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My Great Cloud of Witnesses

Hebrews 12:1  Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perserverance the race marked out for us. 

 Lately, I have found my self in situation of discontent.  Before I get blasted-let me explain.  I am very content in God, and overall with my progress in my faith walk.  But I tend to be critical to others who are my sisters in Christ.  So I asked HIM “whats up with me?”  Why is it so hard to have a conversation with my sisters without leaving the conversation feeling emptier than it began?  So here are some thing that the Lord and I have been walking through.

I have had some very awesome people and great lovers of Jesus in my life for the last several years, and lost the closest one a little more than a year ago.  She is now residing in Heaven.  She has greatly influenced me, and caused me to question myself and the Lord, and to dig into HIS word.  She encouraged me to be real, and were very upfront about my shortcomings.  Her name is Gladys Applegate.  Oh how dear she still is to me.  I got to spend a little time with her before she went to heaven.  Gladys was a retired school teacher, and did not mix words with me.  I loved her for that.  We spent lots of hours together working on things for church, and sometimes just to drink coffee and talk.  She was an amazing person, and she really loved Jesus.  She always encouraged me to be the person HE made me to be, even if no one else understood. 🙂 Lately I have been missing her alot! Mostly because I want to talk to her about the things I have been thinking and to hear her tell me flat out..”you better love girl!, or you better pray to love that person..never mind we’ll just do it right now”, or my favorite rebuking she used to give me…”girl you better pray about that tongue of yours”..that always made us both laugh, due to her tongue was whipping me. I called her “Applecake” and she always smiled, and no one else was allowed to call her that.

Today talking to the Lord, I just cried and said I really miss her, and there is no one else who walks beside me on this road that I know, and sometimes doing the right things can make for a very lonely day.  I know that the Lord is always with us, and I know that HE is my refuge and my shield, and my hiding place…and HE is my best friend.  In my blockheaded state of mind…I just was enjoying my missing her!  HE reminded me today that the ones that have taught me the most about HIM, who have moved on to Glory, have joined my great cloud of witnesses, and they are cheering me on to finish this race well.  They have already finished the race, and now it is my turn to run it to win.  I am greatly encouraged! 

Later today, I was very irritated, and my tongue was about to fly…and then I remembered…”you better pray about that tongue girl”, and I did.  Some how I feel alot better about things, knowing that God is always here, and my cloud of witnesses, knowing that they have passed the baton to me, have taught me truth, and have shown me how to seek the Lord, and follow HIM with my heart.  God is always good, so even in my pity party with myself…HE has turned a very cloudy day into a day filled with HIS Sonshine.  Run Princess, run the race to win.  Don’t let anything sidetrack you, or distract you…just run to win the prize!  You have a great cloud of witnesses as well…and they are cheering you on. 

Maybe I have been critcal of my sisters due to they are not on this road or running the race at the same place I am.  But you know I really do love them.  Jesus has to be my everything for my everything.  That is all that works for me, and I will come across that finished line probably ripped up from all the falling I do, but make no mistake…I am coming in!


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HE makes me wanna Dance!

Sometimes I get tunnel vision, and if I were clever enough to add a pic to that affect I would!  And it seems that the longer I stay in the that tunnel the farther the things that mean the most to me start to fade.  Am I the only one that this happens too?  This morning I asked the Lord to demonstrate HIS love for me in view of my earthly eyes.  Not realizing how very far I have allowed my schedule to distract me from HIM.  As I thought about what I just asked HIM, I thought…hasn’t HE already done that…time and time and time again?  So due to my schedule I blew the whole thing off as thinking too much.  A song came on the radio that I haven’t heard for a long time, and I used to think it was OUR song. A few words from it..”you love me, you love, you love me just the way I am..and it makes me wanna dance”.  Needless to say it stirred much emotion in me, and I found my self asking HIM, do you really love us just like we are…and I really want to dance again with you, and sometimes life just hurts, and I get so lost in it all. Then something different happened..I got the day off, and decided to just sit and spend some time just chillin, and recovering from a very crazy week.  In the midst of that time…I recieved an email from someone who the Lord prompted to check on me, and she told me that she loved me and so did HE.  Well, it touched my heart like only HE could have known to do, and I did ask HIM to tell me today.  So I worked through some issues that my heart has been heavy with.  Worked on a new plan to stay more focused and not to be overwhelmed in the everyday chaos.  Then my phone rang..the same person who hurt me earlier this week, called and apologized and said the same thing..”I love you and I know HE does too”.  I walked away from that phone call, and I wanted to dance with HIM. 

Princess, and Princes. HE is real and HE does love us, and HE does motivate others to walk in our lives to re-enforce what HE has been saying all along.  HE really does want to fill us with HIS joy, and HIS peace, and my favorite- HE wants to dance!! So once again like so many other times..Ask HIM whatever is on your heart, be pleasantly surprised at HIS answers, and the love that HE will pour out just for YOU.  I am so glad that HE sees what HE is changing us into, and does not get hung up on the thing we are now.  Whew! What a relief! 🙂


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Random thoughts for today

Today my heart is pulled in two directions…Our military who is not getting the support from home that they should have, and the fires in California.

I am so amazed at the responses about our military that are from “educated” people, that are less than supportive. Our media paints a picture that is not true.  Our troops are making progress, and our President is making the choices that are in our best interest.  There are men in the military who are holding Bible studies, I know this to be a fact.  I would like to ask some of these “educated” people some questions, like, What is your freedom worth to you?  Because I think it is these same people who are making decisions that are taking rights away from the Christian religion and giving more rights to the muslim religion.  Freedom of speech is great! But it is for all people in all places.  I am so proud of our military men and women! The have given up the things the love with all their heart to protect us.  Do you think we could give them a break?  Maybe we should all start calling our local media stations and stressing our thoughts on all the negative.  What I would give for some good news, and I do believe there is lots, as a culture we just are plagued with enjoying someone elses loss.  Very sad…we used to be one country under God, in God we trust, and we prospered.  Things are going to go poorly for us if we allow God to be taken out of everything we know.  Where will our protection come from?  If not God, and everyone loses faith in the military?  Scary stuff!

My thoughts and prayers are also with the Californians losing their homes…and for my sister Laurie who knows first hand how bad the air quality is becoming.  After watching CNN and seeing how tired the firefighters are, and broken.  They can not stop it from burning out of control…But God can stop it.  I am praying for torrential rains to come and stop the fire, or for God to just put it out!  Some Christian friends of mine seem disturbed that I would ask God something like this.  But HE is big and powerful and I believe that nothing is too hard for HIM.  Praying for this to be HIS will, and that we will celebrate and give HIM the glory when it happens.

Enough rambling and random thoughts for today.  God is good all the time!  Praying for our military, President, and California. 


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Hiding in Jesus

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”  Do you know what it is like to have a week that mentally there is not an ounce of reason left, and you really feel like something that cat drug in from the yard?  I have been on that rollercoaster this week.  With all my knowledge of God, sometimes the best I could come up with was a song I learned as a young child-“Jesus loves me”.  But what truth is in that song!

Somehow I need to express something very important to my readers, especially believers.  There are times in this walk that are not pretty, and are very exhausting.  The enemy waits for this to happen so that he can pounce on us and kick, and dig into our empty places and create turmoil within us.  Sometimes the Lord allows it for a time, but only if HE plans to bring something good out of it.  We need to remember above all else, that HE loves us, and does not ever leave us.  We need to stop praying to be delivered from ever little thing that causes us discomfort, and start praying to learn what ever we have been brought here to learn.  It is truly the purifying fire.  We go through hard times to become more like HIM.  I have been stuck this week on some different scriptures, that all seem to point to “who do we think we are? Do we really think we will have an easier life than Jesus had on earth?  Do we think we are greater than our master? Do we think we can pick and choose scripture to be obedient too?”  If you never have stepped out of the bubble of the physical church and touched a heart with kindness, or opened the door for someone struggling…you may not understand why the enemy would want to rip and tear at any one person.  If you are not ever experiencing stuggles and enemy attack, then I am going to beg you to pray and ask HIM if there is anything standing between you and HIM.  I have found that HE will answer quickly. 

If you do know what I am talking about…then come to the ONE who can satisfy, and restore.  I love that when I feel like the enemy lays me at HIS feet and laughs…my Jesus picks me up and cleans me up and bandages all the wounds, dresses me in the finest clothing, adorns me jewels, and we dance.  Surrounded in the most awesome love.  I love that HE wraps HIM self around me and HIS strength is apparent to my heart.  HE calls me to sleep there, and covers me with HIS robe. HE sings over me. HE reminds me that  although it looks like the enemy wins some battles, he has already lost the war!!  Does that do anything for anyone elses heart?? It encourages mine greatly. 

Jesus, the enemy is a liar, and he means no one any good thing.  Thank you for carrying us when we are to weak to walk anymore.  Thank you for filling us with your peace and your joy, that you gladly give to us, when asking.  Thank you for being just a cry away, and for intervening on our behalf.  Thank you for always bringing something good out of the bad.  You truly have our best interest at heart.  I am amazed at how high and deep and wide is your love for us.  Give us a hunger for more of you, even and foremost in the worst of circumstances.  Might we only want you, stretch out our arms and reach for the only One who will ever love us unconditionally, and delights in just hearing our voice directed at HIM.  We are desperate for you.  Things will only get worse in this world, teach us to hide ourselves in you.  You are the only God and there is no other…make it so in our hearts.  your daughter, and princess, who knows there is no life away from you.


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Awake my soul, and celebrate!

I know that this is a song as well as scripture…but how true is it to our everyday life?  There are times when my heart and soul become so heavy with just trivia daily living that I have to stop and ask myself..”why so downcast, oh my soul”?  There are many reasons for this to happen, mostly just life coming at us fast.  Everything in our life demands us to react quickly.  It really is stressful even if we choose to think we are stressfree. 

When people choose not to choose Jesus, it makes my heart sad, and it is very hard to celebrate the fact that they  will not be in Heaven with me.  God knows if their hearts will ever turn around, and HE knows the plans HE has for all of us.  I am sure that sadness I experience will not carry on to Heaven.  I have often wondered if that will be the reason in Revelation that HE says HE will wipe every tear away.  MMMMMMM I really do think too hard sometimes. 🙂

Another thing that makes me heart heavy is the homeless people.  I don’t believe they just woke up one day and decided this is the day I will become homeless.  I have watched people cross the street as not to have to look at them.  Yes even good Christian people, not making eye contact and not offering any help.  Then I remembered that Jesus said ” I was hungry and you didn’t feed me, I was cold and you didn’t clothe me”…then remembering that  in Gensis we were created male and female and in HIS image.  AHHHHHH! These less desirable people are created in GOD’s image too!!!  They are loved by HIM, and are precious in HIS sight.  If you woke up this morning…and are reading this…you are blessed!   You are created in HIS image, You are loved, and invited to the wedding  being prepared in the heavenlies…Awake my soul and celebrate!! Why so down cast O my soul??  This is not our home and we are so blessed by the Creator of the Universe.  A celebration b/c our King is not dead! HE lives, and it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of HIM, it does not affect HIM at all!  HE is never changing!

What do you do when you celebrate???Let’s celebrate together the goodness of the LORD!


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Too much coffee will make me want to play games! :)

so what do you think…I drank lots of coffee today…and then switched to PGTips..have you ever drank PGTips??  The finest English tea ever, and I travel to pick it up..LOL not to England but into the city..anyway happy meme to you 🙂

Oh Meme!!!

i’ve been tagged for a meme by Jennyhope :=)

four jobs i have had in my life:
1. electronic assembler
2. quality assurance manager for Amp, Inc.
3. mechanical set-up/robotics
4. school bus driver 🙂

four movies i can watch over and over and over:
1. Homeward bound
2. Ella   Enchanted                                                                                                                                             3. Masters of disguise
4. Neverending story

four tv shows i like to watch:
1. Glen Beck (just love raw honesty)
2. Anderson Cooper 360
3.Life Today

four places i have vacationed:
1. New England States(Vermont is my Fav)
2. Ocean City Maryland
3. Watertown NY
4.  Virgina

four of my favorite dishes:
1. chicken quesidilla
2. nachos w/salsa
3. steak tips w/gravy and mashpotatoes
4. taco soup

four websites i visit daily:(my answers are the same as Jenny’s but I don’t get here everyday)
1. my blog
2. my friend’s blogs
3. LProof
4. email

four places i would rather be
1. heaven for real but I have work to do here…but I am ready when HE calls!
2. Austraila (never been but want to)
3. England drinking some really good tea!
4. Any mountains anywhere-maybe Switzerland 🙂

four bloggers i am tagging
1. Ang-LSOF
2. Tam-in Process
3. Steph (OC mommy)
4. Kathy-thou art loosed/day by day


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