that they should have, and the fires in California.

I am so amazed at the responses about our military that are from “educated” people, that are less than supportive. Our media paints a picture that is not true.  Our troops are making progress, and our President is making the choices that are in our best interest.  There are men in the military who are holding Bible studies, I know this to be a fact.  I would like to ask some of these “educated” people some questions, like, What is your freedom worth to you?  Because I think it is these same people who are making decisions that are taking rights away from the Christian religion and giving more rights to the muslim religion.  Freedom of speech is great! But it is for all people in all places.  I am so proud of our military men and women! The have given up the things the love with all their heart to protect us.  Do you think we could give them a break?  Maybe we should all start calling our local media stations and stressing our thoughts on all the negative.  What I would give for some good news, and I do believe there is lots, as a culture we just are plagued with enjoying someone elses loss.  Very sad…we used to be one country under God, in God we trust, and we prospered.  Things are going to go poorly for us if we allow God to be taken out of everything we know.  Where will our protection come from?  If not God, and everyone loses faith in the military?  Scary stuff!

My thoughts and prayers are also with the Californians losing their homes…and for my sister Laurie who knows first hand how bad the air quality is becoming.  After watching CNN and seeing how tired the firefighters are, and broken.  They can not stop it from burning out of control…But God can stop it.  I am praying for torrential rains to come and stop the fire, or for God to just put it out!  Some Christian friends of mine seem disturbed that I would ask God something like this.  But HE is big and powerful and I believe that nothing is too hard for HIM.  Praying for this to be HIS will, and that we will celebrate and give HIM the glory when it happens.

Enough rambling and random thoughts for today.  God is good all the time!  Praying for our military, President, and California. 



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9 responses to “Random thoughts for today

  1. All the negativity on TV is the reason I never watch it. We get Netflix so that we can watch movies and shows without all the ads. It’s awful. I don’t really know how I feel about the war, but I do know that it’s a slap in the face to those who are dying to say that they are dying for no reason. They must not feel that way if they are doing it.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post. It always amazes me how “intellegent” people can draw conclusions on partial information. If we all believed what is on mainstream news, we would all be hopeless. I am thankful for the man put in leadership over our nation, I am proud of him for the hard decisions he has had to make, even to the point of literally ruining his reputation. And the men and women who fight for our freedom, truly the most incredible hero’s of our day! I am something of a patriot…can you tell?! (I might not always comment…but I check in every day!)

  3. Praying in agreement.
    Much love,

  4. All worthy of our prayers.

    Lord, I come before You on behalf of our military men. I ask that You continue to strengthen them and encourage them to do what You’ve called them to do. Lord, i pray for our President that You guide him in his leadership of this country for the duration of his term and I pray for the one who is to follow him. Lord, I pray that You move it upon the people to vote for the one You want in office. Lord, I pray for the firefighters who are fighting the fire to save lives and homes in California. I pray that You bring them relief. Lord, protect those peoples lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. praying with you!


  6. tam

    “Some Christian friends of mine seem disturbed that I would ask God something like this.”

    WOW! Pray with conviction and hope!

    You are a blessing! I love, love your heart Darla!

  7. thouartloosed

    Praying with you, Darla.

  8. Laurie Lloyd

    Hey Girl,

    It’s FRIDAY!!! Time for you to have a wonderful and rest filled weekend with your honey. Thank you for your prayers. We are still on fire but it looks like the end might be in sight over the weekend or soon after. I am not dusting in my house until every fire is out!!! Does this cover the condition of my house right now? Love you sister!!

    Laurie (princess in training:)

  9. LL- we are all in training! 🙂 glad that you are okay, love you too!

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