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Carry me!

There is something that pulls my heart strings when a little one looks up and lifts their arms and pleads (as only a small child can) “Carry me!”  I never have to think  twice and it seems automatic to bend down and pick them up.  God has been teaching me this last week that I ,too, need HIM to carry me at times, and I need to be that small child reaching to the heavens, and pouring out my heart with no reservation…”Carry me!”  This week I have experienced exhaustion at new levels.  Somehow pressing on, only in the power of my Jesus.  Becoming so aware of each minute at times that HE is carrying me, I am leaning like never before.  Sometimes the enemy seems so loud that I just want to scream at him to “shut up!”, but instead just bury myself in my Lord, who carries me.

As a mother, there is nothing on this earth I love more than my children. (Hubs too!), and I have been studying what is it to “become a child, and allow God to be the Father”…I do have to smile tonight at the fact that God always gives me visuals as HE knows I learn best to see it.  Whew!  This week was so hard, and yet when I look at the way HE always delivers, and rescues me…falling on my knees and laying face down doesn’t seem to be enough.  Pouring my life out as an offering seems to be the only alternative.

My new study group is starting soon, and outreach has started and is taking off.  God has been incredible to open doors, and work in hearts…and let me watch and be part of it. God is good!  All the time!!  Lately when I start my bus route in the morning, the sun is just coming up, and absolutely the most precious time with HIM before my first stop.  Today I just layed it all down and said “you are going to have to drive, or take me home”..He did not take me home, but I wish you could see HIM drive that big bus!!!  I wish you could see HIM love those small children.  I have the happiest bus of elementary kids, and no one gets it! 😉  I have six problem children on my High school, and middle school runs, but my elementary…absolute sweeties! 

Father, thank you for always being there and being everywhere, and revealing yourself to me.  Thank you for giving me such a good teacher in your  word even though I have never met her personally.  How I cherish the things you have taught to me, and the understanding you give!  I will never get over how you left a perfect place and kingship to confine yourself in a human body,die and be resurrected – just so I could be with you forever.  I never want to get over it.  I have heard so much about getting caught up in the emotions of it all…but I do get emotional over you…You made me like this, and all to your glory.  Thank you for being my hiding place..and giving me little glimmers of your Glory (you know I can only stand small doses). Thank you for Your mercy that I need to be new everyday, You are my portion… 

I love Jesus so much!  I am not ashamed, and HE is everything to me.  How I praise HIM for getting me through this week.. 😉 and only 5 more to go!  I know He is capable, and all is to teach me something, and to bring me closer to HIM.  I do pray to know HIM more and love HIM more…HE does answer that prayer!

BTW-my daughter is recovering from her surgery, and it has been a blessed time to be with her, and take care of her.  She is 22 and had become my baby girl again…my lil princess angel baby…God does give second chances…



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