Sunday afternoon-Random thoughts

Our past week has been full and full of eventful things that were not the norm.  Our daugter had surgery on her foot, and had some bone removed, and 4 screws put in. She is not allowed out of bed for 6 weeks.  We are juggling schedules along with her fiancee to take care of her and not leave her alone more than an hour or two.  Scott’s father is in the hospital and has an ongoing problem with keeping food/liquids down.  More tests are being taken to try to give him normal living. 

Our son has football almost everyday. The band-Freznel Lenz, played yesterday at “Jamming for Jesus”.  My allergies are at their worst, with high temps and high humidity. Now Sunday, day of rest, and still things that need to be done.  Welcome to our world!

I visited a couple times this week Friendly Christian, and lost my internet for a brief time, but I only had a brief time to access.  While visiting FC, I was brought to this thought…HOW?  HOW? does any one person who doesn’t believe in the love of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus even function?  We are so stretched in our physical bodies, and our mental capablities, that it is impossible to pull our day together without the supernatural strength our Father provides.  I have heard this week that some Christians do not want to hear that God is good. It was very sad to me, because that is the foundation of my belief system.  Even when I do not understand what God is doing, or why HE allowed something I still  must hold on to the truth that HE is good!  As Christ followers, it is vital that we know and believe that God is good.  We live in a win win situation.  Although some times it seems that God is not for us, HE is for us, HE said it and HE does not lie! not ever!  It means that even when HE says “No”, HE is still saying “yes” to something that is the better for us.  This is where our submission to HIM comes to the surface.  Are we angry with HIM for saying “no” to something that we really wanted or something that really hurt us?  or Are we pouring our hearts out to HIM and confessing that we hurt and we don’t understand, but we know that HE is good! Asking for HIS help, instead of accusing a Holy Almighty God of letting us down.  Questioning God is fine…accusing HIM of being anything less than good is wrong.  Our Almighty Creator, satisfied HIS own wrath by shedding HIS own blood, confining HIMself in a human body, and the only reason was for us to be with HIM and experience HIS goodness.  That is not a selfish God, and it is not a God who does not care, it is more love than any of us can even wrap our minds around!  There is a difference from reaching out to others with the love of Jesus, and letting the enemy entertain and impose subtle deception.  My heart goes out to the ones who are decieved, and prayers go up for them.  But they can not captivate all my mind and attention, as only HE is worthy of that. 

I don’t care if anyone thinks I have a cool blog…and I don’t care if you disagree with me.  I do care when my God is called profane names, and when HE is not defended as Good.  HE does not need me to defend HIM, but I will delete any comments that are derrogatory to my God.  There is a saying that goes like this:  “you can disagree with me, but take your shoes off…you’re standing on Holy Ground”.  As Christ lives in me, I would take a bullet for HIM, how about you?



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14 responses to “Sunday afternoon-Random thoughts

  1. thouartloosed

    I don’t know if this is your entry or your husband’s but either way-I know what you mean. I would not be here today in this world if Jesus hadn’t held me up and given me life to live. It drives me to pray for those I know who think that have everything all together, but they lack the one true essential element for real life-Jesus.

  2. tam

    You do a have a cool blog – Mostly because you are not afraid to put your real self out there! I respect that so much!

    No, God does not need us to defend Him – but I understand how it feels personal when someone attacks my God. If you don’t know Him – you have no right to attack Him. When you attack someone I love it is personal. It’s hard not to get that way…

    I love our friends at FC – I am so glad that I’ve met some of them! A couple have found their way into my heart too!

    Anyways…I love you girl! There is no shame ever in Christ!

  3. as usual…PERFECTLY said…HE does not need us to defend him, but just as we would defend our spouse or child…we WANT to!!
    I have not always understood the “WHYS” in my life, but I have always understood that God is much bigger than I, and I KNOW that HE wants so much more for me than I could ever imagine for myself…
    All I have to do is believe and KNOW that God is Good, ALL the time…
    I love stopping by here!
    be blessed….and the dual blog is really cool!

  4. HOW? does any one person who doesn’t believe in the love of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus even function?

    This may have been a rhetorical question but you asked so I’ll answer:

    Quite well, thank you. My belief that this is the only life we have makes me appreciate it all the more. My lack of reliance on a supernatural entity means that I am compelled to stand on my own two feet and do the best I can. I’m sure you see it differently and I find that interesting. Your views are yours and are no less valid than mine. I think acceptance of that and acting in a “friendly” way helps us all to get along.

    Even if I’m right and you’re wrong 😉

    I do like your blog. It’s all new and shiny and I really like the header picture. Please tell me what location it is?

  5. Darla,
    I love your blog and your candidness.

    I too will stand in defense of my God, though as you said He doesnt need it. I am glad I’m His daughter. I cannot and will not go back to the place He saved me from. No way!

    Your daughter has you — a great mom– to help her through this season. I know you’re both overcomers!

    Blessings in Christ–

  6. *Hover-you are always welcome to leave your insights and thoughts, and humor. I love it!

    I am a Christ Follower, and sometimes that is different than what people categorize as Christian. So my post was more directed at them. I recieved crap this last week from “unfriendly christian” and they were deleted from my blog.

    The picture we got from wordpress, but we think it might be Spain outside of Barcelona. We have some similar pics in a book. We had an exchange student from there, and we still keep up with her. LOL She is atheist as well. And I love her very much!

    I am just a person, and I am not as strong as some who think they can make it without a God. I need my God, every day all day. Although I will claim that weakness, this walk as a Christ Follower is not an easy one nor is it by any means wimpy! 😉

    I totally as signing up for the pirate day celebration!! Thanks for the link…we laughed so hard that night, and are thinking of how we are going to celebrate it! How are you going to celebrate it?

  7. Last year I dressed up at work ==> and was generally quite silly. I’m not sure about this time round though. Possibly more of the same.

  8. tam

    Hover, Thanks to that picture I will never be able to view you the same again… 😉

  9. w00t! totally ROTFL!! love the silly thing…and the top 10….I am working on my own for next week!

    September 19th everyone…Talk like a Pirate day!
    Arrrrr, matie! Sail some deep blues with frog and I. LOL!

  10. Laura Russell

    Our GOD is awesome and its quite difficult to hear when people used wrong language when talking about him when they don’t even realize who he is! There will come a day that every tongue will bow down to my LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  11. godsgal1

    Wow hov, that picture clears alot up! LOL Kidding!
    Honestly tho, people who do have it all together and don’t “need” God, have the hardest time coming to Him. I only hope you will before you really need…..Darla, I think this blog is wonderful! Love you so much, I don’t know if you went back to my blog yet, but you have me thinkin about Texas…hmmm…..Lords will be done here!!! Love you guys, I don’t know how people survive or really feel alive without Jesus….sounds like a song comin on…Tam I need help!

  12. Deborah

    I really miss stopping by each day but life is hectic, hope your daughter is doing better! love you so much my PA princess

  13. Darla,
    I have missed you lately! I am lifting prayers for you and your family!
    Much love princess!

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