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Sunday afternoon-Random thoughts

Our past week has been full and full of eventful things that were not the norm.  Our daugter had surgery on her foot, and had some bone removed, and 4 screws put in. She is not allowed out of bed for 6 weeks.  We are juggling schedules along with her fiancee to take care of her and not leave her alone more than an hour or two.  Scott’s father is in the hospital and has an ongoing problem with keeping food/liquids down.  More tests are being taken to try to give him normal living. 

Our son has football almost everyday. The band-Freznel Lenz, played yesterday at “Jamming for Jesus”.  My allergies are at their worst, with high temps and high humidity. Now Sunday, day of rest, and still things that need to be done.  Welcome to our world!

I visited a couple times this week Friendly Christian, and lost my internet for a brief time, but I only had a brief time to access.  While visiting FC, I was brought to this thought…HOW?  HOW? does any one person who doesn’t believe in the love of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus even function?  We are so stretched in our physical bodies, and our mental capablities, that it is impossible to pull our day together without the supernatural strength our Father provides.  I have heard this week that some Christians do not want to hear that God is good. It was very sad to me, because that is the foundation of my belief system.  Even when I do not understand what God is doing, or why HE allowed something I still  must hold on to the truth that HE is good!  As Christ followers, it is vital that we know and believe that God is good.  We live in a win win situation.  Although some times it seems that God is not for us, HE is for us, HE said it and HE does not lie! not ever!  It means that even when HE says “No”, HE is still saying “yes” to something that is the better for us.  This is where our submission to HIM comes to the surface.  Are we angry with HIM for saying “no” to something that we really wanted or something that really hurt us?  or Are we pouring our hearts out to HIM and confessing that we hurt and we don’t understand, but we know that HE is good! Asking for HIS help, instead of accusing a Holy Almighty God of letting us down.  Questioning God is fine…accusing HIM of being anything less than good is wrong.  Our Almighty Creator, satisfied HIS own wrath by shedding HIS own blood, confining HIMself in a human body, and the only reason was for us to be with HIM and experience HIS goodness.  That is not a selfish God, and it is not a God who does not care, it is more love than any of us can even wrap our minds around!  There is a difference from reaching out to others with the love of Jesus, and letting the enemy entertain and impose subtle deception.  My heart goes out to the ones who are decieved, and prayers go up for them.  But they can not captivate all my mind and attention, as only HE is worthy of that. 

I don’t care if anyone thinks I have a cool blog…and I don’t care if you disagree with me.  I do care when my God is called profane names, and when HE is not defended as Good.  HE does not need me to defend HIM, but I will delete any comments that are derrogatory to my God.  There is a saying that goes like this:  “you can disagree with me, but take your shoes off…you’re standing on Holy Ground”.  As Christ lives in me, I would take a bullet for HIM, how about you?



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