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Awake my soul, and celebrate!

I know that this is a song as well as scripture…but how true is it to our everyday life?  There are times when my heart and soul become so heavy with just trivia daily living that I have to stop and ask myself..”why so downcast, oh my soul”?  There are many reasons for this to happen, mostly just life coming at us fast.  Everything in our life demands us to react quickly.  It really is stressful even if we choose to think we are stressfree. 

When people choose not to choose Jesus, it makes my heart sad, and it is very hard to celebrate the fact that they  will not be in Heaven with me.  God knows if their hearts will ever turn around, and HE knows the plans HE has for all of us.  I am sure that sadness I experience will not carry on to Heaven.  I have often wondered if that will be the reason in Revelation that HE says HE will wipe every tear away.  MMMMMMM I really do think too hard sometimes. 🙂

Another thing that makes me heart heavy is the homeless people.  I don’t believe they just woke up one day and decided this is the day I will become homeless.  I have watched people cross the street as not to have to look at them.  Yes even good Christian people, not making eye contact and not offering any help.  Then I remembered that Jesus said ” I was hungry and you didn’t feed me, I was cold and you didn’t clothe me”…then remembering that  in Gensis we were created male and female and in HIS image.  AHHHHHH! These less desirable people are created in GOD’s image too!!!  They are loved by HIM, and are precious in HIS sight.  If you woke up this morning…and are reading this…you are blessed!   You are created in HIS image, You are loved, and invited to the wedding  being prepared in the heavenlies…Awake my soul and celebrate!! Why so down cast O my soul??  This is not our home and we are so blessed by the Creator of the Universe.  A celebration b/c our King is not dead! HE lives, and it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of HIM, it does not affect HIM at all!  HE is never changing!

What do you do when you celebrate???Let’s celebrate together the goodness of the LORD!


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