Too much coffee will make me want to play games! :)

so what do you think…I drank lots of coffee today…and then switched to PGTips..have you ever drank PGTips??  The finest English tea ever, and I travel to pick it up..LOL not to England but into the city..anyway happy meme to you 🙂

Oh Meme!!!

i’ve been tagged for a meme by Jennyhope :=)

four jobs i have had in my life:
1. electronic assembler
2. quality assurance manager for Amp, Inc.
3. mechanical set-up/robotics
4. school bus driver 🙂

four movies i can watch over and over and over:
1. Homeward bound
2. Ella   Enchanted                                                                                                                                             3. Masters of disguise
4. Neverending story

four tv shows i like to watch:
1. Glen Beck (just love raw honesty)
2. Anderson Cooper 360
3.Life Today

four places i have vacationed:
1. New England States(Vermont is my Fav)
2. Ocean City Maryland
3. Watertown NY
4.  Virgina

four of my favorite dishes:
1. chicken quesidilla
2. nachos w/salsa
3. steak tips w/gravy and mashpotatoes
4. taco soup

four websites i visit daily:(my answers are the same as Jenny’s but I don’t get here everyday)
1. my blog
2. my friend’s blogs
3. LProof
4. email

four places i would rather be
1. heaven for real but I have work to do here…but I am ready when HE calls!
2. Austraila (never been but want to)
3. England drinking some really good tea!
4. Any mountains anywhere-maybe Switzerland 🙂

four bloggers i am tagging
1. Ang-LSOF
2. Tam-in Process
3. Steph (OC mommy)
4. Kathy-thou art loosed/day by day



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9 responses to “Too much coffee will make me want to play games! :)

  1. ang

    Goodness, I was already tagged by Jackie lol:)
    thanks anyway:)

    Be Blessed:)

  2. This is fun!

    Thanks for tagging me. 😉

  3. Laurie Lloyd

    Hey girl,
    Isn’t it funny how you can change from one Buzz to another Buzz right in the middle of it, and get a new kind of Buzz on? It shows in the bigger type:) Glad to come here and see you having fun. Hope your week has been really blessed and tomorrow is
    FRIDAY!!!! Waiting for my package to arrive here.
    Love you Darla,
    Laurie in Ca.

  4. your post is making me so hungry!!

  5. godsgal1

    Hi Sweet, just a note to let you know I love and miss you too….I lost your email!!!! Could you send me a note so I can write ya back??? Loves

  6. Kathy

    Okay, I have to show my blog illiteracy and say that I don’t know what a meme is or what the proper response is to being tagged. HELP! And thanks for tagging me anyways.

  7. i think i am going to have to come over there and scob your knob!! 🙂 do u get it?

  8. Jenny- ROTFL!!!! We call it Nuggies! hahahaha scob your knob…I may have to use that! I can imagine the look when first hearing that and not knowing what that meant. I loved that post!

  9. Darla,
    Fun answers! It is fun to get to know you better.

    I got your comment. No problems there my friend! I was trying to find your email but I apparently lost it-email me if you get a chance.

    Much love,

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