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God blows my mind!

I am aware that my mind is little and it probably doesn’t take much to blow it away.  🙂  But I would just like to take a minute and recap my last week.

Your prayers (those who have been praying for me and those around me)are being answered in big ways.  My older children that I transport to and from school have been totally awesome this week-no outbursts, no angry attitudes, actually smiles and thankyou’s!  The girl I wrote about earlier in the week, on wednesday found her self a whole new set of friends and she went to prayer group with them! Friday she actually looked up and smiled.  Don’t any one tell me that God is not good and not capable of the impossible!  Well you can tell me, just won’t make a difference in my heart.

Wednesday was “talk like a pirate day”, and my elementary children had the most fun!  They also had clash day, so they looked the part!  And Yes Hover, we did sing our pirate songs on the bus…LOL  How ever the one song we changed the words, “bottle of rum” to bottle of coke!  Didn’t want the school to think I was encouraging alcohol.  What a blast!

Thursday and Friday, we experienced the worst fog in the morning…the kind where visibilty is about 5 feet.  No kidding.  My route is rural areas.  My only consolation was that I drive it everyday..or so I thought.  Until that really didn’t seem to hold water for me.  So I said to the Lord, “So you want me to drive by faith and not by sight as well”…HIS reply was “I will drive.” and HE did!  Actually very amazing, no tension, no stress, I wasn’t even late…how amazing is that!?! 

The Outreach to the neighborhood went well, and some new children are attending our clubs on Wednesday nights, and they are so very precious. I know how much Jesus loves them, I just pray that they will know.  As I am studying for Daniel study to begin…I am so very much reminded that no matter how many miracles are shown, some will choose to believe that they are in control, and will not give in to the Sovereign God. When HE strips them of their self righteousness, they will curse HIM and not come back.  I am also reminded of how very much we all live in a Babylon of sorts, and have become so self dependent that believing and leaning on God is probably the most difficult thing to grasp.  In view of current events world wide…I take comfort in the life of Daniel.  He was taken from his home, but he never stopped believing that his God will see him through it.  Daniel did not compromise God, or his faith even when death was confronted to him.  God did spare Daniel, and still gave him the prosperous life even in cativity.  Daniel prayed for his captors, and prayed for his country but also agreed with God that they had been evil…I am taken in by Daniels prayer. He prays “we” he includes himself with the people although he may have been the most righteous at that time.  No pride.  Daniel- no matter how many times I take this adventure I find more similarities to this day. 

Hope you all have a blessed week, and see God in the things around you.  HE is there, ask to see HIM if you don’t see HIM. But then sit down for the ride of your life!


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