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HE wants to stay with you-all day!

It is an absolutely beautiful morning in PA, and how I thank God for the temps and sunshine, and the relief from humidity that we have been under! 

Are you amazed? or have you thought about the greatness of our Creator?  I am always easily taken in through that thought pattern, and honestly it is a very good place to start the day.  Just to think HE created all things, and knew me before I was born, and has been there through my everything (some of it not so good, and kind of embarrassing that HE was there too!).  And HIS desire is for us to remember that HE wants involved in the smallest detail of our life.  HE wants to be taken along where ever we go, and talked to, and questioned, and trusted in all our life choices.  I understand this is alot to swallow for a non-believer, but it touches my heart so much more that HE still wants it! 

As I move forward in the things I need to do today, Jesus is going to go with me, HE goes before me and makes the rough places smooth, HE hems me in….mmmm there is a thought that I could think about for hours! 🙂  We are completely surrounded by HIM.  Do you love that the past and the traumas, and poor choices have been removed as far as the east is from the west?  Love love love love it!  Such freedom!  As I lead today (Bible study group)and watch God open eyes to the Babylon mentality that we live under, I am taken in by HIM in that HE would even want to. 

Think about HIS character, and HIS attributes, and then look in the mirror.  By making everything about HIM, it comes to HIM moving heaven and earth for YOU!  HIS attention is on us, HIS eyes do not leave us.  When we wrap our minds around this for even a short time, I am sure that HE is all smiles and laughs with great joy. Can you picture our Almighty God laughing and telling HIS son next to HIM, that is my girl!  She is really trying to get it! 

The King is entralled by your beauty, so honor HIM…talk to HIM, trust HIM to be capable of all we need, and remember HE always goes beyond what we need.  HE loves us with a love that we will not fully comprehend until we see HIM face to face.  HE cares about our stress, and wants to take it away.  HE knows that someone has hurt us, and they will answer to HIM.  HE hears our prayers, and even our cries, and HE answers each and every one.  HE just wants to be our Everything!

Don’t let Babylon take you in today…Let HIM hide you in the cleft of the rock, and cry out with all your heart..”Show me your Glory”! 

BTW-I now have HS kids who smile and tell me to have a good day!  and yesterday I have 34 elementary kids who sang on my bus, and were still singing and laughing when they went in to school.  God is so good, and HE is touching lives, and how I pray for those children.  Thanks for the prayers that have been going up and keep them coming! In Christ Aone, we put our trust..our shield, our strength, our song!



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